What is an MR Reporting Software? How Does it Work?

How New-Age MR Reporting Software Works?

Explore how MR reporting software helps the pharma industry in managing tasks, workflow, time, and expenses of on-field medical representatives.

MR (medical representative) job is not as simple as it looks. They have lots to manage. Everyday they go to the fields on behalf of your pharmaceutical companies. Just to meet doctors and health experts for pitching medicines and increasing sales.

The less worrying thing for them should be to align their daily tasks, targets, or on-the-way expenses. All thanks to MR reporting software, they only have to worry about meeting sales targets.

Wondering what MR software means or how it’s helping emerging or established pharma giants streamline field staff management? Let’s understand that in this article.

What is MR Reporting Software?

MR (Medical Representative) reporting software is a specialized software application that streamlines operations of the pharmaceutical industry. It makes it easy for such industries to track locations and analyse the real-time activities and performance of medical representatives (travelling back and forth between chemists, clinics, and hospitals). 

For instance: Pharmaceutical companies like Johnson and Johnson willing to manage their sales reps can be a perfect beneficiary of MR management software.

MR software is so important as it helps healthcare or pharmaceutical companies:

  • Monitor and schedule field staff
  • Track their locational activities
  • Automate task allocation
  • Analyse & reimburse expenses
  • Manage leave and attendance
  • And lots more…

How New-age MR Reporting Software by TrackoField Work?

TrakoField offers MR reporting software that takes care of complete on-field Medical Representatives (MR) monitoring and management. 

1. Real-time Tracking & Visibility of MR

(Real-time Tracking & Visibility of MR)

MR software helps with real-time tracking and visibility of medical representatives (MRs). By using GPS technology on mobile, MR apps allow pharma industries to track and monitor the precise location and activities of MRs in the field. The purpose of such tracking is not to spy but to ensure:

  • Their current location and whereabouts
  • Current schedule they are following
  • Sales target achieved in real-time

The app also helps MRs schedule their timetable based on delegated tasks — to avoid any possible delays. All in all, it aids in medical representative monitoring in real time.

2. Remote Task Delegation

TrackoField’s MR software digitises and simplifies the process of task allocation. It provides a central console over which managers can assign tasks to any individual, a group, or even a team — in real time. 

Moreover, managers can upload multiple tasks in bulk remotely from any location, at any time. Medical reps receive a quick notification each time a new task or activity is added for them. 

No more old-school practice of calling MRs about their next schedule!

3. Simplified Order Management

Every field sales representative would love to save some time and effort in taking and approaching sales orders. The order management feature in TrackoField helps simplify, optimise, and manage the entire process from taking orders to getting them approved.

TrackoField simplest work order taking and processing for enterprises of all sizes and types, be it a brick-and-mortar store or a trillion-dollar pharma company like Pfizer.

4. Distance Travelled by MR

Distance Travelled by MR

TrackoField provides your 98% precise and accurate distance travelled report without draining your executive’s phone battery. You will get a complete report on the route covered or distance traveled by your executives during work hours — over a specified time frame.

Best part? All the distance travelled reports come with a playback option. You can play or replay the complete itinerary of your field staff and get validated on the fact that they fulfilled all the assigned tasks. 

5. Create, Upload & Archive Documents

With medical representative tracking software, the on-field sales staff get the liberty to create and upload information forms according to their task or client’s requirements. Managers can also create and share any customised forms with field executives to simplify and achieve paperless communication. 

The managers and field MRs get multiple custom field formats where they can add or edit the types of fields — as needed.

Easy Attachment & Upload Feature

TrackoField’s MR management software offers attachment options for important documents even in chat boxes and attendance areas. The documents stay archived on the app and are easy to review whenever needed.

6. Expense Management

On-field medical representatives are bound to make expenses on their way to the next appointment. Those expenses could be related to food, fuel, stationery, or any miscellaneous expenses.

The MR software comes with an in-built expense management tool that simplifies the expense claiming, approval, and reimbursement process for MRs and the management.

🧲 What more do you get?

  • Options to segregate expenses into categories
  • Option to set cap on expenditure
  • Attachment option for expense bills
  • Expense review and approval in clicks

7. Actionable Data & Insights

Actionable Data & Insights

The medical representative tracking software provides insightful reports for each process and event. It helps:

  • View the real-time receipts reports on appointments or tasks completed  – either individual-wise or team-wise.
  • Get overall performance reports of the reps and teams to identify the gaps and scope of progress.

8. Auto Attendance Marking

When you have so many field staff to manage, static timesheets won’t work. They aren’t foolproof. The MR reporting software provides an auto-attendance marking feature, where your field staff’s attendance would only be marked present when they reach their assigned chemist/pharmacist or clinic or hospitals, physically.

The MR app makes it easy for employees to mark attendance remotely with just one tap. It even helps avoid proxy attendance by offering:

TrackoField optimise field operations and MR management with geo-tagged attendance and geo-verified task delegation.

9. Automated Alerts/Notifications

Automated Alerts/NotificationsIt doesn’t just statically provide the info of the next appointment or visit but also shoots reminders prior to upcoming meetings or schedules. It even provides alerts when the executives are delaying the tasks or have somehow skipped them.

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MR Management Software FAQs

  • Who can use MR reporting software?

    MR reporting software is designed for the healthcare and pharma industry with numerous field staff. The app is handy for pharma companies wanting to remotely track and manage their sales field staff.

  • How does MR reporting software work?

    MR reporting software works by tracking MRs' live location, managing their orders, tasks, attendance, and expenses, and compiling distance travelled reports.

What is an MR Reporting Software? How Does it Work?

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