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Shipping is a billion-dollar industry, and e-commerce companies contribute more than 50% of shipping. This signals the importance of efficient shipping solutions. However, the challenges of tracking packages in real time remain persistent. This is reason enough for companies to partner with efficient shipment tracking software. It will provide the best tracking and monitoring solutions.

The entire shipping process contains multiple steps that begin with order placement and fulfilment and end with delivery. The process is long, and the need for management is dire.

What is Shipment Tracking Software?

Shipment tracking software is a cloud-based system designed to help businesses monitor and manage their shipments throughout the supply chain process. It automates complex manual tasks such as order processing and delivery. The software provides real-time visibility, allowing businesses to provide customers with real-time updates on their orders.

With advanced technologies and API, the software easily integrates with logistics and transportation networks and pre-existing software, allowing users to access data from various carriers on one centralised platform. Thus, streamlining the tracking process.

What Shipping Process Involves?

In a warehouse, the shipping process leads to the final steps for preparing consignment for shipment to the customers. Here are the stages in the shipping process:

  • Order Processing

    In a warehouse, workers locate and pick ordered products and scan and enter details into the system, such as consumer information, address, etc.

  • Packing

    Products are packed with appropriate packaging like bubble wrap and paper stuffing to ensure their safety during transportation.

  • Labelling

    Every package is labelled with the tracking IDs, order number, customer delivery address, and preferred shipping method, such as express shipping.

  • Shipping

    The package is handed over to the delivery service or courier for transportation. The courier service is responsible for delivering the packages to the end consumers.

  • Tracking

    The shipping carrier provides tracking information, delivery status, and estimated delivery dates to all the stakeholders. This helps to increase the confidence of the consumers.

  • Confirming Delivery

    This ensures the package is shipped to the right customers; POD can help confirm this.

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Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Shipment Tracking Software for Your Business?

It is vital to consider some of the essential factors when choosing the right real time shipment tracking system:

  • Scalability

    Choose a solution that can scale with your business. As your shipping volume increases, the software should be able to handle higher demands without compromising performance.

  • Integration with Carriers

    Ensure that the shipment tracking software seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, such as your e-commerce platform, ERP, and other relevant software. Integration reduces manual data entry and enhances overall efficiency. This helps with easy synchronisation and accurate tracking information.

  • User Friendly UI/UX

    A user-friendly interface is essential for both your team and customers. Ensure the software is intuitive and easy to navigate, reducing users' learning curve. A clutter-free interface ensures that the most relevant information is available with the fewest clicks.

  • Data Security and Privacy

    Security is critical, especially when dealing with sensitive shipment and customer information. Ensure the software complies with industry standards and has robust security measures.

  • Multi-carrier Shipping

    Choose a system that supports multiple carriers. This flexibility allows you to work with various shipping providers, giving you more options and potentially reducing costs.

  • Customisation

    Customisation in terms of reports, solutions, and features fulfils your needs and requirements with greater efficiency. It also helps with branding and customer image.

Additional Information Gained from Shipment Tracking System

Real-time shipping tracking software offers the shipment’s current location, EDD, transit history, and much more data that is valuable for improving the process.

  • Tracking Number

    This is a unique identifier assigned to your shipment. You'll need this number to track the shipment as it progresses, and the same is also shared with customers.

  • Shipment Status

    The order's current status- whether it is being processed, packed, shipped or out for delivery- is indicated.

  • Locational Updates

    The shipment tracking system provides real-time location updates. You can track which city and route the shipment is travelling on.

  • Date and Time

    The system displays the time and date stamp at which an event occurred. For example, at 4:30 pm, 12.01. 24, the order left the facility to be delivered.

  • Delivery Attempts

    The tracking information includes details about the attempts, such as the date and time of each attempt or any delivery instructions given.

  • Estimated Delivery Dates

    Utilising the carrier’s algorithms and historical data, an estimated delivery date is calculated and provided.

  • Proof of Delivery

    The shipment tracking software displays data, time, and recipient name after the package is delivered.

  • Cause of Delay

    Due to any unforeseen issues or delays with the shipment, the tracking system will provide information on the reason for delays.

What are the Benefits of Using Shipment Tracking System?

Shipment tracking makes the job for brands and customers easier. Using this software has a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Save Time

    Neither you nor the customers will have to spend hours tracking the shipment. All tracking information and notifications are promptly provided on the dashboards. All the stakeholders are receiving notifications. Also, since it automates the data input and tracking process, the chances of errors are reduced.

  • Enhance Visibility and Transparency

    No more confusion when it comes to checking the order's current status. Shipment tracking software provides real-time updates on the location and status of packages. This transparency helps both businesses and customers know where their shipments are at any given moment.

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction

    Customers appreciate knowing the status of their orders. Shipment tracking enhances customer satisfaction by reducing uncertainty and providing a sense of control over the delivery process.

  • Generate Accountability

    The efficient tracking will provide accountability for every rider. The data will be clear, concise, and readily available for businesses, customers and stakeholders, creating trust and accountability. More importantly, having all the shipment tracking data implies greater data integrity to protect you and your company.

  • Efficient Operation

    Tracking software allows businesses to identify and address issues in real time, such as delays or delivery exceptions. This enables proactive problem-solving, preventing potential customer dissatisfaction.

  • Insights and Analytics

    Shipment tracking software offers an in-depth, insightful analysis of the end-to-end shipping process, delivery times, and potential areas for improvement. This data-driven approach helps businesses make informed decisions to enhance their logistics operations.

Features of Shipment Tracking Software

When choosing shipment tracking software, opt for one that offers comprehensive solutions and aids in resolving business issues promptly. Also, ensure that the system offers the highest degree of automation and optimisation.

  • Real-time Visibility

    If you're always on call checking the whereabouts of shipments, you're doing it the wrong way. A shipment tracking system would leverage GPS tracking and delivery automation to offer real-time visibility into the shipping process. This provides you with more control over your supply chain and allows you to take instant action if something goes wrong.

  • Delivery Status Updates

    With the multi-format POD module with e-signature at the forefront integrated into your shipment tracking software, you will be able to get an instant confirmation of the delivery once your customer signs it. Guaranteeing that the package is delivered to the intended recipient, acts as a proof of delivery (POD) and increases customer loyalty.

    This protects delivery agents from false accusations and unfavourable customer reviews and helps lower fraud and its related expenses.

  • Centralised Order Management

    Manually monitoring, tracking, and evaluating every order lowers operational productivity by increasing the chance of error and decreasing transparency across the process.

    However, the process is made much simpler with bespoke shipment tracking software. Using shipment tracking software with an integrated dashboard, you can easily analyse and sort data according to your needs. This includes checking order status, organizing orders according to delivery and receipt dates, monitoring driver performance, examining SKUs, and much more.

  • Automated Billing

    A custom shipment tracking software can help you create and send invoices to users and produce sales reports in seconds by gathering and evaluating financial data from your accounts department. This is made possible by integrated automated billing modules. In addition, the generated invoices can be customised to the customer's specifications. Also, it supports multiple languages, currencies, and invoice formats.

Businesses Benefiting from Real-time
Shipment Tracking

Shipment tracking software benefits companies involved in delivery, pick-up, delivery-pick-up or appointment-based services businesses. It automates data visibility and categorisation while decreasing manual data entry. When it comes to shipment tracking, accuracy is unparalleled. The number of sectors or industries utilising the shipment tracking software is unbounded.

  • Day-to-day Delivery
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Appointment based services
  • And more!

Why is TrackoMile’s Last Mile Software Best Friend with Your Shipment Software

TrackoMile is last-mile delivery software, which is a dire requirement when it comes to the delivery part of the shipping timeline. It has features and solutions that help maintain a connection with the order and customers and can also optimise the entire delivery process.

API Integration

TrackoMile is perfect for companies looking to scale, as it can seamlessly integrate with most shipment tracking software. This enhances the system's functionality by synchronising and providing accurate information on a centralised platform.

Carrier Management

Experience automated carrier management and pairing with orders with TrackoMile’s robust rule engine. It matches carriers with orders based on 50+ factors such as:

  • Vehicle capacity
  • Distance
  • Driver skills
  • Proximity
  • Order volume and density
  • And more.

Real-time Tracking/Multi-Carrier Tracking

Know which driver is adhering to the assigned route and delivery status in real-time with multi-carrier tracking. Real-time visibility into vehicle and agent locations can help dispatchers identify why the delivery got delayed and the additional fuel consumption. Live tracking will help save precious resources and will prevent costly delays.

Proof of Delivery

POD is essential to complete the shipment and delivery process and validate the order's arrival. The software accommodates the collection of POD in multiple formats, such as the parcel’s photo, OTP, barcode scanning and eSignature.

Analytical Reports

Shipment tracking software, in combination with last-mile delivery system, provides an analytical dashboard for analysing the overall performance from beginning to end. This gives businesses an in-depth understanding of why deliveries were delayed and access rider, routing and carrier reports in real time. This will help address and manage inefficiencies adequately.

Dispatcher Tool

Its dispatcher tool automates pairing orders with available drivers/riders. The system efficiently allocates ad-hoc tasks and deliveries in seconds without having to reschedule. If the need arises, the system will reschedule deliveries without the need for human intervention. This is done after considering multiple factors such as order priority, delivery time window, time-sensitive nature, and whether the driver is well-versed with the location or has the bandwidth.

Route Optimisation

It not only tracks but also optimises deliveries with a route optimisation feature. The system leverages advanced algorithms and suggests the most efficient and best-suited for the delivery. It considers 120+ factors like:

  • Traffic condition
  • Delivery window
  • Distance
  • Stop Density
  • Vehicle Type
  • Weather.

Plan 100+ stop sequencing instantly without making manual adjustments or relying on guesswork. Automated route planning and stop sequencing reduce transit time and fuel consumption.

Rider App

On the rider app, riders have access to daily delivery schedules, updates on route changes, customer contact information, the ability to collect PODs, and the ability to reschedule a delivery if the customer is absent.

ETA Sharing

It's essential to provide precise ETAs to guarantee client satisfaction. The feature estimates when the driver will arrive at the pickup and drop-off location. Customers can plan their activities based on the projected arrival time displayed on the map features.

The Journey from Tracking to Delivering

Redefine your shipment process with greater visibility and efficiency with the best shipment tracking solution. This powerful tool helps businesses ensure error-free completion of the shipment process and easily gain customer satisfaction. Its key features, such as real-time tracking, delivery notification, and centralised order management, are vital to gaining complete operational transparency.

However, when combined with last-mile delivery software like TrackoMile, the tool's efficiency increases by 3x. This is because the shipment’s delivery part gets optimised, resulting in faster, cost-effective delivery.

Make your real time shipment tracking a success today!

TrackoMile, your centralised platform for shipment tracking

  • Route optimisation
  • Multi-carrier tracking
  • ETA sharing
  • Multi-format POD

Frequently Asked Question

  • What are the tools for tracking shipment?

    The best tool for shipment tracking is shipment tracking software. It allows companies to automate their entire shipment process right from order packing to dispatch. Additionally, its features like real time tracking provide consumers updates on the progress of their orders.

  • What factors to consider before opting for shipment tracking software?

    Before opting for shipment tracking software, several factors should be considered:

    - Scalability
    - Integration with carriers
    - User friendly UI/UX
    - Data security and privacy
    - Multi-carrier shipping
    - Customisation

  • Why Is tracking important for e-commerce/logistic businesses?

    Tracking is an integral part of e-commerce and logistics businesses for several reasons such as:

    - It enhances transparency and build trust with customers by providing real-time updates on the status and location of their orders.
    - It enables businesses to monitor shipment movement, identify potential delays or issues, and take proactive measures to resolve them.
    - usinesses can streamline inventory management and accurately predict estimated delivery dates with the help of a tracking system.

  • What are some of the challenges of shipment tracking?

    Here are some of the most common challenges that almost every business suffers from during the shipment process.

    - Data inaccuracy
    - Integration issues
    - Multi-carrier coordination
    - Security concerns
    - Security concerns
    - International regulations
    - Infrastructure limitations
    - High costs

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