How Can Car Resale Businesses Use Field Force Management Systems?

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Field Force Management System for Car Resale Businesses

A good field force management system can help several industries. Have a deskless workforce at play? We can look into the use cases of vehicle tracking softwareand visualise what functions of a business can it optimise.

In this blog, we are going to be looking at one such unique use case. 

In recent years, we have seen a rise in online trading including buying and selling of used cars.. One such trader is Cars24, an online car reselling service. This company currently stands at avaluation of 3.3 billion dollarswhich is telling of the potential this industry holds.

But like all industries, this one also comes with challenges that hinder smooth running. Therefore, let us discuss how an employee management system works behind such companies.

How Does the Second-hand Car Sale Industry Work?

Here is a step-by-step guide to the process companies follow for reselling used cars. While registration happens online, a couple of steps require employees to meet with potential clients on the field. Let us look at how. 

In-person Visit

Reselling small goods like antique pieces and furniture does not require a professional inspection. But the same cannot be said for car resale business. For businesses to get the correct market price for vehicles, it is very important to have a basic idea about the vehicle’s condition prior to its sale. 

This is why for customer convenience, executives are sent out for vehicle inspection. But keeping track of these employees can be very difficult for managers. In an industry based heavily on customer satisfaction, there’s no margin for errors that can lead to heavy losses.

Vehicle Check 

As previously discussed, customer satisfaction is the priority in vehicle inspection business. There has been a rise in the number of companies offering similar services. To ensure a top spot, it is essential for employees to deliver the best work quality possible. 

Not every employee has the necessary skills to check all forms of vehicles. This is why managers must ensure that correct executives are sent out for tasks. All vehicles vary to each other in some ways and executives knowledgeable about these differences should be assigned inspection tasks. 

Customer Feedback

‘The customer is always right’. This is a very popular saying that gets increasingly relevant around us. Capitalist economies function on competition and this is why the businesses able to handle their clients better are bound to make profits. 

Thus, managers need to not only collect information for their potential clients during inspection but also need service feedback. But relaying information through employees can cause miscommunication and other errors that might lead to reduced clientele. Thus, managers need to look for methods of contacting customers directly.

How Does the Second Hand Car sale Industry work

How Can Field Force Employee Management Software Help?

A nicely equipped field force management system has all the solutions a business might need for optimising its operations. These solutions are available not just to aid managers, but also their employees directly. 

Each solution is further divided into features meant for reducing manual work. This reduces the margin for human error. Let us look into some of the solutions an employee management system has to offer:

Task Management 

We have already understood how task assigning can pose a problem for workforce managers. TrackoField’s task management solution gives managers knowledge of their employees’ activities at all times. It is important to have experienced employees either leading or accompanying the task team when they are out for car inspection. Through task management solutions, managers ensure that they assign at least one such executive to high priority tasks.

The solution allows managers to assign tasks directly through application along with a clear set of guidelines. Employees are also saved from having to update each and every person above them in hierarchy about their task status. 

Attendance Management

With a workforce beyond managers’ line of sight, it is difficult to determine which employees are actually reporting for assigned tasks. This is why the attendance management solution uses geocoded methods for marking attendance. They do not have to report to offices for the sole purpose of marking one’s attendance. 

The vehicle resale clients are not limited to a certain area and their location could be far apart. Thus, employees need to cut down their travel time for activities not related to their tasks. Travelling to offices can be a wasteful practice. Attendance management solution marks employee attendance when they reach the task location, thus eliminating time loss.

Custom Fields and Forms

While using any kind of fields and forms, businesses often have to compromise by using the predetermined fields available to them. This lack of choice reduces chances to have good communication between businesses and their clients. Thus, an employee tracking system is designed in a way that managers and employees can set their own fields according to the requirements. These forms can then be saved into the system for later use as well.

For a second-hand vehicle sale business employee, their forms revolve around getting information about the vehicles. Existing owners will have to upload vehicle details and proofs of ownership. Collecting this data manually can lead to misplaced or incorrect information. This disrupts the entire operation structure of the business. Thus, managers can add their personalised fields to the forms and ask owners to fill in just the details.

Employee Tracking 

One of the most important manager roles is to be aware of their employees’ whereabouts. But doing so manually can be very stressful and tasking. Employees have a very large window for time theft with manual tracking. Thus, GPS tracking software aids managers by updating them about an employee’s live location. It gives accurate distance reports for their employees’ journeys while simultaneously saving battery energy for longer tracking.

For a sector dealing directly with clients, it is important to be mindful of their needs. Employee tracking solutions will be able to keep managers informed of their employee locations. This can be used to ensure that executives reach their task locations on time, causing no form of inconvenience for customers.

Why Use a Field Force Management System?

Benefits of Using Field Force Management System

It can be very advantageous for business owners to invest in a good field force management system. Though, these advantages can vary from one industry to another. 

Sales and services business would be more concerned with time efficiency while a construction business will focus more on ensuring employee safety through live tracking. When we come to the vehicle resale industry, customer satisfaction tops this benefit list. Let us learn about all benefits of using employee tracking software:

  • Punctual Reporting:Employee inefficiency can lead to customer loss. Being punctual is one of the first things that set an impression on managers. With a field force management system managers can ensure that their employees reach clients on time.  This adds to a good customer experience.90% of peopleuse customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to choose a company for their service.
  • Thorough Inspection:Choosing employees for their talent and capabilities leads to higher quality task execution. This holds true for the case of car inspection as well. It is also beneficial for business growth as94% of customersrecommend a company whose service they like. Thus, it leads to a large clientele. 
  • Time Efficiency:Throughout this blog, we have talked about customer satisfaction a lot. One of the reasons for clients to stop using a service is poor time efficiency. But with a field force management system’s help, this efficiency can witness a boost. Executives make conscious effort to complete tasks within their 

In The End

Till now we have looked at the ways in which a second-hand car sale business can use and benefit from a field force management system. But the wonders of this system do not end at this industry alone. Every sector dealing with a deskless workforce requires optimisation.

Thus, meet TrackoBit, one of the leading employee management software in the market. With its dynamic features, this software can help you understand and optimise your workforce inside out. Request a demo and witness these wonders for yourself!

How Can Car Resale Businesses Use Field Force Management Systems?

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