GPS Tracking Software V/s Fleet Management Software

GPS Tracking Software Vs Fleet Management Software

Are you new to the world of vehicle tracking systems? Are you wondering if there is any difference between GPS tracking software and fleet management software?

Every industry has some confusing jargon that nobody seems to get.

In the fleet industry, fleet management software, GPS tracking systems, and telematics software are often interchangeably used. However, while they are packed in the same sheet, they bear different gifts.

Do you want to be well-adjusted to the terms used in the fleet management industry? Continue reading to know more!

The Different Vehicle Tracking Systems: Why Differentiate

Vehicle tracking goes much deeper than just checking dots on a map. Yes – knowing where your vehicles are is important. However, assuming that vehicle location tracking only includes lat-long location tracking comes with two problems:

  • It disregards advanced technology capable of doing much more than GPS location representation
  • It negates the way technology can aid in increasing business profits

Vehicle tracking systems are much more than knowing where your vehicles are. They delve into tracking every technical and geospatial aspect of the vehicles in your fleet. However, not every system has the capability to do that.

While GPS tracking software, fleet management software, and telematics systems are all vehicle location tracking systems, their benefits differ vastly. Therefore, to be able to leverage the benefits of vehicle tracking software in different forms, forming a distinction between them is important.

Features of GPS Tracking Software and Fleet Management Software

GPS Tracking Software, Fleet Management Software, and Telematics Systems: What Are They?

As already established, GPS tracking software, fleet management software, and telematics systems are three different things. Therefore, before you understand the key differences between each, you need to know what they are individually, right?

Let’s get acquainted with the three terms in vehicle location tracking systems in this section!

What is GPS Tracking Software?

When we think of GPS tracking software, we should always think of moving dots on a map instead of the entire fleet. The primary benefit of GPS tracking software is that you get to know where your vehicles are in real-time and what’s their running speed and status.

GPS tracking software needs a satellite connection and mobile network connectivity to function.

The sole purpose of using GPS tracking software systems for your fleet is to put your vehicles under surveillance. This could be done for several reasons – you might be looking at it from a safety or efficiency point of view, depending on the consignment your vehicles carry.

By installing GPS tracking software, you are essentially opting for a basic, no-noise tracking solution for trucks. Therefore, it is ideal only for small fleets that can do with the manual engine, fuel, route, and driver analysis.

What is Fleet Management Software?

A fleet management software system is what you should be thinking of if you’re looking to manage your fleet completely through one platform.

Unlike GPS tracking software, fleet management software systems collect much more than the locational data of your vehicles. They collect comprehensive geospatial data along with fuel, driver, engine, and maintenance information.

Fleet management software is a composition of all the tools you might need to keep your fleet’s uptime maximum for profitable operations.

If you’re looking to optimize your fleet functions and make your fleet much more productive, you will appreciate the insightful reports fleet management software systems generate. Fleet management software is ideal for any business looking to even slightly automate their fleet functions and admin operations.

What Does your Fleet Business Needs

What are Telematics Systems? 

Fleet management software and GPS tracking systems seem to cover it all, right? So, are you wondering what is telematics software? Well, you are not wrong in questioning that.

Telematics software is an umbrella term covering both GPS tracking software and fleet management software systems. As long as vehicles are involved and they are connected to something that is generating reports and offering results, it can be considered telematics software.

Telematics systems are basic necessity if you want any kind of digital transmission of information between vehicles and a computer using satellites and mobile networks.

GPS Tracking Software and Fleet Management Systems: How Do They Differ? 

To understand which system will work the best for your organization, you should keep these key differences between the two in mind:

  • Data Collection: Fleet management software can collect everything from the vehicles from geospatial to OBD data. GPS tracking software, on the other hand, only collects location data which might not be ideal for big fleets. Only fleet management software offers 360° fleet surveillance.
  • Presentation: GPS tracking software collects such small data that it might not be concerned with presenting it in the easiest way possible. However, fleet management software’s forte lies in organizing data in a bite-sized format for easy fleet understanding.
  • Impact on Performance: The purpose of GPS tracking software is simply to offer information. However, fleet management software systems are performance-oriented and help get metrics and reports that make your fleet function much more effectively.
  • Scalability: If you own an SME, you will know that initially, you only need a small software help to keep functions going. That is when GPS tracking software is ideal for you. However, it is when the fleet expands that GPS tracking systems might fail at scalability. At this point you will need a fleet management software system.
  • Applicability: GPS tracking software is perfect for things such as patrolling vehicles or small operations. Whereas, fleet management software is used in a myriad of industries such as logistics, pharmaceuticals, mining management, and school bus management.

GPS Tracking Systems or Fleet Management Software: What Is Right For Your Business?

Are you wondering if you should use fleet management software or GPS tracking software to manage your fleet operations? Here are some factors you should surely keep in mind while choosing the right vehicle tracking system for your business:

  • Nature of Fleet: Whether your business uses a fleet for in-house purposes or outsourcing makes a difference here. If your fleet is only for in-house functions, you might be okay with GPS tracking software. However, if you use your fleet for commercial purposes, you will need fleet management software since your operations would be on a much larger scale.
  • Features Required: Whether you need basic tracking features or need fool-proof fleet surveillance and efficiency features makes a difference in what software you’ll need. If you want to safeguard fleet functions to the core, you’ll need fleet management software. Otherwise, GPS tracking software will do.
  • Administrative Time: if you are tired of administrative functions in your organization, you will need a fleet management software system. However, if you have a small company that doesn’t need many admin functions, you can do so with basic GPS tracking software.
  • Insightful Reports: GPS tracking software only shows unprocessed information. However, fleet management software gets all the information and presents it in bite-sized reports for easier fleet strategizing.
  • Budget: Sure, fleet management software seems like the right choice to make considering the added benefits it comes with, right? However, if you have a small business, you shouldn’t negate GPS tracking software since they are a lot more budget-friendly.

Choose the Right System For Optimum Business! 

Both GPS tracking software and Fleet management solutions are extremely potent. What we think of the benefits of GPS tracking system, they might fit into your organization. However, if they don’t, why not look into the benefits of fleet management software?

Whatever vehicle tracking software solution you end up using, one thing is for sure – you need a vehicle GPS tracking system to get the most out of your fleet. And for that, you need a reliable name like TrackoBit behind your fleet. Get a demo for India’s fastest-growing telematics software and see your fleet business surge!

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FAQs on GPS Tracking Software VS Fleet Management Software

  • What is GPS Tracking software?

    GPS tracking software is a digital platform where you can assess the vehicle’s current location, mileage, speed and distance. It records vehicular and locational data that helps decode analyse trends around drivers and driving events.

  • What is a fleet management software?

    A Fleet management software is a comprehensive platform that provides more than just a vehicle's current location, speed, and mileage. It portrays big data on drivers’ behaviour and non complacent diving events like harsh acceleration, collision, frequent lane departure, etc. It even helps set geofence violation alerts, other 50+ safety alerts to prevent theft and misuse.
    And to keep fleet’s uptime at maximum, the system comes with an exclusive feature to set reminders for maintenance and service needs. The software is an all-encompassing platform that lets you monitor, manage and improve fleet scheduling and productivity for better margins.

GPS Tracking Software V/s Fleet Management Software

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