Practical Benefits of GPS Tracking Software in Field Force Management

Practical Benefits of GPS Tracking Software in Field Force Management

Ethical employee tracking has become the latest norm in the market. In fact, if we look at any workforce management software, ethical tracking is the first thing they offer.

Field force management software has become important in the post-Covid landscape due to the boost in demand for at-home services. Therefore, the practical benefits of GPS tracking software include ensuring field executives’ safety and productivity. 

Are you wondering what challenges managers face without GPS tracking software and how they mitigate them? Let’s learn in this blog! 

On-field Challenges Without GPS Tracking System in Workforce Management Software 

Almost no team of more than three members can do without proper workforce management software. However, depending on the objectives of your workforce management software, it might or might not have a live GPS tracking system. Some field force management software just help in attendance logging and task assigning and that is definitely not enough. 

Are you wondering why GPS tracking software is so important while managing a team of field executives? Well, here are some challenges managers have to face without real-time tracking. 

1. Time and Location Management 

Location management is excessively important for managers of a remote or field team. Why? Because how else do they know where their executives are? And if they do not know where they are, how do they track their tasks, productivity, and attendance? Without knowing where an employee is, how do they know to whom to assign an urgent task? 

Moreover, when managers are not aware of locational data, it is hard to tell how long it takes for each employee to conduct particular tasks and how long it takes them in transit. These specific data sets allow managers to plan time and tasks much more realistically and efficiently in the organization. 

2. Fraudulent Attendance 

When field force management software solutions come without GPS tracking systems, they can not differentiate between real and fraudulent attendance. After all, executives can log in and log out as they please when they do not have to be physically present, right? This also lead to fake overtime or fake working days altogether. 

Fraudulent attendance or time theft is a major problem in field teams. This is mostly because these teams need to function on trust and without surveillance, there will always be loopholes.

How big a problem is time theft

3. AppropriateTask Allotment

Believe it or not, GPS tracking software can also help in effectively planning task allotment patterns. However, this is mostly necessary in case of urgent task allotment. 

When managers need to allot tasks on an urgent basis, they need to know who is available to take it. Only the executives closest to the task site will get prompted to take up the task.

Solutions Through Live Tracking by Field Force Management Software 

Live tracking really might not seem as much of an important feature. However, in this section, let us show you the benefits of GPS tracking software while maintaining a team of field executives! 

1. Smart Attendance 

Managers and organizations have the most to get from GPS tracking software in the form of smart attendance management. Geospatial and locational information can aid smart attendance by:

  • Geo-coded attendance proof 
  • Locational proof of the executive’s presence in the field 
  • Task-Attendance coordination for correct logging

When managers get even one proof of their executives’ presence on the field, they can rest assured that the attendance record they are maintaining is accurate. Smart and location-based attendance management also helps managers maintain discipline in the team. 

2. Automatic Meeting Proofs 

Other than knowing that the attendance log that managers have on the field is accurate, location tracking also helps you get task proofs. Through geospatial information, managers can tell for sure if an executive has been on all the task sites on their job sheet for the day. 

Another benefit of such location data utilization is that managers can get automatic proofs of meetings, etc. This can be done when they track the number of time executives have spent on a location. 

3. Detailed and Organized Reports 

Locational information through GPS tracking systems is necessary for the field force management software to get maximum information. It is through this information that software can create detailed reports on how each executive is performing and how long it takes them to conduct tasks. 

These organized and detailed reports on the software also give you an idea of the executives who can work best together in a specific location, etc.

Benefits of GPS Tracking Software for Field Executives

Practical Benefits of GPS Tracking Software 

By now, we have shown you the challenges managers of a team of field executives face and how GPS tracking systems obviate them. However, in this section, let us look at some practical benefits of GPS tracking software for field forces! 

1. Clearer Operations 

Naturally, the more data software will have, the better understanding it will impart to managers about the team’s functioning. When managers can clearly see executives’ whereabouts throughout the day, not just manually, but through geospatial proof, they can strategize their team functions better. 

Through locational data, managers get a clearer picture of how to manage the team and what they can do to make functions better.

2. Boosted Productivity 

There are two major reasons why real-time tracking allows for boosting productivity.

  • Managers get a good idea of each executive’s performance 
  • Executives build accountability knowing they’re being monitored 

This way, executives themselves work at their most productivity in the field, but if they don’t, managers will know. Moreover, it isn’t necessary that productivity is only lost due to fraudulence. Therefore, through locational tracking, managers will also be able to help executives get better results through different work approaches. 

3. Higher Customer Satisfaction

Field executives are the major touchpoints customers have with the company. Therefore, whether or not they’re performing well makes a significant impact on the ROI. 

It is possible for companies to generate higher customer satisfaction when executives are always on time. Managers can ensure that this happens not only through supervision but also suggesting the best possible routes between two locations that will make them more time-efficient. 

Improve Your Field Operations With TrackoField 

There are many workforce management software out there, but only some of them are as productive as TrackoField. Our platform not only offers you to-the-second accuracy through its GPS tracking systems but also helps with other field-related issues. 

To make field operations smooth, they should be implemented with compatible field force management software. So, what are you waiting for? Check out all the features TrackoField has to offer here and get started with boosted productivity right away!

Practical Benefits of GPS Tracking Software in Field Force Management

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