8 Tips On How To Ensure Fleet Safety

8 Tips On How To Ensure Fleet Safety

The top 8 ways to improve fleet safety are by implementing telematics software, gamifying learning processes, adopting fleet management software technology and much more.

Most transport and logistics companies don’t realise the importance of focusing on fleet safety until faced with heavy repair expenses and downtime.

The average accident can cost a business between $16000 and $75000.

Companies are left to deal with unexpected repair and haul costs. And not to forget, neglected fleet safety also decreases driver retention. All this negatively affects business growth and revenues.

So before the situation gets out of hand, it’s better to adopt some preventive methods. After all, prevention is better than cure. In this article, we have discussed eight practical tips on how to improve your fleet safety effortlessly.

8 Tips on How to Make Your Fleet Safe

Are you looking to reduce accidents, ensure fleet and driver safety and minimise repair and maintenance costs? Then you are in the right place. Because we have discussed some crucial tips, when followed proactively, can successfully bring down the rate of accidents.

Develop Safety Policies and KPIs

Developing concrete safety policies, norms, parameters, and KPIs is probably the first step towards improving fleet safety. This will give the drivers a clear understanding of what is and isn’t considered safe at the workplace. For example, fleet managers can state in the policies the consequences for drivers who get into an accident or get a DUI while driving the trucks.

After you have drafted the documents clearly stating the safety policies into one document, ensure drivers understand and accept the policies and the potential repercussions for not complying with the rules and regulations. You can even ask them to sign the document after reading it.

Readily accept and answers the questions they might have. Once accepted, it’s up to the business when to enforce them.

Create a Safety Committee

This point is subject to the size of the business. Accordingly, they can decide to form a safety committee. This committee will prioritise safety norms by implementing the policies business have drafted. The committee can even revise the policies and enforce disciplinary actions when needed.

Things Are About to Change

20% is the annual accident rate for commercial fleets that have been reported for nearly a decade.

Rewards Good Drivers

Who does not love a good reward, right? Rewarding is another way to improve fleet safety based on the driver’s performance. By appreciating good driving behaviour, rewards, and bonuses are another way to incentivise it. 

Create a reward system and guidelines for drivers and riders that are low on the risk pyramid and indulge in good driver behaviour.

Choose Vehicles and Drivers with Caution

When choosing or dispatching vehicles and drivers for trips, it’s vital to keep some points in mind, like the size of the vehicle and the path. If the path is rocky, the vehicle size might slow down the delivery. Also, check the driver’s expertise in manoeuvring rocky paths.

Additionally, ensure the vehicle is healthy enough to go on a trip, with its pollution papers and other compliance fulfilled. Furthermore, ensure the trucks are equipped with safety measures like telematics software, airbags, seatbelts, etc.

Vehicle Collision Costs up to $70000 Per Year on Average

Provide Drivers Training Classes

Another way of guaranteeing the safety of your fleet, and drivers is by training your drivers. The training programme focuses on sharing safety tips and general precautions for drivers. And by gamifying the learning process, your drivers will imbibe, follow and implement good driving practices for sure.

Preventive Vehicle Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is key to improving fleet safety. This makes it easier for drivers to be safe and maintain their vehicles. For example, your business can partner with vendors who frequently check the tires and inspect the brakes.

When the company proactively maintain their fleet, it reduces the chances of drivers facing mechanical failures, breakdown or accidents.

Happy To Report

Cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, blind spot detection, and backup cameras are compulsory in every new light-duty vehicle today and are set to become mandatory.

Improve Safety with Technology

Investing in technology that allows businesses to monitor driver behaviour, track vehicle health and trip status in real-time with other analytical data. Telematics software like TrackoBit is a perfect choice for this. It provides every information you need to ensure the vehicles are safe and secure to use in a jiffy. 

We Bet You Didn’t Know

42% of those currently using fleet tracking technology consider looking after their fleet safety beneficial.

Communication and Planning

Communication and planning for and during the trip is an essential part. The telematics software automates this part. Through the proper communication channel, the drivers can share any difficulty they might be facing and feel that the vehicle is malfunctioning.

Also, while planning the routes, managers can ensure that the path has a proper service station and petrol pumps in case the vehicles face breakdowns.

An Honorary Mention of AI

22.2% of crash report was brought down when AI was implemented in route planning, which can detect roadblocks, heavy traffic, intersections and roundabouts. 

Improve Fleet Safety with TrackoBit

More than monetary damages; accidents can cause drivers to lose their lives. Now we don’t want that, right? The only way to avoid this is by ensuring that the vehicles are well-equipped with telematics solutions and safe to use.

TrackoBit is a telematics solution provider that is helping companies conduct safe fleet business, guaranteeing the safety of the consignment and improving the vehicles’ health through preventive maintenance and other solutions.

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8 Tips On How To Ensure Fleet Safety

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