How Can Field Force Management Software Aid Real Estate Companies

How Field Force Management Software Aid Real Estate Companies

The real estate industry has many on-field employees, agents, brokers, and sales representatives. Supervising these agents and optimizing field operations are herculean tasks for managers. 

So, what do they do to solve this problem?

Well, Field Force Management Software is the perfect tool to automate their workload.

The demand for field force management software is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.9% to USD 8.06 billion by 2028. And this is because industries globally have realized how effective the software is in increasing their employees’ productivity and performance. The real estate industry is no exception!

What are the Challenges Faced by Real Estate Companies?

Hands down, managers in the real estate videography industry have to handle a lot: documentation, property and client management, real estate agents, etc.

They face the biggest challenge in managing field agents and utilizing their potential. And in doing so, they usually come across many hurdles.


Real estate managers have difficulty scheduling agents for property visits. Managers must choose the right agent to show properties to customers. And since deals depend on the agent’s selling skills, scheduling the right employee is vital.

Key Challenges Faced by Real State Companies


Real estate agents are most of the time on the field selling houses and properties to clients. Therefore, they must carry multiple documents, like contracts, legal papers, and licenses.

Agents often complain about the hassle these documents cause. They always have to be extra careful of them. In addition, problems like damage to documents due to rain and theft prove to be challenging.

Difficulty in Tracking

Monitoring field agents takes a lot of work and time for managers if done manually. It becomes all the more challenging when their phones are not reachable. This ordeal can cause managers to derail from more important tasks at hand. 

Frequent calls from the manager can distract and discourage field agents while they are at their tasks.

Hindrance in Communication

Proper communication between managers and employees is the key to them performing well. But unfortunately, a communication gap often bubbles up between the real estate videography in the field and the managers in the office.

Failing to answer phone calls for any reason on the field agent’s part can cause added stress to managers. An imbalance can appear when managers fail to communicate important details to agents. This can be due to the agents being in a no-network zone or putting their phones on aeroplane mode.

Delayed Reimbursements

Managers often overlook the care and maintenance field agents require. A delayed reimbursement process can cause dissatisfaction among field agents. Resulting in poor performance of the field agents. This has caused an increase in real estate employee turnover by 28%.

Field Force Management Software For Tracking Real Estate Agents

So what is it that the field force management software helps managers and real estate agents with? 

The software helps with shift scheduling, task delegation, attendance management, and much more. In a nutshell, it maintains a productive field force.

Field force management software adds automation to operations. The solution helps to eliminate the need for performing repetitive tasks and maintaining manual reports. Hence, reducing the scope of errors, accelerating the process, and stimulating more confident decision-making.

How Can Field Force Management Software Help Your Real Estate Company?

The best part about TrackoField is that managers and employees benefit from this system. Managers get to allocate tasks, monitor performances, and list property remotely, whereas employees enjoy the convenience and transparency that comes with it. 

TrackoField offers a long list of features that help realtors enjoy complete automation. 

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Without further ado, let’s see how the solutions offered by the system can help.

Insights into Real Estate Agent’s Expertise

Earlier, managers had to wait a quarter or a year to review their agents’ performance. But not anymore. Field force management software allows the manager to check agents’ productivity in real-time.

The system offers actionable reports that are insightful and accurate. They are beneficial in discerning the strengths and weaknesses of each agent. This makes assigning properties easy as the manager knows which real estate agent has expertise in selling which property.

Share Property Details 

Clear communication is necessary for agents to lock deals smoothly and successfully. There are minute negotiating details that must be very clear with agents. This is where the in-built chat box comes in handy. 

When a real estate agent is in on field for property verification, they can’t miss out on any details. Therefore, managers can create detailed custom forms field agents must fill out during verification. Everybody across the hierarchy and departments of the organization can access the details via API.

Use Custom Forms to share details

Digitalize Property Documents

The software offers field agents cloud storage to upload vital documents like contracts, deeds, personal IDs, etc. This eliminates the need to carry physical documents liable to damage. It can also store pictures of properties on cloud storage, making it easier for agents to show to clients. 

TrackoField allows high-quality image uploads, document sharing, and video attachments with custom forms. So, while the agent is at the client’s property verifying, he/she can upload documents along with other essential details.

Track Real Estate Agents in Real-time

Field force management software has successfully solved major issues managers face. With the software, managers can easily track field agents in real time.

Additionally, the manager has the option to track agents’ task updates while they are on the fly. This eliminates the need for constant calling.

The manager gets the real-time status of their phone’s battery, cellular network, and mode they are on. This makes it tough for field agents to get away with excuses. The impressive part is, Trackofield is a battery-friendly app that does not guzzle on battery power to keep working.

Appointment Reminder for Real Estate Agents

Field agents often have meetings after meetings with clients looking for properties, and they have to show up on time. Punctuality is essential to build a good reputation with clients. TrackoField, like a true BFF, starts dropping reminders an hour or half prior to every meeting. These reminders can be customized for the duration, types of meetings, days of the week, etc.

Travel Reimbursement

Facing a time crunch due to daily travel to the office to submit expense vouchers?

Well, we hate it too. Therefore, we introduced automated expense management in TrackoField.  This feature eliminates the time field agents waste on their daily commute to the office.

Agents can upload bills and expenses on the app itself at any hour of the day. Furthermore, agents receive a notification of their claim’s approval or rejection. They can check the status of their claim requests remotely. 

Managers can further automate the reimbursement process by paying for travel per the distance traveled by each agent. This is made possible with the accurate travel history report the software generates. On the manager’s part, they have the feature to put a cap on expenses. This limit is customizable according to team and designation.

Let TrackoField Help Your Real Estate Company

Precaution is better than cure.

Now that you know the challenges that stop real estate agents from locking deals, it’s time to adopt the cure – field force management software. 

The software is fruitful in automating task allocation and streamlining the company’s operations in a timely and cost-effective manner. Furthermore, it is great for real estate agents because it increases productivity.

When investing in field force management software, why not invest in TrackoField?

TrackoField is a leading field force software in the industry.

Get a demo now!

How Can Field Force Management Software Aid Real Estate Companies

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