How To Choose The Best GPS Tracking Software For Your Business

How to Choose Best GPS Tracking Software For your Business

Choosing a GPS tracking software that will suit your business’s requirements is vital. Also, considering the additional features and credibility of the provider when selecting cannot be ignored.

Businesses relying on remote resources like fleet and field employees struggle with maintaining steady communication and visibility of their activities. And simple GPS tracking is not enough as it can be tempered with. What businesses require is GPS tracking software that goes beyond locational tracking.

But how do you search for software that adds value to your company? After all, the market is flooded with such software. To help you out, we have listed five steps to choose best GPS tracking software in this blog. Continue reading to learn more.

What is a GPS Tracking Software?

It’s important to have clarity in life. So let’s start with the basics- what is a GPS tracking software?

GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking system entails a portable device allowing you to monitor and track your mobile resources’ location. With an advanced GPS tracking system in place, you will get all the information in real-time along with insights into the operations.

Some GPS tracking system provides real time alerts whenever your field employee indulges in non-compliant activities. Also, it records data for future reference.

5 Steps To Choose Best GPS Tracking Software

Follow the steps listed below to ensure that the chosen GPS tracking system is just the right fit for your business.

1️⃣Identify Your Company’s Challenges

The first step to investing in a GPS tracking platform is to identify the challenges your company is facing, which can be solved by the software.

Each industry has its own set of problems when it comes to managing its field staff or fleet trips.

  • Difficulty in gaining visibility of the field staff’s actions and drivers’ driving practises.
  • Drivers and field employees might deviate from the assigned path or tasks due to personal reasons causing delays in delivery and meetings.
  • Possible misrepresentation of facts, fabricated reports etc., will harm the business. 
  • Geographical gaps cause fragmented communications with your assets. This will bring chaos to the operations and trips.

All these mishaps have adverse effects on the customer satisfaction level and operational costs.

While searching for the platform, it is also vital to consider the challenges faced by the drivers, mechanics, riders, and sales executives in the process. They also will be using the software. So it’s vital to search for a platform that offers GPS tracking solutions that solve the challenges faced by remote employees and assets on the go.

2️⃣Match Features and Products to Your Business’s Issues

The best way to address the problems you want to resolve with GPS tracking is to start pairing them with the benefits and features of potential solutions. Ensure that both your short-term and long-term goals align with the software. It’s best to opt for GPS-tracking software that grows as your business expands and scales.

Also, consider everything the platform is offering. Aside from GPS tracking and major solutions, what other features are offered?

Some features that are of great use and hold the potential to make remote operations and fleet trips a success are:

Reports: Reports are an important part of the GPS tracking platform as they will provide real-time metrics for operations. This will aid in making the right decision for the company. Right from a distance travelled reports, fuel consumption reports, orders gains or sales made by MRs. These reports are loaded with valuable data.

IoT and Dual App: The GPS tracking system creates an IoT ecosystem allowing multiple apps or dual app interfaces. This is great for easy communication, big data analysis and remote management.

Alerts and Notifications: Alerts and notifications are a method to stay up to date on the activities of field employees, delivery agents, and drivers. These alerts will notify the MRs of their appointments with doctors and managers of any anomaly in the vehicle.

Additional features like diagnostic information, route planning and dynamic dispatch features are also provided.

5 steps of Gps Tracking software

3️⃣Test Drive Potential GPS Tracking Solutions

You cannot buy a car without a test drive; similarly, you cannot select a GPS tracking software without testing its potency/efficiency. We recommend scheduling a demo and trial to better understand the platform’s features and UI/UX.

And if a provider is hesitant to let you try out the solutions before you invest, it is possibly because your expectation doesn’t align with what they offer. 

4️⃣Choosing the Right GPS Tracking Provider

During the trial and demo, you get to know what the software offers and the provider’s credibility, experience and level of customer satisfaction. Cost is undeniably an important deciding factor but should not be the only factor. Going for a GPS tracking system just because it’s cheap is not advised, as important criteria might not meet.

It’s best to choose software that offers value for your money, and not only that, but the provider is valuing its customers by maintaining the quality of the software with regular updates and support. Things to look at in the platform and provider.

User-friendly UI and UX: The app and web portal must be designed to make all the important data available in the least amount of clicks. Also, the interface must be easy to navigate for the field employees and drivers.

Robust Software Solutions: The solutions offered should be built on the latest technology stack with regular updates.

No Hidden Charges: Pay for just what you asked for. No hidden charges should be levied upon the business after purchase.

Tailored To Your Needs: Customisation is the key to understanding and catering to your needs. It’s best if the vendor offers a white label. This way, you get exactly what you seek without digging a hole in your pocket.

24*7 Technical Support: A friend in need is a friend indeed. A provider who is available at every beck and call is your guy. They should possess a team of expert technicians capable of solving glitches in the blink of an eye.

5️⃣Implement Your New GPS Tracking Solutions

Once you select your GPS tracking software provider, it’s time to implement your new software effectively. Training employees and the onboarding process should be well-organised and smooth.

Utilising the solutions fully will help you see the benefits of your investment.

What Industries Are Thriving By Using White Label GPS Tracking Solutions?

Industries employing field sales executives, MRs or relying on fleet, drivers or delivery agents stand to benefit from GPS tracking solutions. The House of TrackoBit offers a whole range of solutions suitable to help you track and trace remote vehicles and employees.

Transportation and Logistics Industry

Businesses dependent on logistics and mobility to conduct business are in for a treat as TrackoBit offers a whole convoy of features and solutions. This will not only help them execute time and cost-optimised trips but will also help them ensure vehicle and driver safety.

Fuel Monitoring System: Fuel is the biggest expense for fleet businesses. And the only way they can reduce this is through monitoring consumption. Managers receive real-time reports on fuel levels, consumption patterns or trends, allowing managers to compare and detect excess consumption or degrading vehicle health.

Video Telematics: Visually monitor your drivers and vehicle performance through video telematics. It has two components: ADAS and DMS. The former uses an AI-enabled dashcam facing the road detecting whenever the driver jumps red lights or change lane frequently.. The latter has a dashcam facing the drivers, and through AI, it detects non-compliant activities of the drivers like yawning, dozing or distracted driving.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring: Differentiate the bad drivers from the good ones by monitoring their driving performance. Fleet operators or owners will receive alerts whenever drivers accelerate or deaccelerate hard or harsh cornering. This also affects their driver score.

Route Planning and Optimisation: The system will help with route planning and optimisation. It will suggest the shortest and best suitable route, thus reducing transit time and fuel consumption.


right fleet management software


Field Force Management

Task Management: Assign, edit or add tasks and schedules on the go with the task management feature. Now managers can even plan in advance with a bulk task upload option. You can even track task status live.

Geocoded Attendance: Eliminate chances of time theft or buddy punching with a geo-coded attendance feature. It automatically marks the presence of field employees once they reach their first task location.

Order Management: Bring ease to order placement and management with TrackoField. It maintains complete transparency by displaying orders billed by field sales employees in real-time to managers.

Expense Management: Automate the reimbursement process by allowing field employees to upload claims remotely. The claim request is visible to managers automatically. Employees can track their request status in real time.

Performance Reports: Every little detail of the employee’s performance is reflected in the performance reports in real-time. It gives an accurate performance and productivity measurement to the managers.


right field force management software


Last-mile Delivery Industry

This industry is the supply chain’s most expensive and monitored segment. Responsibility for customer satisfaction dangles on the shoulders of last-mile delivery managers and riders. TrackoMile understands, and that’s why it offers solutions that take on these responsibilities expertly.

Route Optimisation: Ensure quick and on-time delivery of parcels and orders by assigning the shortest and best-suited routes with the help of route optimisation solutions.

ETAs and POD: Gain customer satisfaction by providing complete visibility of the timeline of their orders. By sharing the link, they get to track and trace the agents and delivery alongside the last mile managers.

Also, the software offers multiple methods of PODS like e-signature, OTP, QR code scanners and more.

Dynamic Dispatch: Dispatch orders and delivery agents as quickly as possible by automating the pairing of riders, orders and vehicles.

Rider Roster Management: Know not just the location but also the bandwidth of riders and availability of the vehicles with ease through the rider roster.


choose best last mile delivery software


Which is the Best GPS Tracking Software?

Only when you choose the best can you get the best results. And to ensure that you make the correct choice when investing in GPS tracking software, we suggest you stick to the steps listed.

TrackoBit offers a whole convoy of solutions and features that can be modified to suit almost all the industry’s requirements. Additionally, it comes with a team of support that are available to solve any glitches you might face at any time. With it, you can track your assets at any time, anywhere.

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How To Choose The Best GPS Tracking Software For Your Business

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