Field Force Management: Key to Employee Accountability

Employee Accountability Key to Successful Field Operation

Real-time insights are the key to achieving accountability for your field operation. Use field force management software to gain access to the metrics.

There are two important facets to accountability- communication, and visibility. And both are difficult to achieve if you are looking to manage your field employees manually.

Regular communication lets you check on them and help them whenever necessary. But what you might not have considered is how field force management software can increase accountability among your field employees.

With the right field force management software, managers can access all the essential data and metrics without asking for it. This is where visibility comes in. With proper visibility comes accountability, as the reps know you can view their activities.

What Is Field Force Management and How Does It Help With Accountability?

Field force management refers to managing employees and resources used outside the company’s property. This entails tracking, scheduling, dispatching, and reporting. But most importantly, management is required in every aspect of field operations. Only then can they achieve success.

Conversely, improper field force management can lead to customer disappointment, low productivity, and misuse and wastage of resources. But with the field force management software, all this falls together, allowing managers to streamline field operations.

How to Measure and Track Field Sales Team Performance

One of the most crucial aspects of field force management is accountability, which benefits managers and employees. Managers need accountability to prevent the adverse outcomes of failed field operations. And employees need accountability to be assured that their work is visible to the managers.

But with the integration of field force management software, accountability comes naturally. This is because the software, the two parts of accountability – communication and visibility converge.

Features like an inbuilt chat box allow managers and field employees to connect lucratively.

First, it makes it easy for employees to ask their queries directly to the concerned person. This leaves them with no excuse not to perform the task expertly.

Second, the software’s live tracking provides managers with real-time information. This eliminates the need to call the employees for task updates and status constantly.

Thus investing in field force management software is a wise and valid need.

How The Field Force Management Software Benefits Your Business

For field managers, visibility is important, and for field reps, accountability is essential. But that is not all; field force management offers far more benefits.

Visibility and Accountability

One of the main benefits of using field force management software is the visibility and accountability it brings in. GPS tracking and geo-tagging are two ways the software enhances visibility for managers which in turn is accountability for employees. This is beneficial because when your employees know that each activity is being acknowledged, they will willingly exceed expectations.

Real-Time Metrics and Tracking

The field force management software is a big help in gaining real-time tracking information of remote employees and monitoring team activities. Remote tracking allows managers even to track the bandwidth and productivity of each employee. This helps in assigning emergency tasks. Furthermore, the system tracks and records the route the reps take.

Benefits of Field Force Management Software

Enhanced Productivity

Through the software, tracking the employee’s work time and progress becomes possible. This helps increase productivity and helps foster an effective workforce.

Moreover, through its automated features like geocoded attendance and leave, custom forms, digitisation of documents, bulk task upload, etc., employees get more time to focus on the more important work instead of draining away time and effort on mundane and repetitive tasks.

Enhanced Efficiency and Flexibility

The system allows managers to handle glitches and problems efficiently as they are aware of the metrics. With the help of auto-generated real-time reports, managers know each employee’s potential and productivity. This prompt action can save you from losing out on big deals and clients.

And since the field force management software is designed to promote remote working, all the functions are readily available in the dual app for managers and employees.

Automation of Mundane Tasks

Field force management software successfully utilises automation to help field employees by automating challenging or repetitive tasks.

 For example, features like bulk task upload automates task assigning, which can help save a lot of time for managers and employees. Unlike the manual method, which is full of errors and time-consuming.

Field Force Management Important Features to Keep in Mind

No size fits all; the same goes for field force management software. For example, a door-to-door sales and marketing company’s requirements differ from a company offering AC servicing. And TrackoField understands this, so it offers elastics customisation of its solutions and features.

Attendance and Leave Management

Only the best field force management software, like TrackoField, is capable enough to provide geocoded attendance. Through it, the presence of the field reps gets automatically marked once they reach their first task location. This eliminates the need for employees to commute to the office daily just to mark their presence. Furthermore, chances of buddy punching, time theft, and faulty attendance get reduced.

As for leave management, remote employees can apply for leave from the field through the software’s app. The request is visible to managers, who, too, can react to it remotely. In addition, they have an analytical dashboard to view the employees’ history and upcoming leaves.

Live Tracking and Updates

Since field force management software brings visibility and accountability into the field operation, real-time tracking is a crucial part of it. The system tracks employees’ whereabouts live; thus, the managers no longer need to call reps for updates.

Task Management Solution

With features like bulk task uploading, managers can assign tasks and schedules one month in advance. The same is visible to employees on their field employee app daily. This helps to bring clarity into their work as they know exactly where to go and do what.

Additionally, managers can track each field employee’s task list and follow the status of tasks. This further helps to bring accountability into their work.

Improve Accountability by Tracking Employee's on Field-Activities

In Built Chat Box

As stated before, communication is one of the main components of accountability, and that is reason enough to provide an in-built chat box. The managers and employees lucratively discuss tasks, doubts, or queries through it. It also helps send broadcast messages and share videos, texts, voice notes, and pictures.

Remote Reimbursement Process

To keep your remote workforce motivated, it’s crucial to incentivise them by providing them with quick and easy methods for raising reimbursement claims. They can do it remotely by uploading the amount or bill photos on the app. The claim request will be visible to the concerned managers to approve or override.

The employees no longer need to save and deposit bills in the accounts department. Nor do they need to constantly inquire as they can track the status of their claim request in live on the app.

Analytical Reports

Metrics are important if you want visibility in your field operations; what better way than real-time analytical reports to provide that visibility? These reports are automated and display accurate data on the entire operation and of all the field employees. This helps to measure the productivity and performance quality of the employees.

Bring In Accountability With TrackoField

Communication and visibility: the two main parts of accountability can easily be achieved; all you have to do is adopt a field force management system. Through it, managers have access to real-time metrics and tracking, which will bring in visibility, and as for communication, it is being achieved through features like an in-built chat box.

TrackoField is field force management software bound to suit your every need because its technically advanced solutions and features can be customized to match all your needs.

Field Force Management: Key to Employee Accountability

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