Top 10 Best Last Mile Delivery Software Picks in 2024

Top 10 Best Last Mile Delivery Software in 2023

Are you ready to revolutionise your last-mile delivery operations? We are unveiling the top 10 last mile delivery software pick of 2023!

On the world wide web, when you are typing your queries seeking information you get thousands and millions of search results. Sieving out the irrelevant information and shortlisting the most relevant ones is a task in itself! Woooof!! Then getting the exact match to your original query is a jackpot that only a few people hit! 

If you are looking for the best last mile delivery software and seeking all the related information about the most recommended ones, then man, you have hit the jackpot!

What’s the Need for Last-mile Delivery Software in 2024?

First question first, is there even a need?

Silly? Yes, one who would ask this question in the age of flourishing e-commerces, rising quick commerce and booming hyperlocal and on-demand deliveries, may seem silly.

Online shopping is becoming a lifestyle now! New shopping trends are disrupting traditional retail patterns. Blended sales models such as buy-online-pick-up-in-store(BOPIS) and buy-online-return-in-store(BORIS) are proving to be profitable for businesses. Similarly, buy-offline-get-delivered-at-home is another model that big brands such as Lenskart and brick-and-mortar stores are leveraging for their benefit.

The customer is king! They have always been!

Their buying behaviour sets the course for the businesses to design their sales model. 

The global e-commerce market is expected to reach $6.3 trillion in 2024. 

In the US, 16.4% of the total retail purchase are predicted to happen online in 2024. According to NASDAQ, 95% of retail buying is likely to happen online by 2040. With these numbers rising month-on-month, the logistics and delivery industry also need to prepare themselves for the rising. 

Last-mile delivery becomes increasingly crucial as more people adopt online delivery services and e-commerce because the final mile is the most expensive and critical stage of the supply chain.

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Last-Mile Delivery Software?

Gone are the days when choosing any other last-mile delivery software would do the job. Earlier basic digitalisation and tracking solutions were enough to optimise delivery and dispatch management. With a notable paradigm shift in consumer behaviour and increasing order volumes, elementary solutions are just not enough.

Cost Drivers in The Supply Chain

Today, businesses are giving preference to software platforms that come loaded with technologies such as ML, AI and big data analysis.

However, to put things in a better perspective, we’ll give you point-wise reasons why last-mile delivery software is indispensable in 2023.

  • Competitive Edge 

You may wonder ‘how?’ as every smart and willing-to-scale- business is resorting to Last Mile Software for optimising their delivery operations. Come on! In school, a teacher teaches all 40 students present in the class the same way. Why does only one top the class? Similarly, only those businesses who would pick the right (LMD software) match for their business and make the best use of it would finish first.

Adopting software-driven operations offers much more than just reports and real-time updates. They also give you insights into the operational workflow, hidden anomalies, possible improvements and predictive analysis for future planning.

  • Faster and Free Deliveries 

Quick and free deliveries are the decisive factors in opting for one seller over another. More than 60% of users would prefer a same-day delivery seller over the one who offers 1-3 day delivery. It wasn’t surprising to know that 25% of consumers said they would abandon the cart if same-day delivery was not available.

A software that harnesses the power of big data and automation to plan the most optimised trips and deliveries considering all the dependable variables will give you that much need edge.

  • Customer Satisfaction with Personalisation 

If a repeat customer doesn’t accept orders delivered during certain hours of the day more often than they do, the software would automatically adjusts the delivery time to improve the first-attempt delivery rate. This makes way for a customer-centric approach and improves customer satisfaction too. 

  • Scalability and Growth

Future-proof LMD software like TrackoMile which is rich in automation and big data analysis abilities makes way for new opportunities. Such software does not bog down to sudden rise or fall in order volumes. They are equipped to stand the stress during high volume seasons such as festive and sale time. 

Having the capacity to adjust ad-hoc orders. Assess the capacity of the carrier and make room for as many orders as possible to attain optimum route density. 

  • Reduced Cost and Improved Profit

As mentioned earlier the final leg of delivery incurs most of the supply chain cost. 97% of supply chain executives surveyed by Capgemini agreed that last-mile delivery is a critical differentiator to drive revenue. Routing the most optimised trips considered as many dependable variables as possible such as order density, size, weather, driver’s capacities, carrier availability, distance, time and many more. Reducing second/third attempt deliveries is also a critical factor that affects overall costs.

Now, that you know the importance and benefits of last mile delivery software in 2023 and after, let’s jump straight to the much-awaited subject. 

Top 10 Best Last Mile Delivery Software Picks in 2024

As the need and demand for online shopping is rising, so are last mile delivery software solutions in the market. Having the right last mile delivery software can make all the difference in optimising operations and delivering exceptional customer experience.

Every software offers a different combination of solutions and modules catering to different business needs. While Shiprocket and Click Post are the ones that optimise delivery and dispatch for small and mid-scale businesses with their operational and software services, TrackoMile and Bringg offer full-blown software solutions. 

1. TrackoMile

Probably the youngest software solution on this list, TrackoMile offers the most advanced bunch of last mile delivery solutions. This dynamic LMD software is from the house of TrackoBit and with years of expertise in the telematics space.

They are known for expanding their portfolio by introducing innovative solutions to their suite of solutions. Delivery and dispatch management is their strong suit, as it comes with top-notch automation and a solid big data game on the back end. The industry experts swear by their routing algorithms and rule-based carrier management.

Their software solutions are popular not only in the APAC region but also in LATAM, GCC, European and the African region.

last mile delivery software

Last Mile Delivery Software

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2. LogiNext

This American firm was founded in 2014 as a technology and automation company providing software solutions to transportation, home delivery, omnichannel fulfilment and e-commerce sectors.

Grabbing hold of delivery automation at the booming stage, Loginext enjoyed the early mover advantage(if not the first). LogiNext is a trusted name in the industry with big brands associated with it. This SaaS product is configurable for Courrier, Express and Parcel (CEP) and quick-commerce models.

3. Upper

Upper is a delivery route planning and optimisation software that offers solutions to mitigate last mile delivery challenges. Its primary clientage comes from small and mid-sized businesses that require courier or last mile deliveries. Daily meal deliveries, food deliveries, field service maintenance and installation are some sectors that Upper caters to.

This Canada-based delivery software company is in the process of developing a world-class route planning solution. Upper currently provides its services in the North American region.

4. Bringg

Giving a technological edge to businesses globally, Bringg is on a mission to optimise delivery operations for logistics companies. This cloud platform is connecting, automating and orchestrating fulfilment and delivery for small and big enterprises for over a decade.

They have a presence in more than 50 countries. Bringg is backed by the globally renowned telematics giant, Ituran. Their primary offering includes delivery automation, 3PL optimisation, Dispatch and routing solutions.

5. Route4Me

A veteran in the field of route planning software, Route4Me is catering to the logistics and delivery businesses since 2009. This app-based software offers route planning and delivery tracking solutions. Their primary targeted sectors include field operations, e-commerce and other supply chain players that require telematics solutions.

Route4Me is a Florida, USA-based software firm that offers free trials and custom solutions mitigating business-specific challenges for its clients. Their on-demand solution lets you assemble a bespoke software

platform with handpicked features from their marketplace.

6. TrackPOD

TrackPOD is an all-in-one delivery management software solution for real-time delivery monitoring. They are firm believers in paperless operations and promote electric PODs and QR/Bar code scanning a lot. Their entire last mile delivery solutions are wrapped around proof of delivery.

This Lithuanian company caters to companies that are into delivery operations, field service and maintenance and transportation or logistics of small, medium or large scale.

7. Tookan

Tookan from the house of Jungleworks is a last mile delivery software platform. They offer tailor-made solutions to businesses across industries. Tookan is one of the many software products of Jungleworks simplifying food and grocery delivery, pickup and drop services, logistics and CEP sectors.

Tookan optimises services for both b2b and b2c clients. Their no-code delivery management software is popular amongst the Indian and South Asian markets. Some of the wild offerings in their forest of SaaS products include Yelo, Kato, Jugnoo and Tiger.

8. Routific

Routific is a Canadian software platform for optimising last-mile logistics for businesses. Route optimisation, route planning and delivery management are some of the primary solutions in Routific’s portfolio. This small-knit team of software developers have kept their expertise limited to routing and last mile delivery solutions.

Some of the celebrated clients of Routific are Philips, Doordash and Greenhouse Juice. They not only offer end-to-end software solutions to their b2b clients but also provide APIs to integrate with already in-action software.

9. Onfleet

Empowering businesses to optimise and automate their deliveries since 2015.  They have a very varied clientage with companies from FMGC, retail, e-commerce, pharmaceutical and many other sectors. Some of their top clients include GAP, Drizly, Kroger and TotalWine.

Headquartered in the USA, San Fransisco, Onfleet offers intuitive app-based software. Their comprehensive software comes with route planning, delivery and dispatch management and data analytics solutions. Currently, they are delivering their software services optimally in more than 50 countries.

10. Locus

One of the leading last mile delivery software providers globally, Locus is headquartered in Milpitas, USA. This Indian start-up proved its mettle in the technology and software space with their top class route optimisation, last mile automation, on-demand delivery optimisation and dispatch planning solutions. Locus is solving real-world supply chain challenges and helping enterprises solve their last mile delivery problems.

Locus is empowering North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East region with their delivery and dispatch management software Some of their big-shot clients include Unilever, Nestle, The Tata Group and Bluedart.

Who Runs The World? “Tech”

It will not be wrong to say that technology is driving the world towards a futuristic and more advanced world. Every industrial or non-industrial sector is dependent on technology, automation and AI for growth and scalability.

Logistics, supply chain, and delivery operations are the lifelines for both developed and developing countries. With more companies resorting to a direct-to-customer model and customers expecting quick and free deliveries the pressure is only increasing on the businesses and logistics companies.

Last-mile delivery solutions show up like a knight in shining armour for brands in distress. With the evolution of technology and the involvement of automation and AI, last mile delivery software solutions have not only optimised delivery operations but also mitigated last mile problems.

Do you have specific last mile delivery requirements? You can’t find the right solution for your business-specific use-case? Reach out to our experts, they’ll understand your requirements and serve you with custom solutions.

Last Mile Delivery Software

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Top 10 Best Last Mile Delivery Software Picks in 2024

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