Why ePOD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is Important?

ePOD in Logistics and Supply Chain

Read how ePOD in logistics and supply chain helps validate deliveries by creating accurate invoices while eliminating claims.

For logistics and supply chain management, it’s a must to adopt new-age technologies. After all, it helps automate redundant tasks, ensure efficiency, and enhance customer experiences. Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) is the latest technological trend that helps digitally document delivery details. In short, it’s a substitute for the traditional paperwork method which is often error-prone and time-consuming.

 An ePOD system, believe it or not, is the necessity of the hour. Why? Because it leads to better accountability, reduces errors, and claims, and enhances customer experiences in the delivery process. 

Still, questioning the supremacy of ePOD in logistics and supply chain management? Here in this article, let’s unravel the importance of ePOD in logistics to understand how it’s a game-changer for businesses wanting optimised delivery operations.

What’s ePOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery)?

ePOD or Electronic Proof of Delivery is a modernized e-receipt of goods or services that are successfully delivered. Unlike traditional paper-based receipts, ePOD in supply chain management is a newfound way to validate a quick and secure delivery

With Electronic Proof of Delivery

Last-mile delivery software like TrackoMile helps produce instant ePODs in the form of e-signature, OTP, barcode scanning, and custom notes. The software solutions help streamline every phase of delivery, right from dispatch to arrival. And also provides real-time updates and gathers crucial information like delivery time, location, and acknowledgment from the recipient. 

 It eventually results in a delivery process that is both more efficient and environmentally friendly by drastically reducing paperwork and related inefficiencies. In short, it guarantees a safe way to keep records that encourage accountability and openness in supply chain and logistics operations.

5 Benefits of ePOD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Here are the benefits of ePOD in supply chain management, stating how it helps validate the supply chain process. 

1. Digital Ledger for Official Proof of Delivery

An ePOD system other than validating deliveries helps keep a permanent record showing that the customer has received goods. It entails complete time, date, and place of delivery too.  

For instance, if a customer falsely complains about a failed delivery, the digitally stored proof of delivery can easily help put off that false claim. There will be no further misleading claims or arguments. 

2. Detailed Documentation (with Archiving)

Electronic proof of delivery software helps store and archive all delivery-related documents. The documents can include

  • Freight sourcing details.
  • Dispatch information.
  • And other critical logistics documentation. 

If you are a wholesale business with daily 100+ deliveries, an ePOD system will help to centralise all required documents under one hood. It will help remove any chances of errors, and complexities of handling and compiling physical documents. No more paperwork!

3. Better Accountability, Less Fraud

ePOD systems help sync communication between drivers, dispatchers, and customers. ePOD, as a part of last mile delivery software, provides real-time tracking and instant delivery confirmation to each stakeholder. 

For instance, dispatchers can instantly look into the delays and know the exact issue behind them. This will help timely look into the problem and work towards rectifying it.

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4. More “Happy” Customers

The electronic proof of delivery app helps improve the last-mile delivery experience as it provides real-time visibility of final delivery status. 

ePOD is easily shareable over calls, which means that customers won’t have to wait to receive the packages. The complete packaged last mile delivery software offers precise ETA that helps track the delivery journey. And once the delivery is fulfilled, it helps shoot an instant confirmation message. Leaving customers satisfied and happy. 

5. Reduced Payment Cycles

An electronic proof of delivery system helps boost the payment processing cycle. The system provides instant order status whenever the delivery is confirmed, making it easy for businesses to send quick invoices.

Why ePOD over paper-based delivery proofs are good?
  • Leads to an 80% reduction in time required to look within the troubled shipments.
  • 100% paperless, automated, and accurate process (no gaps).
  • Possible up to 2% freight cost benefits due to faster payments.
  • POD submission time was reduced to nil.
  • Up to 80% reduction in payment settlement time.

Not Just Proof, Automate the Entire Delivery Process!

With TrackoMile…

When you choose TrackoMile’s last-leg delivery software, you get a comprehensive software solution that lets you:

  • Auto dispatch to minimise service time and labor cost
  • Automate route planning to reduce delivery time
  • Get real-time delivery alerts and notifications
  • Generate visualise reports and analytics to enhance business processes
  • Manage riders rosters even for complicated delivery scenarios
  • Generate electronic proof of delivery to fast track billing and deliveries


Adopting a clear-cut ePOD process can stand critical if your delivery business wants to experience a seamless and efficient delivery experience — without any red flags.

There are multiple options to incorporate ePOD into your operations. But large corporations seeking an unparalleled experience like yours should definitely consider getting comprehensive last mile delivery software. 

Ready to fool-proof your delivery processes? Consult us about our advanced last mile delivery solutions comprising route management, ePODs, rider management, and lots more. 

Streamline Delivery Operations

FAQs on ePOD in Logistics

  • What is ePOD in logistics? 

    ePOD unfolded as electronic proof of delivery is digital proof confirming successful delivery with an electronic receipt.

  • What is proof of delivery in logistics?

    Proof of Delivery (POD) in logistics is digital confirmation certifying that a consignment was successfully delivered to the recipient. It entails proof in the form of the recipient’s e-signature, time, and date of the delivery date.

  • Does ePOD save costs in logistics?

    Yes, ePOD helps in cost savings by reducing errors, minimizing lost or misplaced deliveries, and streamlining administrative tasks, which in turn boosts productivity.

  • Why POD in logistics and supply chain is important?

    Proof of Delivery (POD) in logistics serves as evidence of the fact that said shipment has been successfully delivered to the consignee. Thereby increasing transparency and trust in the delivery process.

  • How does ePOD help enhance supply chain management?

    With TrackoMile, you get options to generate digital proofs, mainly as:
    1. e-Signatures
    2. Bar Code Scans
    3. Quick OTP generation
    4. Custom Notes

  • What are some of the key benefits of implementing ePOD?

    Implementing ePOD provides:
    1. Real-time visibility of goods.
    2. Improves delivery accuracy.
    3. Streamlines operations.
    4. Enhances customer service.

Why ePOD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is Important?

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