Best Courier Delivery Software of 2024

8 Best Courier Delivery Software of 2024

Discover our curated list of the top 8 Courier Delivery Management Software 2024 that helps ensure on-time delivery volumes with end-to-end courier visibility.

Ensuring that the orders reach the end consumers on time along with maintaining the cost of last-mile operations, gets too much for logistics companies. This is causing the companies to seek out the best courier delivery software.

The software offers solutions like route optimisation, rider, carrier, and dispatch management, all the while enhancing the visibility of the deliveries in real time. But the question remains: which is the best courier delivery software solution?
Spot the answer in the article.

last mile delivery software

Last Mile Delivery Software

Have everything done within seconds: order sorting, route optimisation, and dispatch planning.

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8 Best Courier Delivery Software

1. TrackoMile

TrackoMile Last mile Delivery Software

TrackoMile is a good choice for businesses looking to optimise their last-mile delivery business. Its automated suite of solutions ensures that the orders or parcels reach their end consumers on time. The advantage of adopting TrackoMile into your system is that it is a white-label courier delivery software that offers elastic customisation, which is also pocket-friendly.

TrackoMile Features:

  • Dynamic dispatch management
  • Route optimisation
  • Automatic carrier Management
  • Rider roster
  • Supports mutliple PODs 
  • Real-time rider and order tracking

2. Tookan


Tookan offers on-demand courier services, allowing customers to enter pick and drop-off locations, get estimated costs, and track shipments in real-time. It offers tailor-made courier services for every business, such as food delivery, grocery, pickup and delivery, logistics and courier. 

It is optimising delivery by

  • Automated Dispatch
  • Smart Analytics
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Route Optimisation

3. Shipday


Shipday is an easy-to-use courier delivery platform designed especially for restaurants, ghost kitchens, ultra fast grocery deliveries and other small-scale businesses to manage local deliveries. Automation, real time GPS tracking and notifications power the courier and delivery software of Shipday. It has made managing riders and orders from one place easy.

Shipday Software Features:

  • Real-time driver locations
  • Automated driver assignment
  • Built-in access to 3rd party delivery services
  • Available on the web, phone and tablet

4. ParcelLab


ParcelLab is a courier delivery and service software that seeks to personalise the shipping experience of customers. The software is helping companies offer personalised experiences to end consumers and build customer retention. It currently serves 500+ clients and delivers 6M shipments every day.

With Effective Solutions like:

  • Real-time analytics 
  • Attentive customer care team
  • Effective return reminders

5. Sorted


Sorted is new-age delivery management and courier delivery software. It helps ecommerce entrepreneurs sort out their shipping process to provide a better delivery experience to customers. Automate returns, refunds and exchanges automated.

Key Features:

  • Automated shipping and carrier selection
  • Automated order updates
  • Customised delivery time 

6. LogiNext


LogiNext Mile is a courier delivery service software that provides a range of shipping options. Its flagship offering, LogiNextMile, is devoted to resolving last-mile delivery problems that e-commerce companies face.

Key Features:

  • Automatic route optimisation and re-routing 
  • Order Fulfilment with digital POD
  • iOS and Android applications

7. LateShipment


LateShipment is a SaaS platform that offers online retailers full e-commerce logistics and courier delivery services. It includes a great claims tool that handles claims automatically for any billing anomaly or shipment delay.

Key Features:

  • Data reports on shipping performance. 
  • Easy return management 
  • Cross-selling options with a branded tracking page

8. Onfleet


Onfleet’s courier delivery software works for any business that depends on fast and efficient last-mile delivery software. Its system offers tools and features that streamline routing and tracking to keep consumers updated on their orders. The software supports API integration that enhances the workflow.

Key Features:

  • Route Optimisation
  • Search and Filter
  • Auto assignment
  • White labelling

Must have Features of Courier Delivery Software

  • Route Optimization

Route optimisation is one of the reasons why last-mile companies deliver orders on time. This feature helps plan your rider’s stops effectively and reduces fuel consumption and man hours

It takes into consideration geography, delivery window times, and 120+ other factors into account. These variables may significantly impact the efficiency of route optimisation. Additionally, you may instantly send drivers optimised routes with only one click if you have the best courier delivery software.

  • Driver Tracking

Your dispatchers must have access to real-time data to assign drivers wisely. You can quickly check which drivers are clocked in, what assignments they have lined up, where they are situated, and more with courier delivery software

Dispatchers can operate more effectively and manage the workloads of their drivers with the aid of this functionality. Customers can also use tracking, which enables them to keep track of the status of their deliveries.

  • Automatic Notifications

Consumers frequently want real-time delivery status updates, including information on when an order is received, is en-route, and is delivered. Using the courier delivery platform, you can programme automated alerts to inform clients of any updates to the delivery status. And even provide them a tracking link for real-time visibility on both ends.

This feature keeps your clients informed and reduces the workload for your dispatchers. Not only does it lessen the possibility of deliveries going wrong, but most importantly, it boosts client happiness and loyalty.

  • Integrations

These days, the best courier delivery systems can be integrated with pre-existing software. This enables data import and export to connect with other programs. For instance, you can automate data transfer straight from your courier delivery software by integrating it with your accounting program using the appropriate software.

Final Thoughts

Using courier delivery software, logistics companies can improve driver efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and easily manage last-mile logistics deliveries. The software successfully automates and streamlines delivery trips through multiple solutions. It lightens the burden off the shoulders of dispatchers. 

So companies should always go for the software that has the features and solutions that fulfil the requirements of the business, offers customer support, and is customisable. 

Oh, this sounds exactly like TrackoMile. Not only will TrackoMile automate back-end last-mile operations, but for sure, it will also help companies build a bond of trust with their consumers.  

Last Mile Delivery Software

Have everything done within seconds: order sorting, route optimisation, and dispatch planning.


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Best Courier Delivery Software of 2024

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