Tour Management Software

Create a domino effect of flawless optimization with the best Tour Management Software. Better trip planning leads to improved fuel economy and better time management, which results in enhanced fleet performance, thus, creating a domino reaction.

What We Offer

Power to Empower your Business

We offer smart route optimization solutions to scale up your business. An advanced tech stack to ensure real-time visibility, complete security and informed decision making.

Trip Dashboard

The dashboard is like a trip console from where you can track, control and manage the entire fleet. Just spend five minutes on the dashboard to keep abreast of your entire fleet.

Route Deviation

An alert is generated every time the driver deviates from the designated route. Unlike earlier, it is impossible for drivers to go unnoticed in case of route deviation and breach of the plan.

Accurate ETA

You get ETA for every stoppage marked on the trip. You also get an option to share the details with your clients/dealers who are expecting a delivery from you.

Proof of Delivery

You get alerts as the Proof of Delivery as soon as the vehicle enters/leaves the geofence. This eliminates any possibility of false updates from drivers.


Improved Turnaround Time


Increased Route Density


Reduced Overall Fleet Costs

What You Get

The best route to achieving your business goals

Streamlining trips, routes and deliveries with our fully equipped route planning software. We empower you to automate your trip management process. Bid adieu to manual routing and analysis.

Save on Time

Time is the most precious commodity. TrackoBit not only helps us save on that but also improves time and resource management. You can plan for shorter, faster and better routes that lead to a quick turnaround time.

Reduced Fuel Costs

With route optimization, we solve the Travelling Salesman problem. Taking a shorter route means lesser fuel consumption. You get detailed reports that help you determine the most cost-effective route.

Hassle-free Trip Management

Right from planning, assigning to managing trips, everything happens on one portal. It’s easy to access from anywhere, at any time, by anyone – the fleet manager, transporter, client or end-users.

What You Get

All that you need to keep your vehicles fueled.

We offer you top-notch service and the best uptime in the industry without any compromise. Our promise of quality comes without conditions. What are the other benefits you can avail of a robust fuel monitoring system?

Say No To Fuel Theft

YWhenever a sudden drop in fuel levels is detected, you are notified then and there. This helps in taking immediate action. In fact, you can question the driver later with proof in hand.

Reduced Operations Cost

Improved fuel economy leads to a reduction in overall fleet costs. Our clients have reported more than 20% reduction in fuel costs ever since they have upgraded to a fuel management system.

Monitor Fuel Wastage

Fuel wastage due to idling, harsh acceleration or reckless driving behaviour can easily be detected. Reports and insights provide detailed information on fuel consumption, mileage and refill activities.

Smarter Approach for Faster Results

Equip your mobile workforce to optimize, plan, create and assess profitable tour strategies.  Manage multiple tasks in one place. Our route optimization software is built to adapt to your needs. It’s easy to learn and use. 

You can reduce the number of trips, distance travelled by improving route density. Analyse reports and insights to plan your trips efficiently and reduce fuel costs. The software helps in smart route scheduling, improving vehicle utilization, unnecessary wear and tear or downtime. 

Our advanced trip dashboard acts as a console from where you can monitor and manage all the vehicles. Speed up the operations, optimize management and enhance safety with the finest technology in hand. Enhance customer experience by providing quick turnaround time and accurate ETA.

Why Choose TrackoBit

TrackoBit is the fastest growing Telematics software company. We are a young and dynamic team of highly skilled coders, experienced strategists and ingenious creatives. We are driven by innovation and shaped by challenges.

We’ve delivered robust software solutions to top-level companies. We have integrated more than 800 devices and sensors for our clients. Our clients vouch for our reliable services, actionable insights and qualitative product. You get the complete solution to manage your fleet in one place with TrackoBit.

Fleet Management

Enhance visibility, improve insights and increase uptime with the smartest software by your side. 

Fuel Monitoring

Monitor fuel consumption remotely. Get refill/drainage alerts, actionable insights and more.

Driver Behaviour

Track driving behaviour and assess performance. Eliminate the possibility of deceit and improve efficiency. 

Asset Tracking

One powerful tool to manage all your assets and ensure their security. Get accurate insights into the performance of your assets. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your software have a multi-stop sequencing feature?

Yes. Our route planning software enables you to determine the most cost-effective and time-saving route. You can rearrange the sequence, add or remove the stoppages from the trip to ensure maximum utilization of the vehicles. It will not let the driver’s personal preferences derail your foolproof route planning.

Is your tour management system designed for a specific industry or can it be customised as per our preference?

Yes, we can provide customised solutions for any industry. We have already catered to more than 15 sectors so far that includes FMCG, Dairy, Logistics and more.

Can your software generate alerts in case of route deviations and unwanted stoppages?

Yes. Only the best route planning software provides this feature. We do not only offer route deviation and stoppages alerts but also, provide reports of such incidents.

Does your software provide elastic ETA and Proof of Delivery?

Yes. Our software does smart route optimization. The ETA that reflects on the screen is not the fixed ETA that appears at the time of trip planning, it’s elastic. The software updates it depending on various factors such as distance travelled/left, time, average speed, weather condition, route deviated and a few more. 

We offer multiple options as proof of delivery – OTP, receiver’s signature, picture of the receipt and automatic POD generated by the software itself.

Is it mandatory to install a GPS Tracking device to get route management solutions?

No, it’s not. You get route planning and tour management feature with Mobile tracking solutions as well. Other than GPS tracking and mobile tracking, we also provide sim tracking solutions that do not require internet connectivity at all.

Is your software compatible with sensors as well?

Yes. If not precise, roughly 500 devices/sensors have been integrated with our software as of now such as door closing sensor, e-locks, temperature sensors, TPMS and many more. We can easily integrate commonly acceptable protocols. In case you have doubts about the compatibility, let us tell you that we have a provision for a free trial. You can test whether or not your devices are compatible with our software.

Does your software support API integrations?

Yes. Our software is an integration-friendly setup that enables push and pull APIs via custom connections. We have easily integrated more than 1000+ APIs so far. We use standard protocols and a secure approach to ensure safe, efficient and fast sharing of data.

You are just one step away from securing the solution that’s right for your business.

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