Best Route Planning Software for Route Optimization in 2023

Best Route Planning Software for Route Optimization In 2023

Stop manually planning your feet’s trips. Instead, hop on to the best route planning software for route optimization and better fleet management!

Logistics companies struggle with making their fleet operations as effective as possible without realizing that the road to effectiveness goes through the city of route planning. And there exists no better way to achieve this than employing the best route planning software

Route planning software will help companies reduce costs, improve customer retention and generate greater revenues and profits. It does so much without the manager sweating. The secret is automation and not pen and paper. 

Read the blog further to discover the magic of route planning software in 2023. 

What is Route Planning?

Route planning is the process of finding the most optimized route for fleet operations. This planning process is a part of fleet management. It is done to improve the effectiveness of the trip. For this, route planning software calculates the most efficient routes, which is also the best path to achieve customer satisfaction as it allows the fleet to reach its destination on time. 

Route planning software allows dynamic route planning and effective sequencing of delivery routes by employing algorithms and machine learning. This automates the process of planning routes with multiple waypoints. Because of automation, managers no longer need to plan complicated routes manually.

Why Is Route Planning Software a Must in 2023?

Route planning software is a must in 2023 because it can suggest hundreds of cost and time-saving routes in minutes. But that is not all; the software has much more to offer.

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Eliminating Human Errors

Since the route planning software automates the process of finding the perfect and shortest route for the fleet’s trips, it eliminates the need for human involvement or manual efforts, which can be full of errors.

Increased Visibility

Route planning keeps a real time eye on the drivers and vehicles. The software utilizes GPS tracking and maps to illustrate the path. Additionally, the software sends instant alerts whenever the drivers deviate from the assigned route or violate road rules.

Faster Deliveries

Route planning software is essential if you want to cut down on the delivery time. Since the software suggests the shortest and best suitable route for the trip, chances of delays due to instances get eliminated.

Cost Saving

With the route planning software suggesting the shortest and the fastest route for delivery of the consignment, it can help save a lot of fuel expenses.

Factors Considered by Trackobit in Planning and Optimizing Delivery Routes

TrackoBit is a telematics software that offers route planning solutions. It is the prime choice in the market as it comes as a whole package of optimizing the route and the entire fleet operation. Additionally, its solutions can be customized to suit the needs and demands of your transportation business. 

The Route Planning and Management solution of TrackoBit is an ideal choice for fleet management as it considers all the influential factors before suggesting an optimized route.


Distance is that one factor that has to be considered before anything else. Both short-haul deliveries and long-haul deliveries require different planning. 

Short-haul deliveries occur from one metropolitan area to another. The driver shifts are short, meaning they will take fewer breaks. Even the vehicles in this are smaller. 

Long-haul deliveries require drivers to drive more than 400 km. These drivers must work longer times and days, requiring longer breaks. Also, these deliveries utilize larger vehicles.

Vehicle Capacity

The size of the delivery vehicles impacts the type of routes you undertake. For example, trucks will have to take highways, whereas mini trucks or vans can take smaller roads.


When planning and managing delivery routes, it is important to consider the delivery window to ensure the consignment reaches the customers on time. When you are transporting FMCG products like milk or bread, it is essential to take direct routes to avoid spoilage.

Factors Of Route Planning


The route planning software also has provision for downtime for delivery stops and necessary breaks. This helps to ensure that the deliveries are still on time even when the driver has to stop to make deliveries or take breaks for refueling and refreshing.

Data and Experience

Finally, the route planning software utilizes the stored data to suggest the best trip routes. The software auto-saves routes for regular deliveries. It won’t suggest routes that have in the past been unsafe for the vehicles and cargo.

Benefits of Planning Multi-Stop Delivery Routes with TrackoBit

A multi-stop planner is a tool that helps logistics businesses to plan delivery routes with multiple stops. Trackobit considers all the above factors before suggesting a path while also incorporating the stops. Using a multi-stop route planner has a lot of benefits to it:

  • Enhancing Productivity and Profitability: Multi-stop route planning increases efficiency as it helps to maximize the number of deliveries in much less time and effort. Therefore, it enhances the driver’s productivity making each trip more profitable.  
  • Real-Time Visibility: Multi-stop route planning software utilizes geofencing, which helps to provide managers with real-time updates and visibility of the fleet’s activity. 
  • Shrinks Carbon Footprints: This form of route planning reduces fuel costs and fuel burn, along with minimizing the idling of the drivers through efficient routes, thereby reducing carbon footprints. 
  • Boosts Customer Experience: Immense competition exists in the logistics industry, which can only be beaten by meeting customer expectations. Through multi-stop route planning, you can ensure that the deliveries are on time which is essential for customer retention.

Key Features of TrackoBit for Route Planning and Optimization

TrackoBit lets you stay ahead of your fleet management solutions needs with its route planning software. With the latest tech stack and automation, logistics companies can enjoy enhanced productivity, customer satisfaction, and retention.

Automation of Trip Creation

Using the best route planning software will automate the most time-consuming task of route planning- trip creation. Through the software, managers just have to enter the starting and end points and waypoints, along with vehicle choice. Then, the software will automatically suggest the shortest road after considering multiple factors.

Managers can choose to customize the path and auto-saving routes for daily deliveries.

Multi-stop Route Planning

As established before, the route planning software can easily suggest the most efficient multi-stop route, which will be both cost and time-saving. The software uses algorithms to map out a route that will include all the important stops incorporated in a manner that will ensure that the deliveries are made on time.

Automate Route Planning With TrackoBit

Real-Time Driver Tracking and Updates

Only the best route planning software can tell you where exactly your vehicle and drivers are with no latency or downtime. Managers can track their drivers in real time. And this allows them to communicate accurate ETA to the customers.


TrackoBit’s route planning solution offers a geofencing tool that brings further clarity and visibility to the operation. Geofence is virtual boundaries the managers can set at various points like delivery location. So whenever the vehicle enters or exits, the virtual boundary managers are notified.

Choose TrackoBit for Your Delivery Route Planning Needs

Now that you know the A to Z of route planning and route planning software, there is no reason why you should not hop onto it. 

The best route planning software will not only help you reduce the cost of operations but will also help ensure on-time delivery of the consignment, which is essential for customer retention.

TrackoBit is the best route planning software in the market. We say this because of the software’s flexible customization and technically advanced route planning tools and features. In addition, it leaves no stone unturned to help logistics companies be as efficient as possible.

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Best Route Planning Software for Route Optimization in 2023

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