Point Of Interest (POI)

What Are Points of Interest (POI)?

A Point of Interest (POI) is a specific place or location that is relevant or significant for the fleet’s operations. It can be any point on the map that is marked in the software for reference and management. POIs can also be used to get trip updates with the help of entry and exit notifications.

Uses of POIs

Points of Interest (POIs) can be used for the following benefits:

  • – Location marking
  • – Real-time trip updates
  • – Trip management and customisation
  • – Better ETA analysis
  • – Visualisation
  • – Generating more detailed reports

Relation/Difference Between Geofence and POI

Geofences and Points of Interest can be differentiated through:

  • Definition: Geofence is a digital boundary around important areas, while POIs are specific points that are important to the trip.
  • Shape: Geofences can be drawn freestyle as polygons, whereas POIs are generally circular.
  • Relation: Geofences are formed around a POI, while one or more focused POIs are inside a geofence.