Trip History

What is Trip History?

Trip history refers to a log or records of vehicles’ past journeys or trips taken. This history typically includes information as:

  • 1. Starting and ending points of each trip.
  • 2. The date and time of departure and arrival.
  • 3. The total distance travelled.
  • 4. Notable details or events related to the trip.

Benefits of Vehicle Trip History

TrackoBit’s Fleet management software archives the trip history and reports to help:

  • Optimize Route .
  • – Identify efficient routes from previous journeys.
  • – Schedule fleet maintenance.
  • – Identify underutilised fleet.
  • – Performance evaluation.
  • – Claim Insurance.
  • – Track asset mileage.
  • – Make mobility decisions.
  • – Track fuel economy.

TrackoBit, fleet management software helps archive the trip history for up to 6 months. Fleet operators can play, download, and revisit it as desired, during this period.