What is White Glove Delivery Service?

White Glove Delivery Service

White glove delivery service is taking customer prioritisation to another level by providing extra care to orders and parcels during transit and offering installation as well as add-on services. 

Well, here is another trending and much talked about last mile delivery term – white glove delivery services. 

White glove delivery is proving that efforts do matter and going the extra mile (quite literally) can help companies be their customers’ go-to favourites. This service is a promise that the delivery of Mona Lisa’s portrait will be delivered and installed in your customer’s new home safely by professionals. 

This article discusses the essence of white glove delivery and which businesses would benefit from this service. 

What is White Glove Delivery Service?

White glove delivery service is a specialised and high-level shipping and delivery option that caters to business and individual consumers who require an elevated level of care, attention, and service compared to standard shipment.

Unlike traditional delivery methods, where packages might be left at the doorsteps, white glove delivery goes the extra mile to ensure that items are handled with care not only at the consumers’ doorsteps but also during the entire delivery process.

Purchased something Precious, Go While Glove Delivery!

Brands that deliver china vases, antiques, and luxury goods would greatly benefit from offering white glove delivery. It is the delivery at home for elitists. What puts white glove delivery on a high pedestal is its option for add-ons such as assembly, installation, and even scheduling delivery.  

What is Included in White Glove Delivery Services?

The Buffet is served!

As established before, white glove deliveries are not just delivery of goods but come with a wide range of add-ons.  Here are some of the services that the rich can spend money on and the poor can wish for!

Careful Handling: This is one of the prime reasons consumers are going for white glove service- they get their fragile items delivered and handled carefully. Professionals with extra training in proper handling techniques are allocated the job of ensuring that the items are protected from shattering (like hope) during loading, transport and unloading.

Processing and Inspection: brands of courier companies usually check for scratches or any visible damages before loading the order for transportation. This guarantees optimal conditions before initiating the delivery process. Consumers are bound to receive goods in pristine/mint condition in this delivery package.

Secure Transportation: Items are transported in a manner that guarantees their safety and protection. This includes using specialised equipment, secure packaging and climate controlled vehicles in case the items are temperature sensitive.

Delivery Room of Choice: The customer wants delivery of a mattress in the room that is up two flights of stairs and down the corridor. Well, they get it with white glove delivery. It involves bringing the items inside the customer’s home, including navigating stairs, hallways and tight spaces to ensure safe placement.

Setup and Installation: When delivering items that require setup or installation, like TV, washing machines, and furniture, white glove delivery involves professionals assembling the products according to the guidelines and leaving only when the product is ready for immediate use.

Removal of Packaging: in white glove delivery, the delivery agents will remove the packaging materials, leaving the area clean and free of debris. This is taking customer convenience to whole another level.

Scheduled and Recurring Deliveries: Certain services allow customers to arrange for deliveries to be made at a time that works best for them. Additionally, White Glove Delivery can be set up as a recurring service for companies that need to send out packages on a regular basis.

Professionalism and Expertise: The professionalism and knowledge of the delivery crew are what set White Glove Delivery apart. They are skilled at carefully and precisely handling priceless, fragile, and frequently large objects.

6 Advantages of Choosing White Glove Delivery Services

1. Premium Care and Handling

Items receive specialised care from beginning to end when you choose white glove delivery. Shipments are handled with extreme care by skilled professionals who make sure they are safeguarded the whole way through delivery.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

White Glove Delivery puts the needs of its clients first. A dedicated point of contact and scheduled, guaranteed deliveries offer a smooth, customised experience that removes uncertainty and guesswork.

3. Reduced Risk of Damage

By using advanced technology and specialised packaging materials, White Glove Delivery reduces the possibility of damage occurring while in transit. You can feel at ease knowing that expensive or delicate goods arrive in perfect condition.

4. Safe and Secure Setup

Experts provide setup and installation services in addition to delivery. This guarantees that things like electronics and furniture are put together correctly and are prepared for use, which is especially helpful.

5. Convenience and Time-Saving

White Glove Delivery takes care of the setup and logistics, saving you time and effort. You can focus on other important tasks while professionals handle the minute details of your shipments.

6. Reliable Tracking and Updates

White Glove Delivery guarantees accurate tracking data and regular updates. You’ll always be aware of the location of your shipment, guaranteeing accountability and transparency.

What is the Cost of White Glove Delivery Service?

The cost of white glove delivery service depends on several factors, such as:

The distance of transport

The price is determined by the total distance the shipment must travel, which takes into account both mileage and whether or not the shipment crossed a border and needed customs and border clearance.

The shipped Product

The type of product you are shipping (fragile, non-fragile, perishable, etc.) and its weight and count all affect how much your delivery service will cost overall.

The speed of shipment

Delivery services come with different shipping speeds, each with an additional fee. For example, same-day and overnight shipping usually carries a higher price tag than standard expedited shipping. 

The drop-off location

Drop-off locations that are challenging to get to, like up several flights of stairs, may affect how much your service will cost.

Any special request while handling or consideration

Additional costs might be incurred if the shipment needs special handling or considerations, such as temperature control, specialised equipment, etc.

Optional add-on accessories

Special services like GPS tracking and optional add-ons like product assembly or disassembly may affect your final cost.

Industries that Benefit from White Glove Delivery


White glove delivery has a lot to offer businesses that deal with specialty, expensive, or delicate items. Furniture stores, galleries, retailers of electronics, and sellers of appliances fall under this category. Improving customer satisfaction and lowering the likelihood of damaged product returns are two benefits of making sure products are delivered, assembled, and installed correctly.

Individual Consumers

Furniture, appliances, electronics, artwork, and other expensive or large items can benefit from the extra care and attention that this service offers. It guarantees a hassle-free experience by ensuring their purchases are delivered safely and set up and installed correctly.

Art Galleries and Museums

Delicate and valuable artworks are frequently handled by museums and art galleries. In order to protect these pieces’ integrity during transportation and installation, White Glove Delivery makes sure that every precaution is taken.

Medical Equipment Providers

Businesses that work with medical equipment, like delicate diagnostic devices or lab instruments, can profit from the accuracy and attentiveness provided by the specialised delivery service. It guarantees that the apparatus is properly calibrated and set up for maximum performance.

Luxury Goods Retailers

White Glove Delivery is a service that retailers of luxury goods, like jewellery, accessories, and high-end fashion, can use to make sure that their products are delivered in a way that honours their exclusivity and value.

Technology Companies

Businesses that handle delicate and complicated technology products, like servers, networking gear, and specialty electronics, can profit from the experience of experts who guarantee correct installation and configuration.

What Products are Delivered with White Glove Delivery?

White glove delivery is especially helpful for a variety of products that need extra care, attention, and frequently professional installation or setup. The following product categories gain a great deal from white glove delivery:

Deliver with White Glove Delivery


White glove delivery is advantageous for large, heavy, or intricate furniture pieces like dining tables, bedroom sets, and sofas. Assembling, setting up, and even placing within the house can be done by professionals.


White glove delivery is crucial for ensuring optimal performance of high-end electronics, such as large televisions, home theatre systems, and complex audio equipment, which require careful handling and precise installation.


In addition to being heavy, appliances like ovens, washing machines, and refrigerators frequently need to be installed correctly in order for them to operate properly. White Glove Delivery offers both expert setup and safe transportation.


Priceless artwork, sculptures, and delicate pieces of art require special handling during installation and transportation. White Glove Delivery guarantees the safe and accurate placement of these items upon arrival.

Home Gym Equipment

Expert assembly is frequently required for large exercise equipment, such as weight systems, ellipticals, and treadmills. White Glove Delivery ensures that these things are correctly set up and prepared for efficient use.

Antiques and Collect

White Glove Delivery offers the care and attention necessary to preserve the authenticity and condition of valuable antiques and collectibles.

Optimise Your White Glove Delivery Service Offerings with TrackoMile

Schedule Delivery Slots and Appointments

Due to seamless API integration, courier services can integrate TrackoMile into their system. Customers can select the time and date slot for their white glove delivery. Also, dispatchers can schedule deliveries for the future. This helps to ensure on-time delivery and reduces the chances of second-attempt delivery. 

Increase efficiency of Delivery Operations

Showing up on time is a key factor in white glove services, especially when customers are paying extra. TrackoMile’s route optimisation solution automatically calculates the most efficient route for hundreds of deliveries in seconds. This results in a reduction in time consumed in planning and execution. 

Increase Visibility and Agility

With features like real-time tracking, analytical reports and automatic route planning capabilities, dispatch managers are able to respond quickly to challenges. Also, the system reroutes on the spot, ensuring the order is delivered on time. 

Ensure a Personal Touch by Empowering Your Employees with All the Information they Need

TrackoMile’s rider app provides riders or delivery agents with all the information they need to get the job done at an elite level. On the app, they can access product details and client information and collect POD and feedback

Provide Customers with Real-time Updates

Providing customers with real-time updates and notifications is beneficial as they are at peace, are not constantly calling for inquiries, and have visibility of their status. Also, real-time tracking is known to help build a loyal customer base for brands. 


White glove delivery service is the hero in the world of last-mile delivery. Right from safeguarding the items to guaranteeing a safe journey to installing or setting up the purchased appliances- it is a commitment to surpass customer expectations.

Prioritise customer satisfaction with white glove delivery. TrackoMile makes it possible for brands and courier services to seamlessly offer and execute this delivery service through its automated and optimised solutions. 

Stress Free Delivery Scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does white glove delivery service work?

    White glove delivery is a premium service where items are handled with exceptional care. It includes services like unpacking, assembly, placement, and removal of packaging. Delivery personnel ensure a meticulous and personalised experience, catering to the customer's specific needs for a hassle-free and upscale delivery process.

  • How much time does the white glove delivery take?

    It depends on the distance your shipment needs to travel, whether the origin and destination are in the same or different city, if customs clearance is required, and various other factors.

  • What is the main difference between white glove delivery and threshold delivery?

    White Glove Delivery Threshold Delivery 
    White glove deliveries go above and beyond, providing extra attention to fragile, bulky, or costly products. This covers assembling, setting up, and additional care. Threshold delivery reduces the number of delivery attempts by placing things at a predetermined location, usually the doorstep, at a predetermined time.

  • What makes white glove delivery special?

    White glove delivery can be a worthwhile option if you’re looking to transport high-value, fragile, or delicate items that must be handled with the utmost care.

What is White Glove Delivery Service?

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