Why Pest Control Companies Need Field Service Management Software?

For pest control companies, it is crucial to resolve tickets and offer expert services as fast as possible and with the help of field service management software, it is possible.

A pest-free home is a happy home.

Homes are for humans and not for rodents and pests. Doing away with them can be life-saving, literally. But mere mortals like you and us cannot deal with this. We must call upon the unsung heroes- the pest control experts to fight and eliminate infestation. 

For pest control companies to offer quick services, they have to use field service management software. It allows you to streamline operations and lets pest control experts focus on killing termites and blood-sucking bed bugs. 

Read this article if you are a pest control company looking for ways to win over customer satisfaction and be an expert in the field.

What is Pest Control?

Pest control is the practice of managing and eliminating pests, such as rodents, insects, termites, bed bugs and other unwanted and unwelcomed guests. It can be required in a home, apartment building, restaurant or commercial property.

This is the job of professional pest control technicians who employ various techniques and chemicals for containing and eliminating contamination and even deploy future preventive measurements.

What is a Field Service Management Software?

Field service management software designed for pest control companies offers solutions to streamline operations, enhance efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. The system provides multiple functions, such as scheduling, managing, and integration into pre-existing systems. These automated solutions allow pest control companies and technicians to manage their employees and tasks effectively. 

Expert Guide to Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software and Pest Control Software- A Success Story

Company name: Bug Busters Ltd

Bug Buster company is a professional pest control company that is scaling and growing in various parts of the company. Managing its growing workforce has become difficult, and it faces certain challenges. The company has realised that it needs to streamline its field operations and look for software that will help it answer/ resolve its tickets faster. 

Also, it needs to automate allocating and sorting through the tickets raised because having a CRM system is just not enough. 

This is where the field service management software comes in. Bug Busters can manage their employees and operations much more efficiently through it. This is because the solutions allow the pest control technicians to be more productive and help eliminate the rodents faster. 

No more repetitive distress calls from customers.

FSM for Pest Control Company

Here is how the software works:

  1. Automation of the Process

The very first step is investing in field service management software that can easily be integrated into the pre-existing CRM software. This helps to automate the process of answering and sorting through tickets and databases. 

The CRM software keeps track of the customers’ contact information, service history and payments. With an FSM in place, it streamlines appointment scheduling and eliminates issues like double booking, misplacing handwritten notes, etc. It automatically assigns tasks to technicians and notifies customers about upcoming bookings, follow-up inspections and treatments. 

The software helps organise the booking details in the database and calendar, allowing the pest control business to assess inquiries efficiently.

  1. Geo-coded attendance management software

After auto-assigning the job, the second step would be for pest control technicians to set out for their jobs. They need not come to the office just to mark their attendance. The field service automation software allows them to mark their attendance remotely when they reach their task location.

Visual verification is also an option offered within the software where the employees have to send in a picture stamped with real-time coordinates and time. 

  1. Accountability and Visibility with Task Management Features

Pest control is usually not just a day’s job or a single person’s task. The task begins with someone reaching out to the client for the job. The second would be inspection and preparing the property for treatment. This could include moving out un-infected items and taking proper precautions. 

The third step is the treatment itself. The fourth would be cleaning out the infestation, followed by setting up preventive measures and scheduling preventive inspections to prevent infestation again.

Here is how the task management feature is helping.

Group Task

Group task feature is necessary for pest control business as it requires multiple steps for taking care of infestations and is a job of several people. This feature has different task statuses for every person in the group task. 

Group of Tasks

This feature helps look into the real-time task status:

  • When the task is un-attempted or incomplete, it shows task status as either assigned or rescheduled.
  • If the task is in progress or incomplete, the status is shown as in progress and incomplete.
  • When the task is completed, it is shown as finished or completed.

This helps in easier collaboration.

Location and Time Check

Pest control requires using pesticides and other chemicals to get rid of infestation. It is always advisable to do it during certain hours. For this, location and time check is best as employees can only start and end at the assigned location and time.

Flexible Task Assigning

Pest control is a job that has many smaller jobs, including equipment, chemical and safety gear checks, and clearing out the house before and cleaning after the treatment. Technicians can assign and edit tasks themselves. This helps with accountability.

Task v/s Achievement Reports

To better understand how your pest control team is performing, field service management software offers task assigned vs. achievement reports. You get details of how many services were offered, the time taken to complete them and much more. 

Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking allows managers to keep track of technicians and their activities. You get to track not only their location but also get automatic job progress updates live.

Live Dashboard and Analytical Reports

The software includes a live dashboard that comprehensively overviews your team’s activities, such as job status, location, and performance metrics. You even get customisable real-time reports that can be diced up according to the requirements. All this helps to make informed decisions.

Built-in chat box

FSM software offers an inbuilt chat box within the employee app, which helps with better coordination and communication among the field team. Also, you can share documents, pictures and videos for advice and help. The best part is that since it is built, employees do not have to struggle with multiple platforms to operate.

Summing Up!

For sure, pest control companies will win customer satisfaction as field service management software helps resolve tickets faster. It also allows managers to manage field operations and teams effortlessly with complete visibility through its automated solutions.

TrackoField is a field service automation software best known for its automated solutions and the level of customisation it offers. Using it will optimise and streamline the company’s workflow.

Why Pest Control Companies Need Field Service Management Software?

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