What are the Different Ways to Track Employee Attendance?

Fast-forward Accurate Attendance Marking with these 8 Modern Methods

Streamline the employee attendance tracking process with these modern methods and avoid the higher risk of errors and manipulation occurring due to traditional attendance systems.

Tracking employee attendance is undoubtedly crucial for any organization to assess actual working hours vs. on-duty hours, analyze absenteeism, and maintain equal workload distribution.

But what’s more important is getting accurate attendance, which is a bit challenging among remote operations. As employees work from multi-operational locations, field managers may not accurately assess their team’s whereabouts, clock in, and break hours with spreadsheets-based attendance marking.

So, what kind of attendance system should a company use? Or how do they know that remote/field employees attend their shifts regularly? You will get an answer to this question in this guide. Dive straight, examine, and employ the best way to track employee attendance like a pro.

Different Methods for Employee Attendance Tracking

Tracking attendance manually only leads to inaccurate data as they are open to manipulation. That’s why businesses prefer electronic methods for tracking employee attendance.

8 Ways to Track Employee Attendance

1. Biometric App Login

With biometrics, we don’t mean biometric machines fixed in offices for employees to clock in/out, but biometric app support. The app works the same as the usual biometric machines. However, it prevents employees from coming to the office to mark in for the day. Employees just simply access the biometric app on their mobile devices after reaching the client’s site. Therein, the app detects their unique fingerprint ID or facial ID. Upon analyzing and identifying, the app marks an employee’s attendance conveniently.

2. Face Recognition

Technological advancements have made facial recognition more feasible. This method is a part of biometric technology that identifies an individual and authenticates their identity through biological characteristics like retina and face scans. After capturing digital images of employees, facial recognition compares them with the stored database and records their clock-ins. It controls access to restricted areas and prevents threatful, fraudulent, and criminal activities in an organization.

3. Geofence-enabled Attendance

Geofence-enabled attendance lets managers ensure that employees can only mark their attendance from a geofenced, specified, and designated work site. It wards off employees from marking attendance from anywhere other than the task’s location, thus minimizing the risk of attendance manipulation, false attendance marking, and inaccurate attendance data. With this employee attendance tracking software method, businesses can get employees’ accurate working hours.

4. Geocoded Attendance Marking

Geocoded attendance marking enhances the authenticity of attendance records. It allows field managers to assess their employees’ whereabouts, distance traveled, task status, etc. Employees from their remote task locations can mark themselves as logged in. Moreover, businesses can enjoy real-time employee tracking and live workforce monitoring. Besides, they can avoid proxy attendance marking conveniently.

5. PIN System

Each employee is provided with a unique password in the form of numbers or letters. Upon feeding that password to the system, they mark their attendance. Although this method seems simple, it can be manipulated easily. For instance, employees on behalf of their absent colleagues can enter their pin. Moreover, the PIN system may not accommodate scenarios like late arrivals or early departures. That means employees who miss the window for entering the PIN may be marked absent unfairly.

6. Internet-based System

An Internet-based system is another way to keep track of employee attendance. Employees with this system, access the website and enter their unique username and password. Therein, they seamlessly clock in to take the further task. This employee attendance tracking’s disadvantage is that it needs a steady internet connection to let employees mark in/out. So, remote employees in areas with a low internet connection or zero connectivity cannot simply do attendance marking.

Optimize Field Employee Tracking Software

7. Location-based Visual Verification

In this hustling-bustling working scenario, location-based visual verification works as a knight in shining armor. This employee attendance marking method with the help of GPS technology prevents proxy attendance marking among employees and lets field managers validate their employees’ presence on the field. How? Employees upon reaching the task’s sites, click their pictures and share them with managers. These pictures cover precise information like lat-long of the place and time of capture maintaining complete transparency.


RFID (radio-frequency identification) uses radio waves and proximity sensors to identify and track people. Organizations to meet their accurate attendance marking needs provide employees with RFID badges, cards, or tags, containing an antennae or microchip. RFID reader captures employees’ attendance when they place their cards in front of it. Although RFID tracking ensures accurate clock in/out, it requires the installation of hardware readers. So, it’s not meant for remote operations.

TrackoField: Aiming to Enhance Attendance Marking & Tracking

With features such as geocoded attendance marking, biometric app login, facial recognition, location-based visual verification, geofence-enabled attendance, etc. TrackoField fully automates attendance marking, tracking, and management.

With TrackoField in place, field managers can ensure:

  • On-time arrival of staff at the task site
  • Remote attendance marking
  • Employees clock in and out with a single tap
  • Smooth payroll processing and payout disbursement
  • Shift scheduling according to complete workforce strength
  • Elimination of illegible buddy punching, time cards, and ID badges
  • Correct attendance data for quick analysis.

That’s not it!

TrackoField also consists of some additional features that go beyond just basic capabilities such as:

  1. Attendance Regularization: Aids employees submit requests to managers to correct punch-in and punch-out times.
  2. Attendance Task Linking: Allows executives to get their next task after marking attendance only.
  3. Attendance Overriding: Records employees’ attendance when they take urgent tasks on leave.

Other than this, TrackoField provides various modules in its centralized platform to let managers automate every task and get 360-degree monitoring of their field operations:

  • Leave Management System
  • Payroll Management System
  • Expense Management System
  • Task Management System
  • Order Management System

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Take it Away!

Leveraging the well-managed attendance tracking system helps reduce employees’ effort in manual attendance marking and administrative burdens. So, how about automating attendance tracking? You will have a host of features and benefits that lead to a more transparent, compliant, and productive work environment.

So, don’t you want to switch to modern and advanced attendance management software? If yes, gear up to foster a culture of accountability and streamlined business processes with TrackoField.

TrackoField is a centralized hub, providing managers and employees easy access to attendance data and reports. The system automates the entire procedure of attendance marking and lets you stay ahead of real-time employee monitoring.

Get What You Need for Automated Attendance Marking


  • What are the ways for employee attendance tracking?

    Here are significant ways to track employee attendance.
    1. Biometric
    2. Face recognition
    3. Pin System
    4. Internet-based System
    5. Location-based Visual Verification
    6. Geofence-enabled Attendance
    7. Geocoded Attendance Marking

  • What are the benefits of attendance tracking software?

    Attendance tracking software helps in
    - Getting accurate records of employees’ working hours
    - Eliminating buddy punching, time theft, extended breaks, and faulty attendance marking.
    - Providing data to assess retention rate and absenteeism trends.
    - Processing payrolls to each team member without glitches.
    - Identifying the most punctual, hardworking, and underutilized employee.

  • What are the Features of TrackoField’s attendance tracking software?

    Here are some features that you will find in TrackoField’s attendance tracking software:
    - Real-time location tracking
    - Geocoded attendance marking
    - Attendance-task link
    - Executive app
    - Smart alerts and notifications
    - Geofencing
    - Facial recognition
    - Insightful report

What are the Different Ways to Track Employee Attendance?

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