10 Best Truck Routing Software of 2023

Best Truck Routing Software of 2023

TrackoBit is one of the best truck routing software that’ll enhance your fleet operations. Choose the right match by checking features, scalability, and budget.

Inefficient route planning is the root of a dip in drivers’ performance.

But you don’t have to sit and watch your business go through this problem!

Why? Because in today’s day and age, you can leverage the power of truck route planning software! With the right trick GPS tracking systems in place, your drivers will never have to wonder which route to take – or take the wrong route!

We want to help you streamline your business, and hence, we present to you our compilation of the top truck routine tools in this blog. We’re also sharing a done-for-you guide to help you choose the truck routing software that will best suit your business needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Your route to successful truck management software is here!

10 Best Truck Routing Software You Should Check Out

The competition is high, and the choices are vast.

Are you feeling the Goldilocks effect kick in, and feeling paralyzed by the innumerable choices in front of you? We’ve got you covered!

Here is a list of the top software that will make your fleet management for trucks go from ⬇️ to ⬆️ in no time!

Software Route Optimisation Live Route Tracking Monitoring Route Deviations Separate App For Drivers
Paragon Routing
WorkWave Route Manager

1. TrackoBit – Best For Large Trucking Businesses

TrackoBit- Truck Management Software

If you’re looking for a one-stop-solution for large commercial businesses reliant on trucks, TrackoBit should be your top choice! With a selection of powerful features like multi-stop route planning, dispatch management, route optimisation, and route deviation alerts, TrackoBit ensures your trucks always follow the most efficient routes.

What’s more, is that TrackoBit doesn’t stop at offering GPS truck routing solutions. It offers comprehensive fleet management for trucks with fuel management, driver behaviour monitoring, and live tracking solutions as well!

Top Features Offered By TrackoBit

  • Separate Driver App: TrackoBit comes with a separate driver app that allows individual drivers in your fleet keep track of their trips. They can mark trip updates here and get DVIR capabilities, keeping them from the clutter of the larger manager app. 
  • Real-time Supervision: Managers get all relevant data regarding trips assigned.. Therefore, they do not have to waste time in taking manual updates from drivers and can stay ahead of the curve in terms of data-driven decision-making. 
  • Total Fleet Solutions: TrackoBit is a flexible software ideal for small fleets to large enterprise fleets. You can feel the team’s experience in the telematics industry through comprehensive fleet management solutions like geospatial analysis, video telematics, etc. 

2. Paragon Routing – Best For Superior Customer Satisfaction


Paragon is ideal for customer-centric delivery businesses, especially ones with a smaller fleet size. The app is designed to develop, implement, and support routing and scheduling proven to meet routine transport operational challenges.

With features like proof of delivery and home delivery scheduling, Paragon leaves no stone unturned in giving customers the best delivery experience. So, if you are looking to get your delivery business to its max productivity, this is the software for you.

Top Features Offered By Paragon Routing

  • Smart Route Planning and Scheduling: Their clever route optimization algorithms create actionable and cost-effective routes. Import your delivery data and the software builds a transport plan that is resource effective. 
  • Live Route Planning: Paragon stands out with its live route planning systems that allows it to leverage live data from the road to schedule effective routes. 

3. SmartRoutes – Best For Delivery Management Businesses

Smart routes

Built specifically for route management, SmartRoutes is one of the superior truck dispatching software available in the market. The intent of the software is to streamline deliveries through route planning, POD capturing, real-time alerting and truck tracking – all in one platform.

SmartRoutes lets you plan routes easily and send information quickly to drivers’ phones. It offers total visibility into ETA’s, time windows and expected cost of deliveries.

Top Features Offered By SmartRoutes

  • Driver App: SmartRoutes’ mobile app optimises delivery routes and allows drivers to capture proof of delivery. The app helps them stay in constant contact with their managers for easy coordination.
  • Data-driven Approach: The app allows your delivery teams to become more data-driven with end-of-day reports. These reports help you measure performance month on month.

4. Sygic – Best For Offline Routing


If your business involves delivering to several remote areas with bad network coverage, Sygic should be a good match for you. As a truck GPS navigation app, Sygic claims to bring “maps to life” by building a familiar-looking interface and focusing on drivers. 

The app is good for quick route optimization and consultation – specifically for drivers.

Top Features Offered By Sygic

  • Includes SDK: The best thing about Sygic is that it includes an SDK to improve integration with different platforms. Using it with any system is smooth as butter. 
  • Sustainable Planning: Sygic allows you to plan routes according to various parameters such as emission zones, fuel consumption, and traffic conditions. 

5. Route4Trucks – Best For Commercial Truck Drivers

Route4me trucks

Built specifically for individual or enterprise drivers, Route4Trucks is an app developed by the route planning software provider, Route4Me. This truck GPS navigation app helps drivers manually input all the destinations assigned to them and get a route that will help them get done with their deliveries.

The app is not meant for manager and driver coordination. Therefore, unlike other software on the list, it doesn’t come with live supervision capabilities. However, it is the most powerful commercial vehicle routing software if you’re looking for a more optimised alternative for navigation apps like Google Maps.

Top Features Offered By Route4Trucks

  • Simple to Use: Route4Trucks is made for commercial truck drivers to use on the go. Therefore, it is extremely user friendly and simple to understand. Just enter all stoppage points, and drive away! 
  • Only for Commercial Trucks: No matter if you’re driving cement trucks or RVs, Route4Trucks is specially designed for commercial trucks going through multiple stops. Therefore, its features and functionality are directed to meet local trucking regulations and compliances. 

6. RouteXL – Best For Small to Mid-size Logistics Businesses


RouteXL is one of the best known platforms for route optimisation, especially for offering a completely free variant of its powerful software. However, this free variant is infamous for being extremely limited and not ideal for commercial fleets.

RouteXL is best for multi-stop route planning and map integrations. It is only ideal for small businesses because it doesn’t offer any advanced features such as proof of delivery and live driver or vehicle monitoring.

Top Features Offered By RouteXL

  • Affordable Solution: RouteXL is one of the most affordable route planning solutions out there. If your business allows, you can even use it for free – this is ideal for small businesses that are just starting out. 
  • Multi-stop Routing: Simplify delivery management through multi-stop route planning that allows you to save resources on every trip. 

7. Samsara – Best For Commercial Fleets

Samsara route

Unlike most software on this list, Samsara is capable of offering complete Truck GPS tracking systems for commercial fleets. The company offers hardware and software solutions, making it an all-in-one solutions provider for fleet businesses.

So, if you choose Samara’s hardware such as GPS trackers or panic buttons, choose their truck route optimisation solutions for the best results. Samsara also offers broader fleet management solutions, however, several customers have pointed out that their driver app can be laggy and the overwhelming catalogue of features is unnecessary for smaller businesses. 

Top Features Offered By Samsara

  • Fleet Management Ecosystem: Samsara’s USP in this list is that it offers comprehensive fleet management for trucks. Since it also has in-house hardware, the integration is unbeatable. 
  • Workflow and Reporting: Samsara offers high-end workflow and reporting systems wherein the hardware collects relevant data and software crunches it into insightful reports. Helps with fleet strategy. 

8. WorkWave Route Manager – Best For Compliances

Workwave Route Manager

WorkWave Route Manager is a popular truck navigation software, especially because it not just navigates trucks but also field employees. It started as the latter and hence, has a long history of being in the navigation business – showing its expertise with vehicles as well.

This software is ideal for fleet businesses because it takes compliances very seriously. It is perfect for ELD integration and allows vehicles to actively track fleet performance.

Top Features Offered By WorkWave Route Manager

  • Expert in Telematics: WorkWave has been in the navigation business for a long time, allowing your fleet business to have the best possible real-time tracking solutions out there. 
  • ELD Compliance: WorkWave supports GPS and ELD devices for telematics for easier compliance with regulations. Not only does it protect your fleet but also keep the software updated in terms of tech. 

9. MaxOptra – Best For Large Delivery Businesses


MaxOptra is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal, especially if you use your trucks for the delivery business. With route planning solutions with an extra layer of route optimisation, the software promises customer satisfaction with each delivery.

Just like TrackoBit, MaxOptra also offers a Driver app to streamline the entire delivery process. It also makes multi-stop delivery planning simpler through its route planning efforts.

With MaxOptra, you can easily navigate through the customer-centric world and pay attention to  their demands by offering flexible, tailored routes that work best for the end consumer.

Top Features Offered By MaxOptra

  • Load optimisation: MaxOptra plans routes according to the load your vehicles can take. So, you can rest assured about your resources being used to the best of their capabilities. 
  • Custom Schedules: The multi-stop route planner feature allows you to match customers’ preferred delivery windows to maximise satisfaction. 

10. MileMaker – Best for Shipping Companies


MileMaker is a new and upcoming truck route optimization software powered by Rand McNally. The parent company built this software to focus on routing services for commercial truck fleets. So, it provides reliable and actionable routes for trucks to save miles, money, and time.

You can choose the resource you want to save – fuel, toll costs, time, or more – and the software will spew the best route according to your needs. MileMaker helps shipping companies make more and consume less with its routing solutions. 

Top Features Offered By MileMaker

  • Custom routing: You can define the parameters you want to focus on. You can even define specific pick-up and delivery times to get the best experience. 
  • Compatible with multiple computers: The software is compatible with multiple computer platforms like Windows, UNIX AS/400, Linux, and IBM computer systems. 

Looking For Truck Dispatching Software For Your Business? Ask Yourself These Questions! 

Truck GPS tracking in fleet is the best way to optimise your routine efforts. But doing it is not child’s play especially if you’re not using the right software. 

So, when choosing the GPS truck routing solutions for your fleet, always ask yourself these questions first.

  • Does it support my operational requirements?

Make sure that the software you choose can support your business needs. It should be able to give you solutions for your fleet size and requirements. Some crucial features to look for:

  • Route optimisation systems 
  • Multi-stop route planning 
  • Route deviation alerts 
  • Custom routing tools
  • Is it compatible with our current fleet hardware?

You’re not going to change the entire hardware in your fleet for a new truck dispatching software, right? So, before getting your hands on a truck route planning software, make sure it is compatible with all your existing hardware and systems. 

  • Is it powerful enough to give me live updates?

Software robustness and uptime are crucial parameters in choosing the right truck route optimization software. Check what kind of data the software can collect and process, and how its features and procedures help your overall fleet.

The ability to give live updates is a no-compromise feature in commercial vehicle routing software. After all, if the software isn’t tracking your truck live, how will it give you route deviation alerts? 

  • How user-friendly is the truck routing software for our drivers and dispatchers?

You’re going to be using the truck route optimisation software to make your job easier – not more difficult! So, always check how user-friendly the software is – whether or not you and your drivers will be able to use it to its best of capabilities without feeling the heat! If it’s difficult to use, you’ll be the one to lose! 

  • What level of customer support and training does the routing software provider offer?

Goes without saying – even the best software glitch. Therefore, if the software provider offers 24×7 customer and technical support, it’s your winning bet. If not, you need to look for someone else! 

  • Is the software scalable enough to accommodate future business growth?

The whole point why you’re looking for route planning software 2023 is because you want to scale your business. So, talk to the software provider and figure out whether their truck GPS tracking systems are strong enough to support a fleet 10 times bigger than your current one. 

Truck GPS Tracking Has Never Been Easier!

There you have it! A comprehensive guide of the software you need to look into if you want to up your truck management game! And doesn’t it get easier when you already know which questions to ask to make the right purchasing decisions?

As you can see from this list, TrackoBit is one of the best truck routing software to use to streamline fleet management. What’s best is that it is so versatile that it can fit any business needs. So, contact us, and get access to the best commercial vehicle routing software you can use in 2023!

10 Best Truck Routing Software of 2023

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