What Are The Benefits of Waste Management GPS Tracking Software?

Waste management Gps tracking software helps improve operations’ efficiency, and fleet managers can automate and streamline task assigning.

Ever wondered how the dumpster and streets get cleaned so systematically every morning?

No, it’s not the job of Santa’s elves but waste disposal fleets to systematically clean up the cities and lanes. Also, to ensure proper waste handling and timely collection of dumpsters.

But how do fleet managers do it? After all calling up your drivers and micromanaging every step is not an efficient idea. Neither will it help in upscaling the fleet’s and driver’s performance. Also, companies indulging in waste disposal fleets have to ensure somehow that their vehicles do not add to the pollution and are eco-friendly at the same time.

Walks in with Swagger – waste management tracking software.

What is a Waste Management Gps Tracking Software?

As the name suggests – it is software that uses GPS tracking to monitor waste disposal fleets. But that is not all, as the waste fleet monitoring system comes with a whole convoy of solutions that helps enhance the fleet’s management and performance.

Solutions such as:

Real-time Locations and Activity Tracking

Gain accurate real-time locational and activity status on the waste disposal fleet with waste management gps tracking.

Route Planning and Optimisation

Ensure that the waste disposal vehicles follow the most efficient route, completing the task asap and never missing out on a dustbin/home by optimising the vehicle routes. The software automates trip creation and allocation.

Video Telematics for Live Streaming

Using dashcams will provide visual visibility of the fleet. This will ensure that drivers are not distracted, and all the KPIs of waste management are met. Also, it helps detect vehicles bumping into bins or driving recklessly with the help of the dashcams facing the road and the drivers.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Guarantee driver and waste safety through driver behaviour monitoring solutions while collecting and unloading waste disposal bins. Also, avoid garbage spills due to harsh driving, taking detours and going around the city with garbage filed cans.

Analytical Reports

Get diagnostics and engine data in real-time analytical reports. Dispatch no faulty or underperforming waste management vehicle. The reports let you identify the faults in the operations before they become severe with the help of preventive analysis and maintenance for vehicles. You get complete insights into driver behaviour, route and trip-related analytics.

What are The Benefits of Waste Management Gps Tracking Software?

Waste management gps software is of great help regarding waste management. Not only does it help to ensure the proper handling and transportation of the waste, but it also makes the entire fleet operation efficient, productive and cost-effective. There are multiple benefits of employing the software, such as:

Reducing Time and Resource Consumption

Time is money, and companies involved in managing waste disposal fleet tracking and operations are constantly trying to ensure that the waste is collected, dumped, treated and recycled timely; otherwise, there is a high chance of spread of infection and diseases.

They do so by tracking and putting route planning and optimising to good use. Route optimisation suggests the shortest routes for collecting and dumping waste.

Additionally, the software is great for reducing the cost of operations. Fuel is the biggest contributor to the expenses. The software reduces its consumption by route optimisation and idling detection. Furthermore, the software automates many manual processes, which are both time and cost-consuming.

Ensuring Compliance with Regulations and Safety Standards

Hospital waste, radioactive or toxic waste all have to be handled and transported properly while following the safety and handling rules and regulations suggested by the government. The waste management gps tracking software helps to confirm this by tracking and monitoring the fleet in real-time.

Also, its video telematics and driver behaviour solutions ensure that drivers follow all the guidelines and safety measures, like wearing gloves and face masks while picking and emptying the bins. Additionally, the reports and insights into the operations will tell you how compliant the drivers were to the safety standards, like the duration they can stay in contact with the radioactive waste and HOS.

Utilising Analytical Data

With the help of the correct metrics, insights and data, it becomes easy for waste disposal fleet management companies to plan their future strategies, routes and eliminate shortcomings in fleet operations. Also, this helps to judge the performance of the drivers and vehicles and identify the underperformance of both.

Improving Productivity and Operational Efficiency

For companies, a productive fleet is of utmost importance. The waste management gps software knows this and ensures that the vehicles remain in top-notch condition. They can do this with the help of preventive and predictive analysis. This will help in decreasing downtime of the vehicles which might hamper their productivity.

On-the-go Updates

The waste management gps tracking promotes the remoteness of the waste management operations. This is not only for the drivers but also for the fleet managers. Tasks like

  • Job Scheduling
  • Route Planning
  • Facility Management
  • Vehicle Dispatch
  • Data collection
  • Route and Task Assigning and editing

All this and more can be performed remotely and without any manual interference. Communicate information and important data and changes in plans on the go.

waste management gps tracking software

Monitoring Vehicle Health

Since we are dealing with waste here, the vehicles have to travel through a lot of unleveled roads, narrow lanes and dirt paths of dump yards. Gunk is bound to enter the crevices of the vehicles.

The waste management gps tracking software will help you maintain your vehicle health through preventive and predictive maintenance. It gives out alerts and notifications as the need for repair and tire tuning comes closer. By this method, vehicle downtime decreases comparatively.

Delivering Great Customer Service

The software comes with a dashboard and user-friendly UI UX, which is of great help while managing a waste disposal fleet. The features and solutions will help ensure that the waste is transported safely, on time, and at full productivity and efficiency. The in-depth reports, instant alerts, operational optimisation etc., will also help to ensure customer satisfaction.

Manage Waste Like Never Before

Waste disposal fleet tracking is an effective way to keep your cities clean and citizens happy. The waste management fleet tracking software automates dispatch and track trucks for waste collection. Furthermore, the software reduces fuel consumption and operational costs through route optimisation and real-time tracking.

TrackoBit is a perfect choice as a waste management gps software. We say this because of the advanced technologies integrated into its solutions, customisation of the platform and 24*7 technical support.

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What Are The Benefits of Waste Management GPS Tracking Software?

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