Is GPS Fleet Tracking Software Suitable for Small Business?

How GPS Fleet Tracking Software Keep Small Businesses on Track

Wondering how GPS fleet tracking solutions can turn out to be beneficial for your small business? This piece of writing delves into how you can save costs and maximize profits with the technology.

Are you a small business and managing your fleet makes you feel like herding cats?  There is so much to deal with, you constantly juggle to keep a close eye on your fleet’s movement. With that, you also lack efficiency and have a hard time keeping costs down while balancing your customer satisfaction. It’s too much to handle, right?

What if we tell you that GPS Fleet tracking software away all the operational challenges and help you focus on maximizing profits?

This will surely be like that one best friend who never fails to disappoint you. From optimized routes to improved driver efficiency and detailed insight into your operations, the solution provides you with all of it.

Sounds wonderful, right? Let us take you into all the details of GPS tracking software.

What are GPS Fleet Tracking Systems?

Heard of GPS fleet tracking a thousand times, but still wondering what exactly is a GPS vehicle tracking system. Let’s simplify the term for you.

In layman’s terms, a GPS fleet tracking system powered by GPS (Global Positioning System) technology helps track, monitor, and manage your fleets. This technology allows you to track the real-time location of their vehicles, as well as gather data on vehicle speed, direction, and other relevant information.

Cloud-based fleet GPS tracking software facilitates transparency between managers and drivers by providing both predictive and descriptive analysis. This is essential for locational tracking and improving other important metrics that will help you scale your small business.

Now that you have an idea of what GPS fleet tracking is and how it helps fleet managers with small-scale operations, let’s hop on to how GPS fleet tracking software is suitable for your small business.

Is GPS Fleet Tracking Software Suitable for Small Business? Decoding Great Reasons!

How do GPS Fleet Tracking Systems Benefit Small Businesses

Well, if you are just seeking a Yes or No answer, clearly it is a “Yes”. GPS  fleet tracking software can be highly suitable for small businesses as it provides you with an array of  benefits including.

1. Reduces Fuel Consumption

Do you ever wonder what’s the average operating cost of a truck per mile? Well, according to  Trucker’s Report, it is around $180,000.

Fuel is one of the primary and huge expenses for businesses with small fleet operations. The reduction in your fuel usage can have a direct and significant impact on the overall operating expenses.

With GPS fleet tracking software, it’s easy to optimize routes, which helps reduce fuel consumption, minimize vehicle wear and tear, and improve overall efficiency. This lets small businesses save money in the long run.

Additionally, when you opt for a fuel monitoring system, your business can have a close look at fuel consumption patterns and accordingly take corrective actions to minimize them.

2. Improves Driver’s Productivity

The better and more optimized the routes are, the better driver productivity is. An ideal GPS tracking software helps plan efficient routes that reduce your extra traveling miles. Such routes facilitate shorter TAT and on-time deliveries.

3. Enhances Asset Safety

When you choose a comprehensive GPS fleet tracking system, you get to mark safe geofences and receive prompt route deviation alerts.

Additionally, such systems are compatible with eLocks which help you mobilize or immobilize your vehicles when chances of theft are detected. With eLocks, you get real-time unlocking and failure notifications in cases of failed eLocks, or broken eLocks. You won’t have to worry about running out of Elock’s battery as the system keeps you notified about the battery status, throughout the course.

With TrackoBit’s asset-tracking software, receive real-time notifications about your fleet’s movements. Not just that, the system offers you a robust SOS alarm that rings when an unauthorized event is detected.

4. Reduces Operational Costs

The system helps you track more than just the locational whereabouts of your fleet. It lets you identify the operational areas where you are splurging maximum money. Your small business can effortlessly track:

  • Which driving routes or events are leading to maximize fuel consumption?
  • Which vehicle is overly utilized or under-driven?
  • The HOS of every driver  — was it more than what’s assigned? Is it leading to overpaying?
  • The time when the vehicles were unnecessarily idling (other than the traffic signals).

Before time, it lets you address and treat the areas that are expanding your operational expenditures.

5. Ensures Vehicles’ Optimum Utilization

By knowing the exact location and status of each vehicle, you can ensure the optimum utilization of their vehicles. The systems provide you with operational data of each vehicle regarding which one is over-utilized, underutilized, or marginally utilized. This helps in better decision-making and allocation of tasks for each vehicle.

6. Helps Small Businesses Scale

Many GPS fleet tracking solutions offer scalable plans that can grow with the needs of a small business. As the business expands and the fleet increases, such systems are adept at accommodating more volumes of vehicles easily.

7. Provides Detailed Insights

GPS fleet tracking software generates valuable data and insights that small businesses can use to make informed decisions about their operations. This includes information on vehicle usage, fuel consumption, driver behavior, and more. With such detailed insights, it’s easy to spot and treat any anomalies before they become massive.

GPS fleet tracking solutions for small businesses can provide you with tools that can help you manage your fleet in a way that improves your operational efficiency and cuts down significant operational costs.

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Summing Up

To sum it all up, GPS vehicle tracking software can be a highly beneficial investment for small businesses too. Despite the perception that such technology may be reserved for larger enterprises.

With the initial investment in the right GPS fleet tracking software, long-term advantages can be seen in terms of reduced fuel costs, better driver productivity, and safe delivery of valuable consignment in shorter TATs. Ultimately, it’s the scalability and flexibility of these systems that empower small businesses to compete effectively in their respective industries.

Time to Vibe on “It’s Money That Matter” by Randy Newman

Cost-cutting and efficient fleet operations are the pillars of enhancing profits in your business. TrackoBit’s GPS tracking software can help you keep more of that green in your pocket.  No more mystery miles, just efficient routes, happy drivers, and enhanced profits.  

Still waiting? 

Talk to our experts today to make your fleet operations financially abundant.


FAQs on GPS Fleet Tracking Software

  • What are the benefits of GPS fleet tracking software?

    GPS fleet tracking offers several benefits, including improved fleet visibility, route optimization, enhanced driver safety, better asset security, streamlined maintenance management, and overall cost savings through increased efficiency.

  • How much does GPS fleet tracking cost for small businesses?

    The cost of GPS fleet tracking varies depending on factors such as the number of vehicles in the fleet, the features and capabilities of the software, and the provider. Some providers offer subscription-based pricing models with monthly fees per vehicle, while others may offer customized pricing plans tailored to the specific needs of small businesses.

  • What is GPS fleet tracking, and how does it work?

    GPS fleet tracking is a technology that uses GPS satellites to monitor the real-time location of the vehicle in a fleet. It works by installing GPS devices in the vehicle, which transmits locational data to a central software platform that is accessible to fleet managers.

Is GPS Fleet Tracking Software Suitable for Small Business?

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