How to Schedule Delivery Drivers [Explained-2024]

Schedule Delivery Drivers

Explore all the secret ingredients and tips and tricks to creating an efficient driver schedule to achieve fast, cost-effective and optimised deliveries.

With the rising demand for same-day delivery, consumers generally don’t want to spend much on delivery charges. And to avoid delayed deliveries, many last-mile companies are ready to automate their driver scheduling. 

But it’s easier said than done, as creating a result-yielding driver schedule requires considering a lot of delivery preferences and data. This is why the need for delivery scheduling software is more than ever in last-mile delivery industry. Want to know the secret ingredient to chalk out a lucrative delivery schedule for drivers? Dive head-on into this article.

What is a Delivery Schedule for Drivers?

A delivery schedule for drivers refers to planning and scheduling which, when and where drivers have to make deliveries. The schedule generally includes details such as assigned drivers, order details, delivery address and delivery time window

It involves some of the most important steps such as:

  • Planning, sorting, and organising deliveries according to their destination.
  • Assigning drivers to make deliveries based on their proximity, bandwidth, availability, and preferences.
  • Mapping out which route is best suited for the pickup and dropoffs. 

How to Ace Smooth Scheduling for Delivery Drivers?

The secret sauce to achieving faster, cheaper and quicker delivery is an efficient delivery schedule. But the question is how to create a smooth delivery schedule for drivers. Well, the ingredients to the secret sauce are discussed below:

1. Considering Delivery Urgency and Customer Preferences

The very first step is to assess the urgency of the delivery. Assessing delivery dates and considering customer preference is vital for optimum customer experience. This has an impact on prioritising, planning and executing deliveries. 

Start with categorising order types based on their urgency and customer delivery windows. Orders of medicine, medical supplies or perishable goods need to be delivered on time due to their time-sensitive nature. Whereas e-commerce orders and deliveries can have a more flexible time frame.

2. Checking Driver Availability

Driver management is vital for fast and timely deliveries. Keeping a record of drivers’ information, like working hours, shifts, and days off, will help to chart the schedule. Proper scheduling will ensure even workload distribution among drivers, thus preventing burnout and fatigue. (TrackoMile’s Rider Roster gets the job done)

Some riders or drivers will prefer to have weekends off; some are good with navigating office rush hours, while some are good with certain types of deliveries. Assigning them their preferred routes and delivery will enhance their efficiency, giving them greater job satisfaction.

Delivery Scheduling for drivers

3. Delivery Route Planning and Optimisation

It all comes down to route planning for deliveries after delivery preferences are set and drivers assigned. Doing so manually using a digital map to plan delivery stops and schedules can take another century before the customer receives their orders.

Instead, rely on route optimisation solutions by TrackoMile for scheduling deliveries. The software considered 120+ factors to suggest the shortest and most suitable route for delivery.

How is TrackoMile the Most Reliable Solution for Driver Scheduling?

TrackoMile is delivery scheduling software that helps last mile companies overcome the challenges of scheduling delivery drivers and fulfilling orders on time. The software is automating and optimising every step of the delivery process. The best last mile delivery platform in the market utilises advanced algorithms to help you chalk out the most effective delivery driver schedules.

What more do you get?

Dynamic Dispatch Management Solution

The solution automatically pairs orders with available drivers on the basis of urgency, customer delivery preferences and time window.

Route Optimisation

Route optimisation solution suggests the shortest and optimised route after considering 120+ factors. And also reroutes on the go in case of a change in plan or situation. It automatically sequences delivery stops.

Rider Roster

Know the number of riders available, their current shifts and jobs assigned through simple UI/UX. This is extremely helpful while planning delivery schedules.

TrackoMile's Rider Roster

Carrier Management

TrackoMile’s carrier management solution pairs orders with the right vehicle kinds. Delivering couches —-do it best with a minivan, and deliver flowers on the bike.

Rider Application

Delivery agents are able to view their day’s schedule on the rider app. Using the app, they can remotely mark their attendance, accept orders, receive OPT, and could do a lot more.

Insightful Analytical Reports

TrackoMile offers automated insightful reports containing real time data. This helps to measure rider performance, identify patterns and use analytics to acing delivery scheduling game.

Workflow Calendar

Dispatchers get a calendar view to plan daily, weekly or monthly deliveries and trips. This helps with allocating resources in case of festive season.

last mile delivery software

Last Mile Delivery Software

Have everything done within seconds: order sorting, route optimisation, and dispatch planning.

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6 Challenges Faced During Scheduling Delivery Drivers

1. Eleventh-hour Changes

Last-minute delivery requests or cancellations will require instant adjustment in the driver’s schedule. This is a common challenge but requires quick action and strategic planning. 

2. Order Distribution Among Drivers

It might be difficult to arrange schedules that align with drivers’ preferences, availability, and permitted working hours. It can be challenging to make sure that shifts are allocated evenly, particularly when working with a big and diverse team.

3. Dimmed Delivery Visibility

The challenge in obtaining real time information about the location and progress of riders causes challenges in visibility. Without accurate visibility of the rider’s current activity, it might cause a hindrance while scheduling future deliveries or assigning urgent deliveries.

4. Shorter Time Windows

It is difficult to meet client expectations consistently with shorter delivery windows and time constraints. Businesses must closely monitor and assign deliveries to drivers with bandwidth deliver orders.

5. Fragmented Communication Channel

Keeping communication channels open between drivers, dispatchers, and consumers is challenging. Sharing critical information, such as an estimated arrival time, managing last-minute changes, and quickly resolving problems, can become difficult with fragmented communication.

6. Traffic Conditions and Other Unforeseen Events

Traffic congestions, accidents, adverse weather conditions or vehicle malfunction are bent on disrupting the planned delivery path and schedules, resulting in delayed deliveries. This is a challenge primarily prominent in urban areas with heavy traffic.  

Why is Seamless Delivery Scheduling Important?

Streamlining delivery schedules for drivers may not be as easy as it sounds, as it requires taking into consideration customers’ preferences, driver’s preferences and other operational factors like inventory replenishment time. 

Turning towards a delivery strategy can help ease out and improve delivery management. It will ensure that the drivers are not overworked, the underworked are utilised, and the riders stay at the top of the delivery schedules. 

Enhance Driver Efficiency: It would be a waste of time and resources to send out drivers with 100 packages but no logical orders to their stops. They will go back and forth to make deliveries. But with a proper schedule or sequence in hand, they can deliver a lot faster. Not to forget the amount of fuel and other operational expenses you can save on. 

Improve Drivers’ Productivity: A well-planned delivery operation not only enhances business operation but also optimises driver performance and satisfaction. As it will help them make deliveries on time, avoid getting overworked and keep riders happy and motivated. 

Improve Customer Experience: Driver schedules mean faster deliveries that automatically translate into customer satisfaction. This reduces the risk of late deliveries. Additionally, using delivery scheduling software will alert customers of the delivery window. This makes customers’ lives easier and ensures their happiness, thus improving customer experience and satisfaction.

Ace On-time Delivery with a Pinch of Delivery Scheduling Software

Planning an efficient delivery schedule for drivers not only helps logistics companies but has a positive effect on drivers and customers. It includes taking a lot of factors and preferences into account. But all can be automated with the help of delivery scheduling software.

TrackoMile is a reliable last mile software that has all the required features for delivery companies to plan, schedule and execute order delivery without a hiccup. But the only way to know its ingredient list of success is to schedule a call.

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How to Schedule Delivery Drivers [Explained-2024]

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