From a Bachelor Pad to a Multinational Firm: Tracking TrackoBit’s 5-year Journey

From a Bachelor Pad to a Multinational Firm: Tracking TrackoBit’s 5-year Journey

“It’s when ordinary people rise above the expectations and seize the opportunity that milestones truly are reached.” – Mike Huckabee

Yes! Its’s time to celebrate because TrackoBit turned five in April 2022! 

We are nostalgic for the big ups and downs InsightGeeks Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has had in its early years! It has been a hell of a journey and we are excited to recall everything that got us where we are today! Are you excited? 

Put on your glasses and grab some popcorn because here we go!

Where It All Began: The Bachelor Pad 

The year was 2017 when two friends, Nitesh Goel and Pulkit Jain were chilling in their bachelor pad in Noida. They were at the very early stages of their careers when they gauged the potential AI and automation have in various sectors. This is where the dream and concept for TrackoBit was born. 

Nitesh and Pulkit put their time, efforts, and intelligence into their dream and developed the state-of-art telematics software that TrackoBit is today. 

Commenting on initial challenges Nitesh said, “When we decided to take our idea seriously, I left my job to work full time towards it. Pulkit used to work 9 hours at Samsung and later join me from 6 pm till 12 am. It was important for one of us to work to provide for both families”. 

With the potential of their idea in mind, Nitesh and Pulkit surpassed the beginning difficulties and gave TrackoBit the kickstart it needed. Soon, they were joined by some talented, skilled, and equally dedicated individuals who helped build the fastest-growing telematics software in India and a multinational corporation.

Tracking Our Trip! 

When brilliance meets dedication, we track the growth of TrackoBit! 

TrackoBit Five Years Journey

The last five years have not been easy and have been full of challenges. However, those challenges have been exciting and have helped us grow exponentially. Moreover, the challenges were definitely surpassed with milestones we can fondly look back to!  

While the journey actually began in the bachelor pad, it officially began in 2017 when the company got registered as InsightGeeks Solutions Pvt. Ltd

With constant development and determination, TrackoBit got its first corporate client in 2018. Later, the fleet management software solution went on to solve logistical, operational, and analytical problems for TCI, JSW, Amazon, Maruti, Bonn Breads, and other corporate giants. 

In 2019, TrackoBit’s team expanded to ten who made the software strong enough to onboard 50,000 vehicles by 2020. 

By the year 2021, TrackoBit went International by beginning functions from its first overseas office in Dubai. Since then, our globalization has been unstoppable and TrackoBit has left its mark in over 15 countries by 2022. 

Where We Are: A Multiproduct, Multinational Firm 

Five years ago, two young engineers had a dream. They spent hours, days, and years building and developing their team, and here we are today! 

We expanded to our first overseas office in Dubai in 2021. It is from here that we navigated through the African and the GCC region at 3x speed. In 2022, we can proudly say that TrackoBit serves 150+ clients with a team of 50+ professionals. Over 1,20,000 vehicles are currently tracked by TrackoBit in over 15 countries! 

Our journey began with one disrupting product – TrackoBit being developed and managed from one office in Noida. However, today we are proud to say that our company houses three software – TrackoBit, TrackoField, and GamingGeeks that function from two offices – one in India and another in Dubai! 

With TrackoField, we’ve dug deeper into the world of automation and AI by tracking, supervising, and managing employees companies have who work in the field. We have also developed a white-label online SaaS-based gaming solution – GamingGeeks

Even within TrackoBit, we have added some seminal modules such as video teleamtics, agricultural management, DMS, and much more! 

The Show Goes On 

Sure, it has been one hell of a journey to build something as small as an idea to something as substantial as TrackoBit. However, this is not where the journey ends. Yes, we have surpassed several milestones. However, there are many more to come in the future. 

Commenting on plans, Pulkit stated “We plan to introduce eight new modules in the coming year including DMS-ADAS. NB-IoT has been a long-standing dream that we are working on. We have clients in 15 countries and we plan to expand to at least five other countries this year. We will achieve all this without compromising on our quality, user experience, and innovation.” 

Stay tuned to see how TrackoBit expands into the realm of agricultural fleet management, data analytics, last-mile delivery, video telematics, driver management automation, and NB-IoT!

From a Bachelor Pad to a Multinational Firm: Tracking TrackoBit’s 5-year Journey

Ayushi Nagalia

Ayushi Nagalia is a Senior Content Specialist at TrackoBit. She is passionate about music, writing, and reading. When not abusing her keyboard, you will find her lost in her playlists or organizing things.

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