Short Haul Trucking

What is Short Haul Trucking?

Short-haul trucking involves transporting shipments within a 150-mile radius. Unlike long-haul or “over the road” (OTR) trucking, which involves driving hundreds of miles, short-haul truckers stay closer to home.

Since short-haul routes are relatively brief, truckers can complete multiple routes on the same day. This helps break up the monotony of the road and keeps drivers from sitting for too long, possibly damaging their health.

While short-haul truck drivers may have long hours, they have a better work-life balance than OTR truckers. This is because short-haul truck drivers usually drive between 150-250 miles for one delivery, while OTR truckers have deliveries over 250 miles.

How does Short-haul Trucking Work?

The smooth operation of short-haul trucking depends on a number of factors, including the safe loading and unloading of cargo, the selection of an appropriate truck for the job, the capacity to drive for extended periods of time, the completion of multiple shipments daily, the ability to drive skillfully on all types of roads, the ability to manage the stress of city traffic, the ability to deliver cargo safely to its destination, comfort in all weather conditions, the maintenance of hygienic conditions inside the truck, and the willingness to take on new challenges every day.

How Does Short-Haul Trucking Differ From Long-Haul Trucking?

The major distinction between long-haul and short-haul trucking is the distance that truckers must cover. Long-haul truckers cover large distances, travelling across numerous states, while short-haul truckers usually stay within a 150-mile radius of their home base. Because of this, long-haul drivers could spend weeks away from home, whereas short-haul drivers typically spend more time at home.

The kinds of roads and traffic situations that drivers face also set these two trucking industries apart. While short-haul truckers are more likely to work on local streets, which call for slower speeds and may involve more stops and turns, long-haul truckers sometimes travel on highways for extended periods of time at high speeds.

Additionally, short-haul and long-haul drivers may be subject to different regulations, particularly regarding the number of hours they are permitted to drive. Short-haul drivers may have various working time limitations compared to long-haul drivers.