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Optimise A Million Routes in a Jiffy

Optimise A Million Routes in a Jiffy

Big delivery firms have bigger responsibilities on their shoulders. Best Route optimisation software steps in to share some and optimise some. A perfect blend of automation, geocoding, dynamic algorithms and AI-driven operations.

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Spare Not More than 90 sec to Route Planning Daily

Route optimisation is the primary and crucial step in modern route planning. Route optimisation
software backed by automation simplifies order sorting and dispatch management too.

Spare Not More than 90 sec to Route Planning Daily

Key Features of Our Route Optimisation Software

Mapping the best route to optimal delivery and dispatch planning with automation and

  • Smart Capacity Management

    Smart Capacity Management

    The software considers carrier volume, dimensions, delivery slots and multiple other factors to present the best route.

    • Carrier Capacity Analysis
    • Time Slot Selection
  • Rider Roster Management

    A robust rider roster engine lays the foundation for a better delivery experience for drivers, dispatchers, and customers too.

    • Schedule Roster
    • Calendar View
    Rider Roster Management
  • Intelligent Delivery Management

    Intelligent Delivery Management

    The software evaluates and allocates consignment to the right vehicles, creates trips and assigns routes to drivers on the fly.

Navigate your Last Mile Smartly,
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How Route Optimization Solves The Last Mile Problem

The last-mile delivery is the most expensive yet trouble-prone leg of the entire supply chain.
Route optimisation software helps mitigate last-mile challenges without much hassle.

  • Real-time Routing Algorithms

    Instant route optimisation involves multi-level rules engine involving capacity, speed, vehicle type, traffic and many other variables. TrackoMile’s routing engines offer negligible differences between ETA and the actual time of arrival.

  • Dynamic Geocoding

    No matter how many delivery addresses you feed in, whatever language they are in or how poorly phrased, our software geocodes them into accurate coordinates across geography with Natural Language Processing(NLP) and advanced geocoding.

  • Ad-Hoc Deliveries

    Our dynamic routing engines work in real-time when you add or remove waypoints during run-time. Modify routes and re-optimise instantly. There’s no room for unassigned tasks, customer dissatisfaction or tinted productivity with TrackoMile.

  • On-demand Deliveries

    From scheduled deliveries to subscription and on-demand models, our route optimisation software supports various delivery and dispatch procedures. Slot selection and on-point ETAs further help in reducing first-attempt failures.

  • Dispatch Planner

    In combination with smart task allocation and turn-by-turn routing, TrackoMile offers flawless dispatch and route planning. Adhere to SLAs, enhance customer satisfaction and improve productivity by reducing distance, time and cost.

  • Electronic PODs

    Choose from multiple types of Proof of Delivery options - OTP, eSign, QR code or automatic PODs for complete transparency and instant delivery feedback. This makes way for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Why Use Route Optimization For Logistics?

  • 0

    Reduction in
    first-attempt failures

  • 0

    Increase in
    operational efficiency

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    use-cases delivered

  • 2x

    Faster TAT

Who Can Leverage Route Optimisation for Business Profit?

Route optimisation solutions come in handy for various purposes across industrial domains.

  • Logistics and Trucking

    Logistics and

  • Food and On-demand Deliveries

    Food and On-demand

  • E-commerce Supply Chain

    Supply Chain

  • Field Service and Maintenance

    Field Service and

  • Waste Collection


  • Urban mobility and  Cab hailing

    Urban mobility and
    Cab hailing

  • Security and Emergency Services

    Security and
    Emergency Services

  • Public Transportation


What Does Intelligent Delivery
and Route Planning Mean?

Other than the above-mentioned factors, the following
must-haves give a final touch to making a perfect route
planning software

Optimised and Tested Way To
Smart Routing and Dispatch Management

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Frequently Asked Question

  • What is route optimisation?

    Route optimisation is a strategic process that uses technology and algorithms to determine the most efficient and cost-effective route for vehicles to reach multiple locations. Its core purpose is to reduce travel time, limit fuel consumption and enhance overall productivity by presenting the best routes based on factors like traffic, vehicle capacity, delivery schedules and more.

  • What is real-time dynamic Routing Software?

    A routing software often referred to as route optimisation software serves as a route planning tool that helps in mapping routes for deliveries and trips. Its primary function is to determine the optimal number and types of vehicles necessary for delivering a specific volume of orders, along with mapping the most efficient routes for each vehicle during the trip.

  • How many routes can the software optimise at once?

    Route optimisation software can optimise multiple routes simultaneously and there is no limit to that. However, the number of routes depends on various factors such as order volume, vehicle capacity, distance and time.

  • Why do I need route optimization?

    Route optimisation is crucial for modern-day businesses to reduce operational costs, enhance customer services and improve efficiency. It helps minimise business overheads. By ensuring optimal routes, you can deliver goods or services faster, meet customer expectations and ultimately boost productivity while reducing environmental impacts.

  • Is it possible to manually optimize and plan routes?

    Yes, it’s possible to manually optimise and plan routes, but it can be time-consuming and less efficient than using specialised route optimisation software. Manual route planning only involves limited factors such as delivery location, time window and vehicle capacity, whereas software-aided routing involves only these but historical data, real-time traffic conditions and many others. The possibility of human errors is also high in manual route planning.

  • What to look for in route optimisation software?

    Other than must-have features like rider roster, auto task allocation, proof of deliveries, etc. you must consider the following factors too. - Scalability - Efficiency - Updates and accuracy - Seamless Integration - User-friendly UI/UX

  • What is the difference between route optimisation and route planning?

    Route planning primarily involves mapping out the path to follow for delivering consignments, often based on fixed schedules. In contrast, route optimisation is a level-up to route planning. It dynamically adjusts routes in real-time, considering factors like traffic, weather and vehicle capacity to find the most efficient and cost-effective route. Click here → To explore route planning vs. route optimisation in detail.

  • How does route optimisation software work?

    Route optimisation apps operate by utilising algorithms to analyse various parameters such as delivery locations, carrier capacity, traffic conditions and time. It then generates the most efficient route for multiple vehicles in real time. These algorithms continuously update routes as new stops are added or removed. By minimising travel time and fuel consumption, route optimisation software enhances operational efficiency, reduces cost and improves customer service.

  • How do you optimize a route plan?

    Our route optimisation software employs advanced algorithms to streamline route planning. It takes into account various factors like delivery locations, time window, vehicle capacity and real-time traffic data. The software then calculates the most efficient routes not only in terms of distance but also time, fuel efficiency and overall operational ease while ensuring on-time deliveries. This process is automated, saving you time and resources while improving your logistics operations.

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