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Route Planning Solutions for Flawless Fleet Management

Stay at the forefront of logistics and fleet management solution with TrackoBit. We offer comprehensive solutions backed by automation and the latest tech stack. Optimised route planning ensures enhanced productivity, customer satisfaction, and business decision-making.

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One stop to optimise and streamline your route planning and trip management drill.

  • Route Management Software Offerings

    Accurate Insights into Trips,
    Deliveries, and Driving Behaviour

    One software that offers customised yet diverse solutions. TrackoBit is lauded for its accuracy and trusted for its robustness.

  • Route Deviation Alert

    The system triggers instant notifications when a driver deviates from the assigned route. Detailed driver-wise and trip-wise reports give better clarity on the reason for regular detours.

  • Estimated Time of Arrival

    Our software sends automatic alerts to managers, clients, and users, updating them about the delivery whereabouts. Clients get a link in their inbox that displays the live movement of the vehicle.

  • Proof Of Delivery

    We offer four types of POD - automatic, OTP-based, e-signature and QR coded. It ensures the safety of consignment and improves client satisfaction. This eliminates any possibility of false updates from drivers.

Off Beat Industries

Industries Our Route Planning Software Caters To

Route Planning Software for the FMCG Industry

Route Planning Software for the FMCG Industry

  • Complete Delivery
    Management solutions.
  • Route Predictions with Dispatcher.
  • Find the nearest vehicle
    with reach analysis.
  • Scale business with gap
    and density analysis.
Route Planning Software for the Mining Sector

Route Planning Software for the Mining Sector

  • Create routes where there are none.
    ‘Auto Trips’ make trip planning easy for managers.
  • Vehicle Status Filters - Loaded,
    Unloaded, At Loading & At Unloading.
  • Transfer Geofences with the help
    of KML Integrations.
  • Get mine boundary violation alerts.
Route Planning System for State Security Forces

Route Planning System for State Security Forces

  • Mark patrolling areas, Monitor
    PCR vans and routes they follow.
  • Track and manage the network
    of Patrolling vans.
  • Gap analysis, reach analysis
    and density analysis.
  • Find the nearest vehicle to
    the SOS site.

Good Trip Guaranteed

Keep BT at Bay with the Best Route Planning Software

As the technology evolves so do the requirements of users. Advanced route planning solutions come with a simpler user experience and unique UI. TrackoBit offers complete trip management in three simple steps.

Create Tour

Create Tour

Mention delivery location, define the duration, and set the sequence of the halts to create the custom tour.

Monitor Route

Monitor Route

Live tracking allows real-time visibility of vehicles and monitoring of routes they follow. Save efficient routes for future use.

Manage Trips

Manage Trips

Manage trips while the vehicle is in transit by dint of live tracking. Assess insightful reports that our system generates.

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Joining forces with the right software can go a long way.

What to Expect from Route Planning Software

You asked one? We give you six enticing reasons to choose TrackoBit’s Best Route Planning Software.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Dynamic ETA, timely deliveries and consignment safety are three primary factors that ensure client satisfaction.

  • Trip Prioritisation

    Customise the sequence of deliveries by prioritising more important clients first in the halt sequence.

  • Accurate Data

    Data is the currency of the 21st century! The accuracy of data can make way for numerous business opportunities.

  • Better Decision Making

    Route planning software aids insightful decision-making which is imperative for scaling a business.

  • Increased Profits

    Spot anomalies, mitigate them and reduce losses by taking the right business decisions backed by impeccable data.

  • Save Time and Resources

    Software-aided solutions optimise fleet operations to the core, hence saving time, money and other resources.

Dynamic ETA

Ensures Customer Satisfaction to a T(rip)

Clients get the link to track the consignment via an SMS. They get regular updates on the whereabouts of the consignment, live tracking and dynamic ETAs. This upholds transparency and trust amongst both parties.

Manage Trips Manage Trips Manage Trips Manage Trips

Run The Show Remotely

Benefits of Route Planning Software

Get a live bird-eye view of your vehicles on the phone along with odometer reading, trip status, expected delivery time and a lot more. The vehicle route planning software system generates insightful reports on fleet performance.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

  • What is route planning?

    Route planning refers to the process of determining the most optimal route to travel from point A to point B most efficiently. Route planning involves considering various factors such as distance, traffic along the route, road connectivity and condition, time of the day etc. Route planning can be done manually or with the help of software such as telematics solutions, GPS Tracking systems and route planning software. Involvement of technology such as route monitoring software automates trip planning and stops sequencing.

  • Why is GPS route planning software important?

    Route planning is essentially important for the logistics sector including fleets, delivery companies, transport firms and 3PL companies. Route management software is imperative for multiple reasons but one or two.

    1. Competitive edge
    While more fleets are resorting to technological aid, only the ones who are making the right use of the data and technology at hand stay ahead of the competition.

    2. Cost Reduction
    Real-time data and updates by route tracking software provide you with more visibility into operations, resources, and performance, hence enabling optimised operational decisions.

    3. Better Route Planning
    Route management software allows for optimal routing on factors such as shortest route, less fuel consumption, on-time delivery etc. with the help of GPS and hundred other variables in real-time.

    4. Optimal Resource Allocation
    Automation ensures timely and efficient resources are distributed and allocated along the daily or weekly schedule. The route planning system also ensures the availability of all resources in tandem at all times.

    5. Scalability and Growth
    Automation and optimisation make way for efficiency and productivity. They further allow scalability and growth on all fronts. The route planning software implements real-time change of plan without compromising on efficiency with the help of ad-hoc tasks and deliveries.

  • Are route planning and GPS Route Planning the same?

    Yes, you can say so if technological aid is involved. Traditional route planning used to happen manually on a physical map coupled with insights gained with experience. However, in today’s time and age, it is not possible without the help of GPS.

    Trip planning done with the help of GPS routing software allows real-time decision-making with the help of live updates. The route planner software automatically shares the shortest and the most optimal route based on real-time traffic insights, road conditions, distance, time and many other variables.

  • What are the benefits of route Management software?

    The benefits of route planning software are many, including:

    1. Efficient route planning and optimisation

    2. Time and cost saving

    3. Enhanced fleet productivity

    4. Improved customer satisfaction

    5. Optimally allocated resources

    6. Real-time vehicle tracking and insights

    7. Automatic report and analytics

    8. Enhanced fleet and consignment safety

  • What are the key elements of a route Management system?

    Advanced route planning software must come with a bunch of must-have features, without them the software is just a tracking software that is not driven by automation.

    1. Route Optimisation
    A route tracking system that offers optimised routes just by feeding in a bunch of addresses.

    2. Route Deviation Alerts
    Real-time deviation alerts ensure optimal driving behaviour, fuel consumption and adherence to ETAs.

    3. Dynamic Estimated Time of Arrival
    Dynamically generated ETA consider multiple factors into account such as traffic, distance, weather, etc. and keep updating ETAs in real-time.

    4. Multiple Types of POD
    Different businesses require different PODs depending on the business model they have. Therefore the route planning solution must offer QR/Bar code scanning, e-signature, OTP-based and automatic PODs as options.

    5. Auto Trip Creation
    Route planning software driven by automation must offer auto route planning and trip creation just by feeding in a bunch of addresses. Loop trips or daily/routine trips must run on auto trip creation without any manual intervention.

    6. Delivery and Dispatch Automation
    Now that route planning and optimisation are done automatically, dispatch and delivery must also happen as per schedule and availability of the resources. That’s what route management software takes care care of.

    7. Carrier Management
    Automating vehicle management including vehicle allocation, EV charging management and scheduling vehicles in tandem with riders comes under carrier management that is done automatically by the route planning software. Wondering where to get software that offers all of this along with custom solutions? Well, look no further than TrackoBit!

  • How does route monitoring software by TrackoBit work?

    Route planning software works on the same principle as that fleet management software. The GPS tracker/smartphone fetches the location insights via GNSS and sends data packets to the cloud server. The software fetches the data from the server and displays it in the form of understandable UI and bite-side reports.

    However, advanced solutions such as route optimisation, dispatch management, delivery monitoring, etc involve nifty algorithms and rules to offer top-notch accuracy.

  • Does TrackoBit software allow for multi-stop route planning?

    Yes, TarckoBit offers multi-stop route management. Not only this, this advanced route-monitoring software allows route optimisation and dispatch management in just a few clicks.

  • Does TrackoBit’s route planning software provide directions to each stop?

    Yes, if you opt for the driver app as well, then drivers are navigated to each halt via the most optimised route generated by the software.

  • Is it mandatory to install a GPS Tracking device to get route management solutions?

    No, it’s not. You get route planning and tour management feature with Mobile tracking solutions as well. Other than GPS tracking and mobile tracking, we also provide sim tracking solutions that do not require internet connectivity at all.

  • What features make TrackoBit route planning solutions right for my company?

    A bunch of advanced software solutions developed on the latest tech stack ensure top-notch security and scalability. 24*7 tech support, an experienced development team and avant-garde research and development team ensure nothing less than top-notch accuracy and features.

    TrackoBit’s pool of solutions and features include:

    1. Route Deviation Alerts

    2. Route Optimisation

    3. ETA and PODs

    4. Auto Trip Creation

    5. Dispatch management

    6. Delivery Optimisation

  • Is your software compatible with sensors as well?

    Yes. If not precise, roughly 500 devices/sensors have been integrated with our software as of now such as door closing sensors, e-locks, temperature sensors, TPMS and many more. We can easily integrate commonly acceptable protocols. In case you have doubts about the compatibility, let us tell you that we have a provision for a free trial. You can test whether or not your devices are compatible with our software.

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