Sensational 7 Years of TrackoBit: Growing One Bit At a Time

Sensational 7 Years of TrackoBit Growing One Bit At a Time

Spilling some insider beans, unheard stories, and all things SaaSy about TrackoBit. Learn what’s new and exciting in products, offerings, teams, & more.

Good Lord! It’s been 7 years already.

No doubt, such occasions call for boasting big numbers, monumental achievements, and all-things-success we have garnered in the last seven years, but that can wait.

We’d first like to thank you guys, for being a significant part of our journey and our family as readers, clients, well-wishers, followers, and contributors to our success.

Coming to numbers, well, we had to eventually, right?


Offices Globally


SaaS Products Launched


Countries Secured


Employees On Team


Units on TrackoBit Alone

We wear these numbers as a badge of pride and accomplishments. However, this is just the beginning for us. Our team of hustlers celebrates every milestone and starts preparing for the next, right after.

What is TrackoBit: Explained

Let’s break things down for you a little.

Don’t worry, we’ll not go back to square one. Learn about our humble beginning, early successes and failures, bumps and leaps here 👇

Now, coming to TrackoBit! We are often asked this question: what is TrackoBit or TB? Is it a company? Is it a software product? Is it an App for everyone to use? What is it?

TrackoBit is a B2B SaaS product…

Coming from the house of InsightGeeks Solutions Pvt. Ltd. TrackoBit is one of the many SaaS Products the company offers. It’s a Fleet management software fueled by GPS tracking and telematics. It dwells in a B2B space, wherein channel partners or GPS tracking system providers are its direct target audience.

We’ll elaborate on the product side information in the later parts.

Company’s Global Presence

No wonder, TrackoBit has become a globally recognised brand with clientage in more than 40 countries. With the exponential speed with which our global presence was surging, we had to set up a corporate office in Dubai, in just 4 years of our existence.

Other than the GCC region, TrackoBit, the product has a stronghold in the African and LATAM region.

Let us share an interesting piece…

The African countries were so welcoming and gracious that our campaigns sailed through the region swiftly, fetching good reach and brand visibility across the continent. However, the Latin American market gave us a big gulp initially, shaking our confidence to the bones.

The language barrier was a big boulder to tackle in the region. However, our business strategist conquered the challenge and the beginning was all unicorns and rainbows.

Well, long story short our global presence is 47 and counting….(as of April 2024)

Products in TrackoSuite

While telematics, GPS and big data are the fundamentals of IG’s product range, yet they are all very different from one another. Therefore, we combined the power of all three verticals to form a solid pack of products catering to different challenges across industries.


Telematics Software for Fleet Management

Introduced 2018
Solutions Video Telematics Software

Fuel Monitoring Solutions

Route Planning Software

Driver Behaviour Analysis

Vehicle Real-time Tracking

Electric Vehicle Fleet Management

Available On Web Applications

IOS and Android

Presence APAC, LATAM, GCC, Africa


Advanced White Label Fleet Management Software loaded with the latest in-the-market solutions. From custom solutions to use-case-based offers, our team of seasoned developers has a knack for taking up and delivering unique challenges.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and DMS (Driver Monitoring System) are the latest additions to the arsenal of TrackoBit. One of the commonly demanded features was live video streaming of in-cabin and on-road activities around vehicles, in the global market. Thus, we added them to our caddy. EV fleet management solutions were another hot requirement and that was included in our expansion strategy too. With 70+ CAN parameters operating successfully, including SOC, SOV, temperature status, etc., TB offers accurate battery range tracking too.

Our expertise and area of operations is limited to software and software alone. Our channel partners are the masters of the hardware and operations front, and we let them roar and rule that domain with zero interference.


Field Employee Tracking Software

Introduced 2021
Solutions Field Service Management

Task Allocation and Management

Geo-coded Attendance Monitoring

Leave and Payroll Management

Expense Management

Order Management

Sales and Service CRM

Available On Web Applications

IOS and Android

Presence APAC, LATAM


Exclusively crafted for tracking and monitoring field employees’ location and productivity, TrackoField is a knight in shining armour for organisations dealing in field operations. Industries that commonly resort to TF for streamlining their field operations are:

  • Pharmaceuticals for MR Reporting
  • Field Research and Survey
  • Facility Management
  • Servicing and Maintenance

Right from tracking employee performance via Target vs Achievement reports to creating data-led reports for analysing workforce gaps, everything becomes a cakewalk with software-backed employee management.  The best part, it involves no additional hardware support or installation hassle, tracking employees’ location is possible via smartphone.

Wondering, How?

Give a quick read to this case study and you’ll get your answer.

Here’s a glimpse of the employee side and the manager side of the story for your clear understanding.

The latest and the most awaited solution in TrackoField is Sales and Services CRM which is in the alpha testing stage and will roll out soon in a couple of months.


Last Mile Delivery Product

Introduced 2024
Solutions Dispatch Planning

Delivery Management

Capacity Management

Rider Roster and Tracking

Available On Web Applications



Although it is in the MVP stage, it’s definitely our most valuable player in the suite. Expected to go all out by the end of the year, TrackoMile is growing at a considerably faster pace.

TrackoMile, as the name suggests is designed to simplify and streamline last-mile delivery operations for industries that involve:

  • Pick-up
  • Deliveries
  • Pick-up and Deliveries

Now, if we break it down for you in terms of industries, it involves e-grocery, at-home services, e-commerce, fast-paced couriers, and others that run by scheduled deliveries.

The People of IG

Let’s give you some insights on ‘Geeks’ in InsightGeeks!

A team of hustlers is what we are!

A dynamic group of young individuals who bring their individuality into our work be it software development, business development, designing, or marketing.

Over the years we have built a collaborative, appreciative, and learning-oriented culture that motivates the team to stay in for the long run. With an attrition rate of as low as 4%, you for yourself deduce the work culture we foster here at IG, collectively.

Starting 2024 on a very high note of 120 employees onboard, the numbers are only increasing with us outgrowing one office after another.


Well, ending this episode of the anniversary special with an introduction, for this is just the beginning of all things SaaSy and success. These seven years have been fierce, fiery and fruitful in many ways than we can describe.

If you are someone who landed on this blog post while doing your product research on TrackoBit, TrackoField and TrackoMile, well, this is our vibe. We’re flexible, adaptable, creative, and confident.

Wanna join forces with TrackoBit?

Give us a ring or reach out to us in the inbox, we’re always up for a productive chit-chat. (Or you can just congratulate us 🙂)

Sensational 7 Years of TrackoBit: Growing One Bit At a Time

Diksha Bhandari

Currently creating SaaSy content strategies for TrackoBit and TrackoField, this content professional has dedicated a decade of her life to enriching her portfolio and continues to do so. In addition to playing with words and spilling SaaS, she has a passion for traveling to the mountains and sipping on adrak wali chai.

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