What is Last Mile Carrier Tracking? Why it Matters

Last mile carrier tracking is the basis of creating strong customer relations and helping customers get transparency surrounding their deliveries. 

The last mile delivery industry is booming, and it should reach a value of $288 billion by 20311. Considering that it at $131.5 billion in 2021, that’s growth at a CAGR of 8.13%.

This growth can be largely credited to three things:

  • The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting social distancing 
  • The boom of e-commerce platforms 
  • Technological advancement 

The end consumer is 60% more likely to shop online 2 rather than offline. And with this, increases the need to deliver quickly and more efficiently, as customers are also more likely to get dissuaded by long and unclear deliveries – which is exactly why last mile delivery and carrier tracking are important. 

What is Last Mile Carrier Tracking?

Last mile carrier tracking is a strategic process of monitoring consignments in transit from the distribution centre to the end consumer. Through this feature, customers can track the package and be aware of when they’ll receive it. 

In the world of modern last mile logistics, last mile carrier tracking is a pivotal solution that can make or break customer satisfaction and retention in the world of on-demand deliveries.  

Remember how Domino’s offers you a tracking link where you can check how far your order is in real time? That’s last mile carrier tracking. Managers and customers, both can check where the packages are in real-time – right from their offices.

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What is The Importance of Last Mile Carrier Tracking?

The biggest reason why last-mile delivery software became so popular is because it helps bridge the gap between customer expectations and delivery realities. 

In this section, let us look at the importance of last mile tracking

  • Improved Transparency: The last mile delivery efficiency is defined by how much transparency the customers are able to experience. Carrier tracking solutions allow customers to see the status of their orders, ETAs, and delays (if any), providing them peace of mind. 
  • Precise ETA: Last mile delivery tracking offers customers accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) predictions. This empowers them to plan their coming hours accordingly so they won’t have to deal with unpredictable timelines.  
  • Mitigating Delays: From the business’ point of view, when managers get to track their delivery executives and carriers in real-time, they deduce the factors causing late deliveries – which they can resolve later by optimising routes, rider choices and operations. 
  • Problem Resolution: Timely alerts allow managers to proactively tackle any issues that may arise during delivery, enhancing problem-solving and efficiency. It helps them analyse and respond to a situation, rather than reacting in haste. 
  • Improves Customer Trust: Carrier tracking helps streamline last mile operations and build custom relations and trust. Since customers can see the whereabouts of their deliveries, it is easier for them to lay back and relax.  
  • Enhancing Customer Experience: Empowering customers with the ability to track their orders elevates their overall experience, boosting brand loyalty, positive reviews and good word of mouth – leading to more future business. 
  • Operational Efficiency: Fleet managers gain insights into delivery routes and patterns, enabling optimization for efficiency and cost savings. Therefore, last mile carrier tracking helps them make stronger data-driven decisions. 
  • Inventory Management: By attaching the delivery information with the inventory – maintaining inventory is very simple. Whenever a delivery is dispatched, its content can be cut off from the inventory – ensuring the business is never unstocked. 
  • Market Differentiation: Offering last mile visibility to customers sets businesses apart from the wider market. After all, it is a valuable feature that only the best companies using a last mile tracking software offer. 

what is the importance of last mile carrier

What is the Process of Tracking Last Mile Carriers?

When final mile tracking comes with so many benefits, it only makes sense to go for it, right? If you want to do so to enhance your last mile delivery operations, here’s the process you need to follow: 

  • Integrate with Last Mile Delivery Software: The journey to tracking your packages begins with integrating carrier tracking solutions into a robust delivery management software. The software brings together all carriers under one business in one place. 
  • Assigning Unique Tracking Codes: After integration, each parcel/carrier is assigned a unique tracking code or link, which acts as a digital ID for the delivery. This code is then shared with the customer for real-time updates.
  • Carrier Initiation: When a carrier begins the delivery journey, their progress is recorded in real-time through GPS trackers duly integrated with the last mile delivery software. 
  • Real-Time Data Transmission: As carriers move, the software collects data – including location, estimated arrival times, and any deviations – and then transmits it in real-time to the software.
  • Customer Access: Customers can access the tracking information through the web link or code generated by the software. This provides them with instant insights into their order’s whereabouts.
  • Tracking Updates: Regular updates are sent to the customer, detailing the package’s progress. Customers can expect to get updates such as departure time and location, delivery attempts, and driver/carrier location. 
  • Exception Handling: If there are delays or issues during transit, the system generates alerts. These alerts prompt managers to take corrective actions and notify the customer.
  • Proof of Delivery: Once the delivery is made, the system updates the status to ‘Delivered,’ offering closure to both the customer and the business.

Everything about last mile delivery software

Challenges In Tracking Carriers in the Final Mile

If there are so many delivery tracking benefits, why isn’t everybody doing it? 

Well, there is a reason why e-commerce last mile tracking will give you a competitive edge over your competition – it also comes with a lot of challenges. Let’s look into them here: 

  • Data Accuracy: Relying on real-time data requires robust connectivity and reliable tracking technologies. Poor signal strength or inaccurate data leads to discrepancies in tracking updates. 
  • Operational Integration: Integrating carrier tracking solutions into existing delivery management systems requires technological overhauls, seamless data sharing, and staff training. Doing this is not simple for smaller businesses. 
  • Fleet Management Complexity: Managing a fleet of vehicles or carriers requires coordination, especially in urban areas with congested traffic and dynamic routes. Ensuring continuous tracking and optimising last mile routes can be challenging.
  • Privacy Concerns: Tracking customer deliveries involves collecting and sharing personal data. Striking the balance between transparency and safeguarding customer privacy can be complex. Therefore, companies must use only the most secure software like TrackoMile to strike this balance. 
  • Technological Costs: Implementing and maintaining robust last mile technology can come with significant upfront and ongoing costs, impacting the overall budget of a business.

Boost Customer Satisfaction in Last Mile With TrackoMile!

As we have established throughout this blog, last mile carrier tracking is the one feature that sets businesses apart and boosts customer satisfaction. Tracking carriers in real time also has benefits such as allowing dispatch managers to have complete visibility on the field – allowing them to be more vigilant and helping them make data-driven decisions. 

But getting all these last mile tracking advantages is only possible through a robust last mile delivery software like TrackoMile. 

If you are a last-mile delivery fleet owner or manager, you should check out TrackoMile. With its expertise in 99.9% accurate locational tracking – you will not regret your decision!

Last Mile Delivery Software

Have everything done within seconds: order sorting, route optimisation, and dispatch planning.

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What is Last Mile Carrier Tracking? Why it Matters

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