4 Best Route Planner Alternatives (Better than MapQuest)

4 Best MapQuest Route Planner Alternatives

Find out which MapQuest route planner alternatives are way better in offering optimised navigation and route planning for streamlining any travelling or logistics needs.

Did you know, as per a Geotab survey, almost 63% of fleet managers using telematics technology ranked route optimisation as their top priority? It looks like the logistics sector understands how efficient route planning is the key to delivery success.

According to further research, businesses using route optimisation saw a significant reduction of 20% in fuel costs. Also, on average an American driver idles for more than 16 minutes daily (losing about 3.8 million gallons of gasoline). Which totals almost USD 7,980,000 each day – a crazy number!

To preserve excessive fuel spending and time on the road, delivery businesses need other efficient MapQuest Route Planner Alternatives — that are more efficient, customisable, and accurate. 

Here are the best route planner alternatives that are worth investing in.

4 Best MapQuest Route Planner Alternatives

To fill in the gaps of MapQuest route planner, we bring you our top 4 picks for best route planner alternatives:

4 MapQuest Route Planner Alternatives

1. TrackoBit Route Planner – Powering Your Deliveries

TrackoBit brings an efficient route planner software that is designed to optimise the most efficient routes for vehicles navigating between multiple locations. Their delivery route planning solutions with geospatial telematics and automated algorithms help calculate efficient routes while considering 120+ factors like:

  • Traffic
  • Distance
  • Time constraints
  • Vehicle Capacity 
  • And lots more

Their easy-to-use delivery route planning software system allows users to input destinations, and the route planner helps evaluate the best possible route. If you have a fleet with multiple orders, it helps create a tour with the most effective trip sequence based on priorities. All this helps businesses effectively plan delivery routes to save fuel costs and time on the road. With their bespoke solutions, many fleet owners have experienced:

  • Reduced operational expenses
  • More fuel savings of up to 20%
  • Enhanced business productivity
  • And enhanced customer services

This 5+ years old platform with a presence in 30+ countries, having 2 Lakh+ units onboarded, has simplified logistics, delivery, and transportation.

Last Mile Delivery Software

Have everything done within seconds: order sorting, route optimisation, and dispatch planning.

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2. On Fleet

Onfleet offers an integrated route optimization engine that lets you consider real-time scenarios like time, location, traffic, vehicle & driver capacity, etc. — to suggest the most efficient routes. This delivery route planner app allows fleet managers to change or re-optimize routes in real-time and send them to drivers.

Their solutions are easy to connect with existing tools and systems, thus making it easy to export data without much effort. It allows easy data migration through CSV or Excel files. By using it, the system can connect to hundreds of third-party apps like Google Sheets or Shopify without coding efforts. 

Shortcomings of On Fleet Route Planner

On Fleet might not appear to be the right fit for all users as it comes with gaps like

  • The cost might appear high for small businesses
  • Offline capabilities can be limited
  • Analytics can be basic

3. Circuit

The circuit route planner helps find the most efficient routes without letting you waste time in traffic — idling. This delivery route planning software is specially made for delivery drivers to perform multiple deliveries without delays. Circuit delivery route planner app specifically fits businesses with courier management services wanting to effectively plan delivery routes across any geography. 

Best Features

  • Interactive maps to locate the best routes
  • Easy tracking of driver’s whereabouts to admins/dispatchers
  • ETA & order status
  • Generation of proof of delivery in formats of e-signatures, images, and notes
  • Order status sharing via SMS or email to customers

Shortcomings of Using Circuit Route Planner

Circuit delivery route planning software finds it difficult at times to navigate complex urban environments and offers limited customization Besides this, the software cannot easily optimise routes having multiple stops. 

4. Route4Me

Route4Me is another renowned route planning platform that provides businesses with tools to — plan, optimize, and manage driver’s delivery routes efficiently. Their platforms’ solutions are built to save organisations time, cost, and fuel bills to help them achieve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

This delivery route planner app is suitable for logistics, delivery, and supply chain businesses looking for basic route management with optimised costs.

Why is the MapQuest Route Planner Not Up to the Mark?

  • MapQuest’s delivery route planning software does not always provide the most up-to-date traffic information which adds to potential delays.
  • The accuracy of its maps and directions can vary, resulting in incorrect routes or addresses. 
  • Some users have reported a less intuitive interface compared to other navigation apps, making it less user-friendly. 

A Best Route Planning & Optimisation Software Help Achieve

The best delivery route planner apps in 2023 lets businesses:

  • Plan better routes that reduce travel time and fuel costs.
  • Minimise vehicle wear and tear, extending their lifespan.
  • Update routes in real-time that increase productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce carbon emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Helps avoid traffic congestion and unforeseen obstacles.
  • Enhance overall operational efficiency in logistics, delivery & transportation.

Why TrackoBit  Route Planner over MapQuest?

Real-time Route PlanningUtilises real-time route optimsation technology to identify the most optimal route for travelling between any to & fro location. While taking into account various factors such as distance, time, traffic conditions, and specific goals. 
120+ Factors Considers over 120 factors for selecting the most time and cost-saving routes. These factors include:
  • Weather conditions
  • Traffic Blocks
  • Road conditions
  • Order priority
  • Vehicle capacity
  • Driver availability and more.
Route Deviation AlertThe system shoots instant notifications when a driver deviates from the designated route. With comprehensive reports, both trip & driver-specific, you understand the reasons or patterns behind the deviations.
Simple InterfaceThe intuitive, navigational, and visually classic interface of TrackoBit, helps navigate solutions to routing problems with ease. With quick clicks, features & settings, you can learn the application in no time.
Proof of DeliveryUnlike MapQuest, TrackoBit offers proof of delivery features too. Through the app, your drivers can collect and submit delivery proofs through:
  • Digital signatures of the recipient 
  • Product images 
  • QR codes
  • Additional notes for further clarity.
Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Many route planning options lack the ability to provide accurate estimated arrival times (ETAs). Our software, on the other hand, offers precise ETAs derived from real-time data and optimized routes that account for multiple stops. 
  • The best part, it can dynamically adjust the ETA as your journey unfolds, taking into account changing traffic conditions.

If you want to power your deliveries across any journey and route for any fleet size and product category, TrackoBit’s route planning solutions won’t disappoint you. Can’t believe it? We are offering a free demo! Try that.

Our Route Planning Solutions Compatible with Trusted Hardware Devices

TrackoBit’s route planning software is compatible with vast GPS devices/sensors such as door closing sensors, e-locks, temperature sensors, and more. We help you with a comprehensive software and hardware combination with which you can plan and optimise delivery while safeguarding assets and ensuring fuel efficiency.

All-in-one Delivery Solution

Delivery Route Planning FAQs

  • What is delivery route planning?

    Delivery route planning is the process of finding the fastest and most cost-efficient routes to deliver the goods to the customers; by identifying factors like:

    1. Traffic

    2. Delivery priorities

    3. Vehicle & driver’s capacities

    4.And other 100+ variables

  • Who should use route planning software?

    The above best route planner alternatives are ideal for:

    1. Drivers looking to exchange information on what needs to be delivered and where.

    2. Shipping, transportation departments, and field services.

    3. Organisations wanting to track delivery performance indicators.

  • Why is Delivery Route Planning Important?

    Delivery route planning is important as it ensures time & cost-effective logistics and further leads to:

    1. Reduced fuel consumption.

    2. Minimised delivery times.

    3. Enhanced customer satisfaction.

    4. Optimised resource allocation for businesses.

  • Which is the best delivery route planner?

    TrackoBit offers the best route planning and trip management solutions that help plan the most time-efficient and cost-effective routes. 

  • What are the common challenges in delivery route planning?

    There are multiple challenges while planning delivery routes like:

    1. Traffic congestion.

    2. Unpredictable weather conditions.

    3. Last-minute delivery changes or cancellations.

    4. Road closures or detours.

4 Best Route Planner Alternatives (Better than MapQuest)

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