Healthcare Fleet

What is a Healthcare Fleet?

A Healthcare Fleet is a specialised fleet of vehicles used by healthcare institutions and organisations to provide a range of medical services, support, transportation, and logistical operations.

These fleets play a vital role in ensuring high-quality patient care, delivery of medical supplies, and transportation for personnel to healthcare facilities or patients’ locations. Healthcare fleets need a diverse range of fleet management solutions tailor-made to meet the unique demands of the healthcare industry.

How Do Fleet Management Software Support Healthcare Fleets?

Fleet management software offer surgically-designed solutions for the healthcare industry, such as:

  • Cold-chain Monitoring: Fleet management software tracks the temperature of healthcare vehicles or reefers in transit to avoid the decomposition of medicines.
  • Complete Visibility: Ambulance operators can see the vehicles closest to the patient so that ad-hoc trip assignment becomes easier and more effective at the time of emergency.
  • Driver Behaviour Analysis: Software allows you to look into how each ambulance or cold-supply truck driver is driving to maintain the integrity of their sensitive tasks.
  • Engine Supervision: Cut down on fleet inefficiencies and vehicle breakdowns with constant engine supervision, warning managers if an ambulance is about to break down.
  • Sensor Integration: Sensors such as cabin thermometers, humidity sensors, tyre pressure monitors, etc. make healthcare fleets more robust and data-driven.
  • Video Telematics Solutions: Software allows doctors or fleet managers to look into what’s happening in and around the vehicles.
  • Route Optimisation: Route optimisation allows ambulances to get to the hospital/patients as quickly as possible through the fastest routes available.