Driver Score

What is Driver Score?

A driver score is a quantitative assessment that reflects each driver’s performance based on pre-defined driving and safety parameters. Some of these factors include the degree of acceleration, braking, cornering adherence to speed limits, and overall compliance with safety regulations.

Fleet management software collects data from OBD sensors, GPS trackers, and other IoT devices to create a comprehensive score. Fleet managers can then offer directed training to reduce fuel consumption and improve safety in the fleet.

How is Driver Score Calculated?

This is how fleet management software calculates driver scores:

  • – Collects all data regarding driver behaviour.
  • – Crunches this data into a scale of 0-10. 0 being bad, 10 being excellent.
  • – The considered parameters and their importance are defined by fleet managers.
  • – Summarises the scaled data from all parameters into a single score.

Benefits of Calculating Driver Scores

Fleet managers are bound to feel the following benefits of driver scores

  • – Better driver safety awareness and behaviour.
  • – Better distinguish between good and bad drivers.
  • – Reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs.
  • – Improved driver training and improvement initiatives.
  • – Optimised fleet operational efficiency and performance.