Top 7 MR Reporting Software for Pharma Industry

Best MR Reporting Software for Pharma Industry

Gain access to data and MR management and visibility with few clicks by using the best MR reporting software.

Medical representatives, or MR, are essential to the pharmaceutical industry as all sales depend on them. We are trying to say that it’s MR’s job profile to visit hospitals and clinics to connect with clients and sell medicine.

Thats it. Right?

Well no, they have targets to meet and doctors to manage, and for that, they need assistance or should we say, MR reporting software.

A tool powerful enough to help them automate and streamline challenging tasks. This will let them focus on their sales target.

And since we are talking about assistance, we are here to help you choose the best MR reporting software by writing this blog. Scroll down to know the complete deed.

What Is MR Reporting Software?

Medical representative MR reporting software is designed for the pharma industry and field employees. 

The software catches the data at every level of the job and reports it directly to managers in real-time. In addition, the software offers automation, allowing managers to track the medical representatives, tasks, timelines, and orders effortlessly. 

MR reporting software also helps with target setting, handing out tasks and instructions, and making it easy to reach MRs without hiccups. It also promotes efficient and intelligent working, which helps in increasing sales. 

Another convincing reason to use it is that it streamlines the utilisation of resources by the sales force.

Get Solutions From Our Best M R Reporting Software

Why Do Pharma Industries Need MR Reporting Software?

For pharma companies, two things are vital sales and customer relations ( this is also the case with other industries as well). Using MR reporting software makes them possible as it can make your field sales workforce productive. This is a perfect way for you to attain and retain clients and doctors.

Planning and Scheduling of MR

MR reporting software will help you plan your medical representative’s

  • Schedules and tasks
  • Plan out the sequence of visits smartly
  • Create, assign and modify the task checklist remotely

Everything is done in real-time and remotely, be it adding, removing or rescheduling doctor visits.

Informational Dashboard

Managers or superiors using MR reporting software can access an analytical and informative dashboard. This comprehensive dashboard is pure magic as it provides managers with real-time updates and metrics regarding the on-ground activities of MRs.

The managers can view the schedules, tasks status and history, location, etc. Using the Top MR reporting software has perks, as the dashboard can be customised to suit the pharma company’s requirements. The essential data and features can be brought to the forefront leaving the less important data and click at a later stage.

What Does Pharma Industry Need MR Reporting Software

Accurate MR Reporting

The time of preparing and submitting the medical representative reports can be saved using MR reporting software.

All the reports that are required and used in the pharma industry can be automatically generated in real time by the software. Reports include call reports, attendance and leave reports, doctor visits, employee activity reports, and expense reports of each MR. The software can get it done in minutes.

Using it will also eliminate waiting for quarters before drawing up the reports. Instead, the software does it in real time. In addition, the pharma company leverages software automation to get the administrative work done quickly.

Secure Monitoring of Data

Not only MRs but also data can be monitored and managed easily with medical representative reporting software. The software can effectively help in improving the pharma sales force. The locational detail of the MRs can be tracked and traced in seconds in real-time, which helps to improve and optimise their deployment further.

MR reporting software’s geotagging feature brings transparency and accountability, thus eliminating the chances of false reporting.

In addition, GPS tracking ensures that the medical representatives visit the doctors. Also, technological advancement allows you to manage your sales force activities and form monthly schedules in advance. 

List Of 7 Best Medical Representatives MR Reporting Software

When using field employee management software, you must use the best one because then only can you reap benefits. Also, using the best medical representative MR reporting software will double the benefits because there are double the features.

Since we also believe in automating the workload, we have suggested some of the most relevant MR reporting software out in the field.


TrackoField is not merely an MR reporting software that can only monitor field sales reps. But instead, it is an efficient cloud-based software that offers solutions capable of untangling all the knots of your pharma sales. Thus helping your MRs complete their tasks and easily meet targets.

It is the best medical representative reporting software because it offers many features and utilities in one place. For example, it can be your order management software and at the same time track and monitor field employees and their attendance. 

Field Operation Management: You no longer need to flex your guessing game; instead, TrackoField offers complete transparency of on-ground activities of MRs. With real-time data provided by the software, managers have much more control over the field operations.

Additionally, its automated solutions and reports help ensure client satisfaction and retention. You can work on your strategies and even instruct the employees to make changes in their pitch by reading the auto-generated reports. 

Order Management: Major part of winning over clients and the job role of the medical representatives is to sell as many medicine units as possible. To make their job easier alongside promoting order management, TrackoField offers an order management solution. MRs, through the app, can take orders on the go, which will be visible to the managers instantly.  

Medical Representative Support: TrackoField is not just meant for monitoring but also focuses on the requirements of the MRs. It offers automation and features like an in-built chat box and an employee-centric app. Through it, they can connect with managers in case of queries. In addition, the software is cloud-based, allowing medical representatives to access data anytime, anywhere. 


Ammras is an innovative MR reporting tool. Using it, sales representatives can access the right data at the right time. It gives life sciences companies insights, clarity, and guidance to deliver the correct information. The software does so by:

E-Detailing System: Through it, MRs can prepare and present captivating presentations to clients in a few clicks. Additionally, you can attach facts and deep analytics to your client interaction with it.

Simplify the Target: The software helps the sales force recognise potential clients and doctors. Through the Pharma Survey Module and its analysis part, MRs can identify the potential in the market and the clients willing to use them.

Sales Babu

Sales Babu is a CRM software used in the pharma industry. Using it, you can cover many customer-related processes essential to the pharma industry. It allows pharma companies to improve their strategies and structure. The data management done using it can help your employees while dealing with their clients lucratively.

Doctor Management: Managing appointments with doctors is easy with this software. It helps to maintain a list of doctors, their specialities, contact numbers, visit timings, products, etc., in the master database.

Sales Force Automation: Pharma companies should constantly optimise their sales strategies and resources to increase their ROI. Pharma sales force automation software streamlines sales activities by timely delegating tasks, real-time reporting, and follow-up reminders.


Salestrip SFA is a notable Pharma CRM software. This software specialises in sales force automation and effectiveness software. The software ensures that all activities related to sales reporting comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Custom-built Analytics Dashboard: It will provide powerful insights to MRs, which will help in increasing their sales. Through the information, MRs will be able to connect with more leads, and managers will be able to track real-time activities.


Marg MR reporting software is all about increasing the productivity of medical representatives. Through its sales force automation software, MR can submit DCR online with details, orders booked and products discussed, etc.

Product Order Booking: Marg provides a well-structured product order booking system to ensure efficient sales activities and increase customer satisfaction.

Primary and Secondary Sales: It automates and monitors primary and secondary sales, which entails interaction with the doctors and different sales points.


Gofrugal is designed in a manner that will not only bring ease of managing of MRs but also bring effectiveness to the employee’s dealing as well. With Gofrugal hierarchy of teams can be customised like area sales manager and regional sales manager for approvals.

Track Approvals: MRs can track real time status of approvals and view pending approvals of sales orders on the mobile app. Even track the status of each sales order on the app as well as in the POS system.

Customer Management: With the remoteness of Gofrugal MRs can create new customer profiles and save addresses. Furthermore, you can segregate your customers based on region, and district and even assign separate MR for each doctor or clinic for a better experience.


SaneForce will push your medical representatives’ efficiency to the next level. It is a pharma reporting software that utilises automation technology and eliminates manual efforts. It automates offline reporting and is compatible with all call-reporting software.

Journey Plan Scheduling: Managers can manage each MR’s schedules using automation. This will greatly reduce manual paperwork, which speeds up the procedure.

Expense and Claim Management: MRs using the software can rapidly record, claim, and authorise charges on the fly. Managers can keep track of costs and claim effortlessly, thanks to SaneForcel.

Why Should You Choose TrackoField for MR Reporting Software?

When you invest in MR reporting software, it is clear that you are looking to scale your pharma company by helping your MRs sell more. And it is also clear to you that you will need assistance from an MR reporting software to achieve this.

This is because managing employees that shoulder the weight of increasing the revenue of the business and customer satisfaction is increasingly necessary.

But what is more necessary is automation which will help your employees stay productive and not be riddled with repetitive tasks.

TrackoField offers automated solutions like geocoded leave and attendance management, eliminating the need to commute to the office daily. Instead, medical representative attendance gets automatically marked once they reach their first task location.

Another solution, task management, helps bring transparency as the managers track their employees’ assigned task status in real-time. They can schedule visits remotely and in advance. Reminders and notifications of upcoming meetings are a part of the monitoring process without mentioning them.

TrackoField Offers

No matter what, we cannot ignore the importance of order management in the pharma industry. With an order management solution, MRs can take orders remotely, view product lists, and apply discounts without contacting superiors. Furthermore, since the orders are visible to managers as well, they can track the progress all along.

Not to forget reporting. TrackoField is perfect for report management as 

  • It auto-generates real-time reports with accurate data. 
  • These reports are customisable. 

TrackoField’s solutions are completely customisable and easily integrated with other existing software. And as your pharma company grows, so does the capacity of TrackoField as an MR reporting software.

It’s Time To Amp Up Your MR Game with TrackoField!

The key to winning over doctors and clients and increasing your sales profit is – MRs. 

Now you might be thinking – haha, easier said than done! 

Well, it is. Believe us when we say that your sales force can lucratively interact with more doctors daily with the right medical representative reporting software (possibly TrackoField).

Don’t believe us- why not schedule a demo

Top 7 MR Reporting Software for Pharma Industry

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