eLock Integration With Fleet Management Software

Bring safety, robustness, tracking, and surety to your container
locking system by integrating eLocks into our fleet management system.

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eLock Integration With  Fleet Management Software

Why Do You Need eLocks?

If you want your fleet to be extra supervised and safe,
eLocks are the way to go! eLocks are manufactured to
make your consignment safe.

  • Robust Structure

    It is near impossible to break them physically.

  • Verified Unlocking

    They’re unlocked via restricted electronic commands.

  • Built in GPS Device

    Built-in GPS tracking systems make asset tracking easier.

  • Long Battery Life

    Get at least 15-20 days of battery life from a single charge.

Unlock Safety with Verified
Unlocking Systems!

Get options to lock and unlock your container with verified
systems. With TrackoBit, eLocks can only be unlocked
through restricted modes.

  • RFID

  • SMS

  • Server

  • Bluetooth

  • Barcode
    scanning systems

Important Notifications Lock Your Attention

Not only are eLocks safe from random and unauthorised unlocking, you also receive
notifications about important activities.

Important Notifications Lock Your Attention
  • Unlocking Notification

    Get notifications through emails, SMS, push notifications, WhatsApp, Telegram, and much more whenever your containers are opened.

  • Effective Organisation

    You can sort unlocking information and notifications according to county/district and province/state with TrackoBit’s powerful integration.

  • Failure Notification

    In case the eLocks fail, are broken, or attempted to be hacked, you will receive instant notification through our fleet management system.

  • Battery Notifications

    Receive notifications whenever your eLock is running out of battery to avoid automatic and unverified unlocking.

Triple Threat to Theft

Lock your consignment behind our three-tier
eLocking system

  • Abnormal stop

  • Locking and
    unlocking history

  • Route deviation

Boost Your Consignment Safety With eLocks

Experience fleet safety like never before with eLocks!

  • Verified locking

    Verified locking

  • Unlocking notifications

    Unlocking notifications

  • Restrict unlocking areas

    Restrict unlocking areas

We Integrate eLocks
From All Providers

eLocks or eSeals? Domestic brands or
imported hardware? Get any device you
want and we’ll integrate it with our software.

  • 500+ devices integrated
  • Multiple eLock unlocking systems
  • Technical troubleshooting via SMSs
  • AIS 140 GPS Tracking Devices
We Integrate eLocks From All Providers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have some questions about how eLocks work, what role they play in fleet management systems,
and how we integrate them? Don’t worry, go through these answers or
contact us at sales@trackobit.com !

  • What are eLocks?

    eLocks or electronic locks are locking devices that are operated through electronic currents and cannot be unlocked without specific commands and signals. They do not open with keys and are robust enough not to be physically broken. They are ideal for sensitive consignment transportation and safe asset deliveries.

  • Where can I use eLocks with fleet management systems?

    eLocks are a great asset for businesses looking to secure their consignment and have an extra layer of locational tracking for their assets. They can be used for:

    - Asset tracking

    - Security services

    - Scheduled locking and unlocking

    - Unlocking area regulations

  • Why are eLocks better than eSeals?

    eLocks are better than eSeals for three specific reasons:

    - eLocks can be reused while eSeals cannot. Once a seal is broken through fixed commands, it cannot be resealed. Elocks on the other hand, can be locked and unlocked multiple times.

    - With the right fleet management software integration, consignment managers can receive notifications for whenever the lock is opened or closed. eSeals, on the other hand, cannot be resealed, so the managers only receive two notifications - when they’re sealed and broken.

    - Most good eLocks come with in-built GPS tracking devices. eSeals, on the other hand, don’t. Therefore, eLocks do not only lock away assets but also track them in real-time.

  • Why use eLocks instead of traditional locks?

    eLocks add an extra layer of security to the fleet management system as compared to traditional locks.

    - Traditional locks can be opened with keys that can be easily duplicated. eLocks, on the other hand, generally have very verified and complicated ways of being unlocked.

    - Traditional locks can also be easily physically broken while eLocks are extremely physically robust.

    - Managers don’t receive any notification or data regarding the container locking and unlocking activities with traditional locks. However, with eLocks, every locking and unlocking activity is duly noted with time and locational data and is notified to the concerned people.

    - Traditional locks cannot add a layer of asset tracking to your supply chain. eLocks, on the other hand, can.

    Therefore, if you are looking to safeguard your fleet and assets to their optimum level, eLocks are the way to go!

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