6 Best Delivery Route Planner Apps for 2024

6 Best Delivery Route Planner Apps For 2023

Finding the best delivery route planner apps for 2023 is tricky due to the competition in the last mile industry. Find the top apps like TrackoMile, Upper, Circuit, etc.

The last mile delivery industry is set to grow at a CAGR of 8.13% over the next decade. Already valued at over $131.5 billion, can you imagine how much revenue this single industry will generate by the early 2030s? 

But it is not just the revenue that will increase in the industry – the number of businesses aiming to get a slice of the pie will increase too. And the bar of entry will significantly reduce with the number of delivery route planner apps or last mile delivery software available in the market. 

So, if you want your business to boom in this growing industry, you need an efficient delivery route planner app today. And a good one at that. 

So, you’re in the right place at the right time while reading this blog. Here, we will discuss which are the 6 best delivery route planner apps for 2023, and what makes them so special. We will also talk about how you can choose the right software for your business! 

What is a Delivery Route Planner App?

A delivery route planner app helps last mile delivery businesses manage the routes for all their deliveries. Along with finding efficient routes, it also plans out effective trips for each rider, laying all waypoints in a manner that meets resource optimisation as well as delivery slot requirements. 

Good delivery route planner apps manage dispatching, orders, delivery confirmations, and rider performance as well. So, all dispatch managers have to do is enter details of all orders and riders and then supervise the routes and trips planned by the software. 

6 Best Delivery Route Planner Apps

Innumerable delivery route planner apps have emerged in the market since last-mile delivery became so important. While all have the basic features – they plan routes – the process, usability, pricing, and advanced features differ vastly from app to app. 

So, simplify your app search and go through the following table to get an overview of the best delivery route planner apps for 2023

App Route Optimisation Capacity Management Dispatch Management Live Progress Monitoring

1. TrackoMile – Best For Comprehensive Last Mile Management

TrackoMile Last mile Delivery Software

If you’re looking for something that serves as a delivery route planning app but also exponentially goes beyond it, TrackoMile is your best bet. With TrackoMile, you get complete last mile delivery support – right from route optimisation and route progress management to dispatch and capacity management with insightful reports and order management

TrackoMile makes real-time tracking throughout the last mile delivery process breezy, adds automation to the process, and streamlines all your operations. Even if you’re a small business snow planning to grow – starting with TrackoMile will support your business from the get-go!

Top Features Offered By TrackoMile

  • Dispatch Management: Not only will TrackoMNile give you the best routes possible to complete deliveries, but will also help dispatchers match orders with riders who need to fulfil them. It streamlines the delivery process from the inside out! 
  • Capacity Management: Orders are not assigned to riders blindly – but according to the capacity they can handle in one go. Paired with route management, this allows all trips to be safer and actionable for riders. 
  • Rider Roaster Management: Dispatch managers can see which rider is supposed to take what trip right from the dashboard, allowing them to have a more comprehensive view of their last mile delivery efforts. 
  • Live-tracking: Be it rider location, traffic on roads, or route progress – tell TrackoMle what you need real-time updates for, and you’ll get them!
last mile delivery software

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2. Upper – Best For Dispatch Management


Upper is one of the best-marketed delivery route planner and dispatch management apps – and for good reason! With Upper, riders do not have to do anything but follow directions. All the routes will be formed and approved by dispatch managers – and then assigned to the right riders. 

The best thing about Upper is that it is automated for dispatchers too! All they have to do is import a spreadsheet of orders and the app will collect all data and form routes accordingly! It simplifies the complex last mile delivery process from one end to another at ease. 

Top Features Offered By Upper

  • Proof of Delivery: While Upper doesn’t offer live route tracking like TrackoMile, dispatchers can still have a good idea of route progress through authentic proofs of delivery collected by the app. 
  • Priority Deliveries: Dispatchers can set delivery priorities through Upper. Therefore the app will create schedules in a manner that the priority locations are hit first! 

3. Circuit – Best For Customer Satisfaction


Whether you want to use Circuit for personal use (it’s free!) or for businesses is your call. But if you choose it for businesses, you’ll get a variety of interesting features such as route sharing, route optimisation, and even dispatch management! 

Circuit claims to cut down delivery costs by 20% by reducing manual efforts and helping teams save gas through effective routes. It is also splendid software to keep the customer in the loop about the delivery process.


Top Features Offered By Circuit

  • Customer Notifications: Customers receive notifications about ETAs, delays, or any other live delivery status that would interest them. 
  • Missed Route Management: Whenever a rider misses a delivery location, those stops are automatically shifted to more effective trips for quick fulfilment. 

4. RoadWarrier – Best For Progress Monitoring


Just like Circuit, individuals can use the route planning and optimisation features by RopadWarrier for free. And the ‘team’ or business version comes at an affordable cost for the features it offers. With top routing engines, traffic calculation centralised data management, reporting and analysis, and dispatch management, RoadWarrier has a lot ot offer, especially for last-mile delivery businesses. 

The delivery route planner app is best known for its live tracking, analysis, and reporting capabilities. With over 30 days of data backup, it helps dispatchers look back on undertaken trips to improve future strategies.


Top Features Offered By RoadWarrier

  • Edit According to Route Progress: If one driver is ahead of schedule, while another is falling behind, managers can pass stops or merge routes into one through live route monitoring and editing features. 
  • Dispatch Management: RoadWarrier is here to make every dispatcher’s life easier with distant management that simplifies management from the core. 

5. Route4Me – Best For Multi-stop Planning


Route4Me is the app you’ll need if you’re looking for something that helps you plan multi-stop routes.All the dispatchers have to do is enter all waypoints a rider is supposed to cover, and voila! You’ll get the most calculated and efficient routes within 10 minutes! 

Route4Me also offers live employee tracking so that dispatchers are always aware of what’s going on in the field! Because of its powerful route optimisation features, Route4Me is also a great addition to field operations teams. 

Top Features Offered By Route4Me

  • Route Sharing: Dispatchers create routes according to their strategy and share it with riders within the Route4Me app or even through emails. This way, riders do not have to wonder which routes they need to take in a workday.
  • Live Monitoring: Route4me tracks riders in real-time, allowing dispatchers to easily track the operational progress, right from the app’s dashboard! 

6. MapQuest – Best For Small Businesses’ Route Optimisation


If you have a small business and do not want to invest in a delivery route planner app just yet, you should definitely consider MapQuest. It is a free route planning app that allows your drivers to plan the most efficient routes for their deliveries. 

MapQuest allows drivers to set up to 26 waypoints in their entire trip and gives accurate turn-by-turn navigation. It also keeps track of road and traffic conditions to deliver the best results!

Top Features Offered By MapQuest

  • Easy-to-use Interface: MapQuest has the simplest of UIs of any app in this list. It has a clutter-free system where riders only have to enter drop points and waypoints and the app will show directions right on the dashboard. 
  • Live Traffic Updates: A powerful mapping app, MapQuest checks real-time traffic updates – allowing riders to skip congestions and get to their drop points quicker than ever! 

Selecting a Delivery Planner App? Ask yourself These Questions! 

Yes, we mentioned TrackoMile in the list. But that is because it IS one of the best gps route planner apps out there. But these apps are never one-size-fits-all. Therefore, it is possible for some businesses to not find TrackoMile to be their ideal match. 

In that case, you need to look at the other 5 apps listed in this blog. 

But are you overwhelmed with choices and wondering which one to go for? 

Don’t worry – ask yourselves these questions and you shall have an answer! 

  • Does it support my operational requirements?

Every business has different operational requirements. While some businesses might operate in a small neighbourhood with only 4-6 delivery persons, others might work on a wider scale. And the delivery route planner app you choose should be a reflection of the nature of your operations. 

You should choose your app according to how many riders and orders you’ll be managing, the level of supervision you want to enforce, and the degree of automation you want in your operations. 

  • How easy will it be for my team to use?

There is no point in using a delivery route management app for your riders if they are not able to use it easily. A difficult-to-understand software can potentially waste hours of their time in training. 

So, your best choice will be an app that is accessible on all devices available to your riders and features an extremely simple-to-use interface. One training session and your operations should be easily up and running on the app.

  • Is it powerful enough to give me live updates?

Last mile deliveries are very time sensitive. Therefore, whether or not you’re getting live updates into the operations can potentially make or break your operations. 

Always choose an app that gives you live updates about your riders’ whereabouts and activities. The app should also be able to track live traffic updates in case the pre-planned route gets inefficient and needs to be redirected. 

  • What level of customer support and training does the software provider offer?

Customer support in times of need might seem to be the most important thing to judge in an app. Whether or not you get the technical help you need in case the software glitches is an important thing to judge in an app, especially if you do not have an in-house technical team in your business. For ones who do – this factor is not as crucial. 

  • Is the software scalable enough to accommodate future business growth?

Even if you’re starting out as a small business, the ultimate aim is to grow it, right? Therefore, always choose an app that can sustain at least 4 times the growth of your business. If it cannot – you should look at some other software.

Get The Best Delivery Planner App For Your Last Mile Delivery Business!

Your competition is growing and now is the chance to outgrow them – if only you access the best tech and support. And TrackoMile is the best delivery planner app for your last mile efforts. 

With directed solutions and an easy-to-understand user interface, you will not regret choosing TrackoMile. Just run a quick eye on the buyer’s guide and see if their features and offerings match your business needs. If yes, what are you waiting for?

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6 Best Delivery Route Planner Apps for 2024

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