Benefits of Field Staff Location Tracking Software (Verify Visits & Tasks Done)

Benefits of Field Staff Location Tracking Software Locate Your Staff Across Job Sites

Discover how field staff location tracking software verifies client visits, informs about task status, and reduces employee idling. 

Field employees work across diverse job sites. Some work as workers in complex mining sites, and some work as technicians for reputed electronic companies. All job roles have one thing in common: they all perform in the field.

And when there is constant commuting from the central office to the client site, it’s important for field managers to gauge their staff’s actions all live. Earlier, it wasn’t possible as your staff would easily make excuses or lie about visiting the client during the assigned time.

This was why we had to discover a solution that could help track staff’s live location and task status—but all that without breaching their privacy or micromanaging them. So that’s why we now have field staff location tracking software. The software tracks live job status and movements across job sites from a safe distance (And yes, of course, by taking your staff’s consent).

If you haven’t invested in field employee location tracking apps or are in bouts of doubt about whether to go for it or not, we have listed all the reasons why you must get it.

At the bottom, we will also discuss which field staff location tracking software can be your hero choice. So stick around.

Benefit of Field Staff Location Tracking Software

7 Benefits of Field Staff Location Tracking Software (Locate Staff Across Client Site for Job Completion)

Explore how tracking field employee location through software is worth the money.

1. Verifies Client Visits and Job Completion

The most sought-after field employee tracking software helps you keep up with your staff’s locational movements. It shows when they arrive at the client site and when they complete tasks. You get to watch your executive’s complete journey in a day, clearly explaining which executive is running on time or which one is behind schedule.

2. Automates Time & Attendance Data Recording

Manually compiling attendance and working hours data can be risky and time-consuming. Imagine writing 1000 instead of 100 while distributing the salary. The most sought-after field staff location tracking software is ingrained with features to compile accurate attendance and working hours data into digital timesheets.

The centralised system effortlessly captures employees’ time and location when they start or end their shifts. When you choose breakthrough software like TrackoField, you get the option to activate the geofence time tracking feature. This feature auto-marks the attendance whenever your staff enters or exits the defined job site.

3. Detects Idling Staff (Know when they stop abruptly)

When you locate or track your staff, you also get to detect the patterns when they are idling or simply roaming haywire. This eliminates wasteful work hours and prevents paying for unproductive hours.

The field employee tracking software is adept at analysing movement patterns and duration spent in a particular location. If your field staff is inactive for an extended period or remains stationary for too long, is not actively engaged in the tasks, and is simply waiting, the system will flag this as idle time.

As a manager, you can carefully analyse these events of prolonged idling. And based on that, you can optimise resource allocation and make decisions to ensure your field staff is making the most effective use of their time while on duty.

Track Every Client Visit or Unscheduled Stop With TrackoField

4. Playback Route History (for accurate mileage reimbursement)

The field staff location tracking software/app comes equipped with a field employee distance calculator tool that gives you access to present as well as historical route data of your staff. With it, you can look at the past to identify:

  • How does your staff cover the assigned routes exactly?
  • Which client did he go to and for how long (was he chit-chatting with one client?)?
  • Which route did your staff take — was it other than what was assigned?
  • Total distance travelled or mileage to help you pay the travel allowance better.

Accessing this information through field employee tracking software helps you better judge your employees’ abilities and performances. You can highlight the staff that’s depleting your revenue instead of adding to it.

5. Updates About Tasks in Action (or when they are done)

Field staff location tracking software tracks which job sites your staff successfully navigated, with complete timestamps of arriving and leaving the job site. It gives you a quick heads-up each time the assigned task is untouched, in progress, or simply done.

You get details on when the task started and when it was finished. Trust us, this is the best way to judge your individual staff’s performance and efficiency. You can use this data to restructure your team in the future if need be.

Best Part? When you choose TrackoField’s field employee tracking software, along with task updates, you get target vs achievement reports too – detailing how many tasks were actually assigned and out of them how many were actually completed. You can view this data team-wise and for individual staff — effortlessly.

6. Have SOS Feature (to rescue field staff from complicated sites)

Locate and Rescue Your Staff with the SOS Button

Location tracking software not only helps highlight the current location of your staff but also sends alerts whenever your employees’ safety is compromised. The software has an SOS button feature that executives can press in case they are stuck in a malfunctioning vehicle or have met with an accident while working in a risky mining site.

It’s like a safety net for field staff who are working in remote or isolated areas with risks of danger. Whenever there is an emergency, this feature enables managers to quickly locate and assist their staff and get them aid as fast as possible.

7. Simplifies Job Scheduling  & Dispatching

We know you want more. Wouldn’t it be like the cherry on top to invest in field staff tracking software that tracks your staff’s location?

Modern field staff location tracking software/app is an all-encompassing field force management software that helps manage your staff’s shift and job schedule too. The software is adept in planning and assigning invariable shifts you run your organisation with.

Moreover, it lets you assign job schedules with task details, timelines, and job priority to your diverse and scattered workforce without confusion and complexity.

Monitor Your Field Staff Throughout The Work Day

Final Thoughts on Benefits of Field Staff Location Tracking!!!

Underlooking the need for field staff location tracking software is a mistake. By not investing in it right away, you will miss out on a lot of things. You will not know where your staff is (or was), on which days he worked on which tasks, and for how long. Plus, you will not know when they took lengthy unscheduled pit stops (yes, you can track that too).

When it becomes clear that field staff location tracking software for field teams is an unskippable need, the next question that hovers is, “Where to find the best one?”. We get it and that’s why we bring in a robust, ready-to-configure field staff location software that simplifies your tracking and administrative tasks like a real admin.

Did you hear, we are giving a free trial? Why don’t you opt for it and test the product?

Benefits of Field Staff Location Tracking Software (Verify Visits & Tasks Done)

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