Waste Management Solution: Optimising Doorstep to Dump Yard

Simplify all fleet-centric aspects of the waste collection and distribution cycle with waste management software – get optimised solutions for the journey from door to dump yard and beyond

“There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere”

… and that somewhere is the huge dump yard you see on the outskirts of your city.

And as a waste fleet manager, you know very well that the journey from people throwing things away to someone processing and recycling them is… difficult – to say the least.

So what do you do when you have > 50 vehicles under your wing with even more staff to manage? PLUS, the pain of managing schedules and routes according to residents and trash collection windows.


Use a waste management software that covers your fleet’s and your back for every phase of the journey from door to dump yard.

Primary Challenges in Waste Management: A Need for Change

The world has 8 billion people!

Population increase = more waste = more collection points = more dump yards = waste collection difficulty level 📈

Maybe in 2010 waste collection needs might have been different – back when the global population was in the 6 billions. But as time progresses, so does the need to adapt better municipal practices.

At the current time, the waste collection and processing industry is facing some major issues, especially on the transportation front. These issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Real-Time Visibility: Every fleet manager needs complete visibility into the fleet’s location and status. With the right fleet management software, supervisors can monitor operations and make data-driven decisions on the fly. Without knowing what every vehicle is up to, how can a fleet manager make informed decisions?
  • Transportation Troubles: Transporting waste from point A to point B is anything but simple. With an ever-increasing number of collection and dumping points, the logistical aspect of waste transportation has become more complex than ever. Much more complex than a single manager can handle manually.
  • Time is of the Essence: Scheduling  can be a nightmare! Coordinating routes with the public’s trash collection windows is not easy. You need to account for when the bins are full and when your waste collection trucks can enter societies. It’s all about precision timing, my friend.
  • Overflowing Dump Yards: Every person in the waste management industry wishes for dump yards to become bottomless pits. After all, no size of space ever seems enough. It is crucial to find the right windows and coordination to know when and how to clear out sections (and which sections) of the dump yards.
  • Fleet Optimization Woes: Managing a fleet of waste collection vehicles is a difficult task in itself. Minimising costs and maximising efficiency while adhering to the unique requirements of the industry call for real-time monitoring, route optimisation, and strategic planning. Manually managing all of this is next to impossible.
  • The Environmental Conundrum: Your work helps improve the environment – reduce greenhouse gas production and whatnot; but the fuel your fleet is consuming is harming nature back. 😶 Minimise fuel consumption in your fleet to reduce the negative impact.
  • Maintenance Mayhem: Most vehicles in your fleet are doing heavy work day in and day out. They are prone to wear and tear. Especially when you have a large fleet, maintaining all of them to stay in a pristine state is next to impossible manually.

Solutions Offered By Waste Management Software

TrackoBit’s Waste Management Software Comes With Multiple Solutions

TrackoBit’s Waste Management Software’s quiver is loaded with strong solutions to tackling the challenges of waste management head-on.

  • Real-time Visibility: With TrackoBit, you’ll have complete visibility into your fleet’s status and location in real-time, at all time. No more playing hide-and-seek with your vehicles – they’ll be on your screen at all times!
  • Trip Creation: TrackoBit takes the hassle out of trip management by automatically creating trips for your vehicles. So, let TrackoBit handle the nitty-gritty of allocating and managing trips effortlessly – from managing collection windows to covering all bins.
  • Route Optimisation: Say goodbye to inefficient routes and hello to optimised journeys. TrackoBit’s route optimization feature ensures your waste collection vehicles take the most efficient routes, saving time, fuel, and frustration.
  • Custom Alerts: TrackoBit sends custom alerts for missed bins or any other notifications you’ve damaged for. No matter what aspect of your fleet you want to stay updated on, TrackoBit always has your back.
  • Sensor Integration: If the bins on the route are full, which bins are overflowing, if your vehicles have the capacity to carry more waste, how your vehicles are performing – all of these crucial questions are answered by sensors integrated into TrackoBit.
  • Driver App: Give drivers access to trip details right on their mobile devices. The driver app also enables drivers to mention any issues they see with the vehicle or face on the road seamlessly. It ensures smooth communication and efficient operations on the road.
  • Analytical Reports: TrackoBit doesn’t only collect data; it turns it into insightful insights. Leverage the power of these bite-sized analytical reports to gain actionable intelligence and make data-driven decisions.
  • Powerful Dashboard: TrackoBit’s dashboard is powerful enough to give an overall look at how your fleet is performing. You can see all the instant information you need – from vehicle status and location to ETA and distance from the next POI.
  • Geo-analysis: Identify hotspots, waste collection load patterns, and general traffic conditions through TrackoBit’s geo-analytics. All this plays a crucial role in helping you make informed decisions that will improve your fleet systems.

TrackoBit Streamlines The End-to-end Waste Management

You know this better than anybody else – transportation needs are not as simple as picking up waste from homes at any time of your pleasing and dumping it in the main dump yard. There are steps involved in several phases – each with its unique set of challenges and requirements.

Let’s look at how software streamlines the entire waste management process, from home to dumping station, dumping station to dump yard, and waste processing at the dump yard – all with unprecedented control and efficiency.

Phase 1: Home to Dumping Station

The first phase of the waste collection process is the most complicated because it involves coordinating with the residents and their convenience windows. Moreover, since this phase of waste collection also has the most pick-up points, it also needs the most supervision and route optimisation.

If you can nail down routes in Phase 1, half the battle is already won. Here’s how TrackoBit helps you optimise the first phase of this process:

  • Area Segregation: While managing the phase 1 waste collection for an entire city, make sure you divide routes block or area-wise. Why? Because this way, your vehicles will not be crossing paths inefficiently. And TrackoBit helps you bid farewell to haphazard collection routes. You can have an eagle-eye view of the city to see exactly how your fleet’s routes are divided – guiding your trucks to each doorstep with precision.
  • Route Schedule Management: When collecting waste from residential areas, maintaining operations in rhythm with the residents’ day is crucial. Your waste collection trucks can enter these societies at only specific windows – so TrackoBit builds routes and schedules in a way that all bins are emptied, all before daily life commences!
  • Easy Visibility: With so many restrictions to work with, you need to almost helicopter-parent your trucks and divers. But since you cannot do that for the sake of good management, TrackoBit’s real-time tracking comes in handy. Know where each truck is and if they are on track right from your dashboard.
  • Bin Management: Our route optimisation system builds the most optimised routes that cover all bins on the way. And just in case your trucks miss one of two, you’ll get notified instantly. Route deviation? Not possible, sir!
  • Auto Trip Creation: Yes – you need to look into way too many factors while building routes for the first phase. But TrackoBit doesn’t only help you monitor and communicate these routes – it goes a step further. It builds these trips automatically. Enter all parameters and the software’s smart algorithm will build the best routes – ready for you to check and assign.

One Solutions To Solve Challenges at All Phases

Phase 2: Dumping Station to Dump Yard

Alright! First phase conquered?

Perfect! It’s done now. Let’s focus on the next phase – the journey from the dumping station (where all the waste from an area is collected from doorsteps) to the city’s dump yard (where the waste processing happens). Much like the first phase – you will need to optimise your resources with high-precision.

Let’s see how you can achieve that precision with TrackoBit!

  • Resource-optimised Routes: Phase 1 is more about hitting all collection points and doing it on time, and phase 3 is mostly about supervision. So, it is Phase 2 where you can save the most resources – time, fuel, effort, etc. Do that with optimum route optimisation solutions that fintech shortest and quickest routes from dumping stations to the dump yard.
  • Real-Time Visibility of the Fleet: The middle step and middlemen are always the ones most expected from. Knowing where vehicles are in the second phase of waste management is the same. So, TrackoBit helps you have a live view of what each of your vehicles is doing, giving you a macroscopic view of operations.
  • Multiple Sensor Integration: Just location tracking doesn’t cut it. So, TrackoBit integrates load, fuel, and other gps tracker sensors. Install any sensor and we’ll give you valuable data.
  • Driver App: Who has the time for miscommunication and to manually assign trips to drivers? TrackoBit’s driver app displays each driver the trips assigned to them right on their phones. They can also add any updates if they need to, without the hassles of going through the more detailed admin portal.

Phase 3: Waste Processing in the Dump Yard

Finally! The waste reaches the dump yard! But this is not where your job ends. Even in the dump yard – managers have to look into how the large vehicles used for processing this waste work. Their maintenance, safety, and performance pose a big question mark in the face of basic GPS tracking.

  • Remote Controlling: You’re not on the dump yard site, but still need to control and monitor the excavators and other vehicles. This can only be done with TrackoBit – just define the metrics you want to measure – the software will give you all the information.
  • Monitoring Engine/Working Hours: Keep a close eye on your vehicles’ engine and working hours. Know if they are working to their full capacity. This data provides actionable insights into the vehicles’ maintenance needs and their  performance.
  • Performance Tracking: Stay aware of each unit’s performance in hectic work sites. From fuel efficiency to engine performance, and from component strength to maintenance requirements, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your assets.
  • Real-Time Fuel Level Updates/Graphs: Say goodbye to guesswork with TrackoBit’s real-time fuel tracking and updated reports. You’ll have clear visibility into your fleet’s  fuel consumption trends, helping you optimise resource usage and reduce costs.

Benefits of Waste Management Software

By now you have a good understanding of what challenges you likely face in the waste collection and transportation process. You also have better clarity on the different sections of your operations, and how the best waste management software can improve each.

With all that information, if you are still in doubt about adopting a waste management software for your operations, these benefits should convince you otherwise.

Let us look at the benefits a fleet management software for the waste management software brings to the table.

  • Automation: Every step of the way, ease your operations with unbeatable automation. Automate trips, schedules, assignment, supervision, alerts, and just about anything you can think of in your operations.
  • Documentation: When all operations are managed digitally, obviously everything will be well documented! Say no to any future ambiguities when all segments and actions are stored in the software – data ready to be tapped into anytime.
  • Efficiency: Improve fleet efficiency by ten folds when you have much more time focusing on supervision and strategy, rather than worrying about how you will perform all your operations manually.

Don’t Let Your Efforts Go to Waste

Waste management – The most underrated thing. If a city’s waste management goes bad – the entire city will be in chaos.

So, if your waste management goes to a toss – it’s not much different from the world ending.

So, be The Dark Knight that saves your Gotham City with the help of waste management software today! Optimise every step of the way and don’t let any of your resources go to waste. Check out TrackoBit now!

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Waste Management Solution: Optimising Doorstep to Dump Yard

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