Time Tracking

What is Time Tracking?

Time tracking refers to the process of monitoring and recording the amount of time spent on various activities, tasks, or projects. It is a common practice in a professional environment. It is often used to improve employee productivity, analyse work patterns, and manage resources effectively.

Time tracking can be done manually using tools like timesheets or automatically through specialised software.

Why is it Necessary For Organisations to Track Employee Time?

Some compelling reasons for companies should track their employees’ time:

  • – Avoid time theft
  • – Maintain timely payments
  • – Enhance employee productivity
  • – Improve project management
  • – Gain insights into employee management
  • – Comply with labour laws

How can Employee Tracking Software Help?

Employee tracking software is of great help in employee time fracking because of the features and solutions it offers.

  • – Real time tracking
  • – Geocoded attendance
  • – Task status tracking
  • – Geofencing client sites
  • – Alerts and notifications
  • – Tasks vs achievement reports