10 Best Mileage Tracking Apps For 2024

10 Best Mileage Tracking Apps For 2024

Are you looking for the best mileage-tracking app? Our guide here lists out the 10 best mileage tracking software for you to choose from.

For businesses regularly dealing with reimbursing, tracking and verifying mileage expenses, it is crucial for them to have an accurate and trustable mileage tracking apps. This will allow them to leverage tax savings and reimburse the correct amount. This is crucial for cost management.

But with so many mileage tracking platforms in the market, choosing the one that suits your business best can get tough. But worry not; TrackoField is here to make it easy for you. Here is a list of the top 10 best GPS mileage tracking platforms that are topping the charts.

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Mileage Tracking App- What is it?

GPS mileage tracking app is a platform or application that helps businesses accurately record and manage their vehicles’ mileage. Through GPS technology, the software automatically tracks and records the distance travelled by any vehicle. This makes it easier to reimburse and calculate mileage expenses for tax deduction and cost management.

The mileage tracking software also comes with expense tracking features, which help streamline employee mileage and business expenses.

GPS tracking is not sufficient for efficient mileage tracking; the app must have many other features for businesses to take advantage of:

  • Route Planning
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Trip Replay

Best 10 GPS Mileage Tracking Apps – Worth Exploring

1. TrackoField

TrackoField - Track Miles Travelled Accurately

TrackoField is a comprehensive field employee tracking software that helps with accurate real-time mileage tracking for any conveyance used by field forces. The software comes with precise distance travelled reports that automatically calculate the total distance and mileage covered by vehicles. In the software, just specify the per kilometre or mile allowance you provide – and you are good to go. It makes the reimbursement process easy.

Following that, It comes with an executive app allowing employees to mark their attendance and log out remotely, facilitating even better mileage tracking. Also, managers have centralised control, allowing them access to trip replay and geofencing.

More than that, this one-stop platform offers complete visibility of field staff with effortless employee management tools such as real-time GPS tracking, task management, order management, and comrehensive expense management solutions.

Top Features of TrackoField Mileage Tracking App:

Executive App: TrackoField comes with an executive app that allows field employees to mark their attendance through geo-sensitive features, gain complete information on their daily tasks remotely, apply form reimbursement claims, and maintain communication with the in-office staff. 

Expense Management: This feature of TrackoField is helping businesses streamline their reimbursement process with ease. Employees can upload their claim requests and proofs remotely; managers are notified of the same. Also they have the option to put a cap on the reimbursement amount.  

2. Timeero


If you are looking to manage employees and their travelled miles, then Timeero can be your app. With its simple and user-friendly UI/UX, travelling employees/drivers and managers can create separate profiles and clock in remotely to enable GPS mileage tracking. Currently, Timeero tracks mileage with  99% accuracy.

Additionally, Timeero tracks time and mileage through a mobile app that works both online and offline. Besides this, you require no additional software or hardware to track your employees’ mileage. 

Top Features of Timeero Mileage Tracking App:

Geofencing: Timeero uses geofencing to alert managers when their employees clock in or out of bounds or when they enter and leave the area.

One-Click Reports: Accurately generate mileage reports that can be exported to payroll software to automate the reimbursement process.

3. SherpaShare- Best for Rideshare Drivers

SherpaShare- Best for Rideshare Drivers

If you are a freelancer or self-employed driver who hires field employees or drivers, then SherpaShare is your ideal mileage tracking software. There is no need for logging in and out in Sherpashare to track miles. Instead, it automatically starts creating mileage logs as soon as the vehicle is on the move.

Currently, SherpaShare has 96.6% accuracy. Delivery drivers who work for themselves and independent contractors can also track their travel expenses using Sherpashare. Additionally, driver-to-driver communication makes it simpler to have in-the-moment real-life conversations regarding problems with other drivers, such as traffic or accidents.

4. Everlance


Everlance mileage tracking app is adaptable to all companies, whether small, medium, or large scale. It is user-friendly and automates mileage tracking. Not only that, but it even tracks gas mileage and other expenses. Allowing you to sync your credit card or bank account for automatic deduction and management.

Additionally, Everlance has the option to customise approval workflow to avoid paying for personal expenses.  The Everlance GPS mileage tracking app has a Tax Vault feature that presents you with relevant tax forms for tax concession.

Top Features of Everlance Mileage Tracking App

Automatic Stop Detection: The app intelligently recognises when employees start and stop driving and tracks trips in the background.

Expense Tracking: It automatically keeps track of all the expenses, classifies them into personal and professional and also has the option to calculate mileage returns.

5. Hurdlr


Hurdlr is a robust mileage tracker app that delivery drivers and gig workers can easily use. For the purpose of tracking operating costs, mileage, and expenses, the software can identify precise results and synchronise them with your company’s financial ecosystem.

The mileage tracker can automatically detect movement when the vehicle starts and stops. Because of the software’s simplicity, your delivery drivers can adjust to the new configuration. It automatically identifies repeating trips and tags them. 

They must activate their internet connectivity and GPS to guarantee that the mileage app can extract the intended business results. The app can be seamlessly integrated with a financial application for precise expense tracking.

Top Features of Hurdlr Mileage Tracking Software

Categories Tracking: Employees can create personal categories for mileage tracking, like medical purposes or business purposes. No need for a separate log or account. 

Track Expenses: Besides miles, you can also track expenses and tax deductions for your business.

6. Fyle


Fyle is a Google-powered mileage tracking software. All you have to do is enter the starting point and final destination, and the system automatically calculates distance and cost based on differential mileage rates. 

Fyle’s miles tracker allows employees to duplicate or automate a recurring mileage expense submission in case employees repeatedly use the same route (eg, home to office and back). It makes it easier for your employees to log multi-stop mileage expenses.

When an employee adds a stop to the mileage form, Fyle automatically calculates the distance and amount for easy and quick submissions. 

Top Features of Fyle Mileage Tracking App

Multi-stop Mileage: When the employee adds an additional stop in the mileage form, Fyle calculates the distance and amount for you.

Per Diems: You can create multiple per diem rates with different currencies, and users can choose the appropriate ones.

7. MileIQ


MileIQ is a good choice as mileage tracking software for individuals or small businesses, but only for those dependent on manual tracking systems. This software works in the background, collecting accurate mileage logs automatically and segregating them into categories,

In addition to saving frequently used routes, this business mileage app automatically generates precise weekly and monthly mileage reports. You don’t need to search any farther for an app that tracks miles exclusively.

Top Features of MileIQ Mileage Tracking App

Set Work Hours: Setting work hours automatically classifies work-related mileage. 

Add Multiple Vehicles: MileIQ makes it easy to track every mile for every vehicle.

8. Triplog


Triplog is an efficient GPS-based mileage tracking application that automatically tracks mileage, making mileage reimbursement and keeping a mileage log for taxes easy.  

This automated business mileage tracker features data reporting that complies with tax laws, frequent trip rules, and route planning. Additionally, it tracks business and personal mileage independently.

The free version of the mileage tracker includes manual mileage tracking that can handle 40 entries of expenses or mileage with tolls and parking logging.

Top Features of Triplog Mileage Tracking App

Easy Trip Classification: In the TripLog mileage tracker app, you can categorise your drives as personal or business with just one simple swipe. In order to automatically categorise your trip according to your schedule, you can also set work hours.

Tax-Compliant Mileage Reports: With just one swipe, you can mark your drives as personal or business in the TripLog mileage tracker app. You can also specify your work hours, which will allow your trip to be automatically classified based on your schedule.

9. Gridwise


A mileage tracking app called Gridwise was created for delivery and ridesharing drivers. Gridwise tracks mileage and makes it easy to track earnings and expenses, which can help you save money come tax season.

No matter what gig platform you drive for, use the integrated mileage tracker to track all the miles you put on your car for work. Download your saved miles into a report to save thousands on taxes during tax season.

Top Features of Gridwise Mileage Tracking App

Discover the best times and places to drive: This is a good feature for ridesharing companies and drivers, and it suggests the most profitable times and places to drive.

Track Earnings and Expenses: Gridwise syncs with your existing apps to track mileage, earnings and expenses.

10. Stride


Stride is a great option for businesses as it tracks mileage automatically and prepares tax-compliant reports to help with the tax filing process. It is a simple and user-friendly app.  

This mileage monitoring program creates IRS-compliant mileage and other deduction records and provides professional assistance in locating potential tax savings.

Top Features of Stride Mileage Tracking App

Pocket Friendly: Stride is free to use.

Set Reminders: It has the feature to set reminders to log trips.

What is the Importance of Using Mileage Tracker Apps?

With minimal human intervention, an effective business mileage tracking app automates the entire process and aids in financial management for both employees and businesses. 

Furthermore, it

  • Allows mileage and expense reimbursements with ease
  • Keeps accurate mileage records for tax deductions.
  • Gives current information on travel and business costs.
  • Gives finance teams access to a central dashboard for spending insights.
  • Removes the possibility of costly errors and inflated or fraudulent expenses.

Automated business mileage trackers also assist in removing fraudulent or noncompliant claims, ensuring that companies are always prepared for audits. They can actually contribute to a 5x reduction in reimbursement cycles.


Using a mileage tracking app is of big use for businesses that employ remote employees or are vehicle-dependent. Tracking accurate miles ensures error-free reimbursement. The app goes a step ahead and automates the process of mileage tracking and compiling detailed IRS-compliant records, which is beneficial for business mileage tax deductions.

TrackoField is a holistic employee tracking software that offers mileage tracking for further ease of operation and enhanced visibility. It even allows businesses to geofence task location, automatically track mileage, Streamline expense management and detailed distance travelled reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Should Use Mileage Tracking Apps?

    Anyone who employs:
    -delivery or rideshare driver for a platform
    -gig worker who drives between jobs,
    -real estate agent
    -sales rep
    -wedding photographer
    -truck driver
    -food or beverage distributor
    -basically, anyone who drives for business!
    Using mileage tracking software allows companies to monitor their employees’ miles travelled and reimburse fuel expenses accurately.

  • Which is the best mileage tracking software?

    When selecting the best mileage tracking software, it is important to look for key features such as:
    -Mileage tracking automation
    -Classification of trips
    -Data reports
    -Expense reimbursement
    -Geofencing and real-time tracking

10 Best Mileage Tracking Apps For 2024

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