Best Route Planner for Proof of Delivery in 2024

Best Route Planner for Proof of Delivery in 2024

Opting for a route planner for proof of delivery can help businesses save a lot of time and money. Here is a guide to choosing the best.

Besides route optimisation, what delivery-based companies value the most is the visibility of the order status. What better way than going for a route planner app for delivery that comes with proof of delivery as well?

With the adoption of the system, businesses can finally do away with the manual method of planning routes and collecting proof of deliveries.

Are you looking for options? Then, here is an easy guide to selecting the best route planner app.

What is a Delivery Route Planner?

Software that arranges and schedules stops for delivering orders is called a delivery route planner. A delivery route planner, also known as delivery routing software or route optimisation software, can have additional features besides the basic route sequencing functionality, such as delivery visibility, on-demand dispatching, real-time tracking, and POD collection.

 A delivery route planner helps a company plan more efficient routes and can leverage historical data, driver and customer feedback, and other factors to enhance the delivery process overall.

What does Route Planning Involve?

Optimising delivery routes and processes is of utmost importance for logistics and last mile delivery companies. Route planning entails more than just drawing lines on a map to plan your delivery route. It involves identifying and considering a variety of factors in order to design the most successful and cost-effective path.

Many SMBs still rely on Google Maps to plan multi-stop routes, which is not a good option for delivery businesses with 20+ multi-stops to cater to. Another bad thing is that with this app, you have to manually jot down routes, which is time-consuming, costly and extremely imprecise.

In order to maximise efficiency, route planning needs to take a wide range of variables into account in real-time. The majority of businesses do not have easy access to real-time data about traffic conditions, weather, and other relevant factors until recently, and humans are not capable of computing all of these factors.

These days, Google Maps and manual route planning are not as popular among businesses as route planning software. Route planner app uses real-time tracking, dynamic dispatching, automatic carrier vehicle pairing, and ePODS collection instead of being specifically made for route optimisation.

What is Proof of Delivery?

Delivery notes and other delivery documents signed by the customer when they receive a package are considered proof of delivery, or POD. POD slips are proof that the customer received their order and that the delivery was completed successfully. Proof of delivery is gathered by courier and delivery service providers to make sure that their drivers are truthful and that their clients are not making unfounded accusations.

Why is Proof of Delivery Important?

When you don’t know who to believe, your customer or your delivery driver, POD can help you avoid a lot of awkward situations. Furthermore, in the event that a customer fabricates a claim that their package was not delivered, you would be unable to verify their false claim without POD slips. You would be forced to reimburse them, which entails financial loss due to fraud.

Delivery companies can ensure they agree with their customers by using POD or delivery confirmation. It can improve the delivery experience and assist last-mile carriers in adhering to legal requirements regarding e-Signatures and delivery confirmation.

Why ePOD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is Important

How to Collect PODs?

TrackoMile, a delivery route planner software, supports multiple formats of PODs, leaving no stone unturned. Some of the ways to collect PODs are:

  1. Paper Slips as Proof of Delivery

Paper slips that customers need to sign each time they receive a package is one of the options. Using physical POD has drawbacks, as misplacing or losing them is easy. They could easily fly out of the delivery car or off your desk if not carefully gathered and filed.

  1. eSignature Pads for Delivery Confirmation

Using e-signature pads and related hardware is another method of obtaining proof of delivery. Selecting this requires you to spend money on brand-new, pricey equipment that has a single function—gathering client signatures. However, TrackoMile has an integrated eSignature feature that doesn’t cost extra.

  1. Proof of Delivery Apps

Using a mobile app is the third and most affordable way. It ensures your drivers can quickly and easily collect proof of delivery without misplacing paper slips or needing to buy extra devices. Apps designed especially for gathering proof of delivery are available. Additionally, there are delivery management systems with POD-collection features (such as TrackoMile).

TrackoMile collect multi formats PODs

How to Choose the Best Proof of Delivery App in 2024 

Here are the quick 5 steps to choosing the best proof of delivery route planner app. 

1. Choose a Complete Delivery Management Solution

Deciding which kind of app to use throughout your business is the first step towards locating the ideal POD app for your last-mile delivery operation. As was previously mentioned, you have two options:

  • Sophisticated delivery management system with POD features and capabilities
  • standalone proof of delivery app.

You should think about using a delivery management solution, like the TrackoMile route planner for delivery drivers. It is devoid of inconsistent systems and has data in multiple centralised databases.

With TrackoMile, you can:

  • Plan and optimise your delivery routes
  • Track delivery drivers
  • Update customers on the status of their orders
  • Let customers track and trace their packages
  • Gather proof of delivery

and a lot more is possible when you have an efficient multi-stop route planner with unlimited stops by your side.

You will always have access to the data you require when using a resourceful delivery management system. All the information you need would be in one location, saving you from having to flip between a POD app and a route planner.

2. Look for Multiple Supported POD Formats

Flexibility and adaptability are the keys to success in the last mile carrier landscape because delivery ETAs must be met as closely as possible to gain credibility.

Your riders can attach photos, notes, videos, and other POD formats with the TrackoMile route planner app. As a result, delivery times per stop will be shortened as each address will always have a simple POD format to add. They won’t have to hold off until every customer signs.

3. Make Sure the Proof of Delivery App Can Capture Signatures

eSignature proof of delivery is still one unquestionable and unchallenged method of gathering POD when providing delivery services. Even though it’s not the only option. POD apps for delivery companies absolutely need to support eSignatures.

Delivery drivers can obtain signatures from customers using only their smartphones and the TrackoMile route planner apps; no additional eSignature pads are required.

Using a POD app to gather eSignatures instead of paper slips from customers will reduce data loss risks. Additionally, it saves time organising and filing paper-based proof of delivery paperwork.

4. Try to Find a Free Proof of Delivery App

The proof of delivery app shouldn’t cost you a penny if you’ve already paid for a route planner app. After creating a TrackoMile account, you can use the TrackoMile mobile route planner with POD features for free. You can also use the proof of delivery app to gather e-signature and delivery confirmation by signing up for an enterprise plan for TrackoMile.

5. Pick a POD App with a User-Friendly Interface

Your delivery drivers will ultimately use the proof of delivery app the most. Additionally, you should constantly look for ways to make their jobs simpler and more efficient because they typically have a strict delivery schedule. This also holds true for POD apps: you should search for an interface that is easy to use and has an intuitive design.

When introducing new proof of delivery solutions, the last thing you want is for your staff to become irritated and have to constantly navigate the app every time they need to use it. Select an intuitive POD application.

TrackoMile as Route Planner for Proof of Delivery

When it comes to making the final decision, TrackoMile is your best bet as it not only offers you multi-POD formats such as OTP, eSignatures, Photos, and Barcode scanning but also holds a strong suite for multi-stop route optimisation necessary for riders and order delivery.

Both the features are of great importance in the last mile delivery market. Here are 6 reasons to convince you that TrackoMile is an ideal proof of delivery route planner.

  • Fast Route Planner: Dispatchers are able to quickly create routes and include as many stops as they wish. You can create a cost-effective route order with specific time constraints.
  • Route Optimisation: In less than a minute, it gives numerous drivers an optimised route after taking into consideration 120+ factors such as traffic, weather conditions and more.
  • Proof of Delivery: Riders can take a picture of the delivery with their mobile app when they arrive at any stop. 4 options are available on the app: OTP, picture, barcode scanning and customer signature. All of the data will be logged by the app into a safe back-end, which can be accessed at any time in the future.
  • Add Unlimited Stops: TrackoMile is the go-to option for route optimisation for last mile delivery companies because it gives you unrestricted access to routes and addresses.
  • Customisable Delivery Notification: Businesses can personalise the template for customer notifications, which are then sent out via email or SMS for tracking delivery.
  • Cloud storage: TrackoMile promises to protect and store customer data on our servers for an infinite amount of time.

Less Paperwork and Faster Deliveries- Yes Please

The ideal way to reduce the time of delivery is to go for a route planner for proof of delivery. Not only will it suggest optimised routes to drivers, but also will reduce stop time. This lets drivers collect PODs much faster. Not to forget the amount of fraudulent cases and confusion it can save businesses from.

It’s best to go for software with all the solutions to answer delivery dilemmas, such as TrackoMile. Want to know more?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to choose the best proof of delivery app for 2024?

    It's best to go for a holistic delivery management software that has many features such as route planner and POD collection. Here are a few features to things to consider when choosing proof of delivery software in 2024
    - Cloud Storage to store and archive valuable data
    - Automated dispatch and Delivery management system
    - Efficient pickups and delivery system
    - Consider Delivery Time Preference
    - Seamless delivery details importing
    - E-signature & Image Capture
    - Live Tracker for every moving phase of delivery
    - Route planner for multi-stop deliveries with delivery prioritisation

  • How does the automated route planner help you save time?

    An automated route planner facilitates time savings by calculating optimal routes and leveraging algorithms that consider factors like distance, traffic conditions, and real-time updates. By selecting the most efficient paths, these systems minimise travel time and contribute to fuel efficiency.

Best Route Planner for Proof of Delivery in 2024

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