Route Planning Solutions can Work Wonders for Fleet Management Business

Route Management Solutions can Work Wonders for Fleet Management Business

The transport and logistics business is dependent on drivers for the execution and completion of trips.

Even though fleet managers plan the best possible route, covering maximum touchpoints, drivers end up taking the road that pleases them. It may affect the overall fleet efficiency.

When you manage a fleet of a hundred and a thousand vehicles, it’s not easy to keep tabs on every driver. They tend to manipulate the trip as per their convenience by compromising on the schedule and timely deliveries. However, it’s also essential to have faith in your drivers. So what’s the way out?

Gone are the days when fleet managers were dependent on their drivers’ to prepare reports. They are not worried about the discrepancies between planned and executed trips anymore. Analytics of the trips and the entire fleet have become more reliable now. Fleet owners have not only increased their profit margins but also improved the accuracy of their estimates. They turned to technology to take care of everything.

Route Management Solutions For The Win

Early adopters in business are optimizing their trips by investing in advanced Trip/Route Management Solutions. It helped them in cutting their hassles in half and boost profits to double by optimizing day-to-day activities. It can work wonders for you too. Here’s what we mean by that.  

route planning is the key to better fleet performance

1. Route Optimization 

Who values time better than people in the logistics business? With the help of an advanced Route Management System, you get to select the fastest possible route to plan your daily trips. 

You can avoid routes with heavy traffic and regular congestion that lead to delays. You have complete control over deciding the sequence of the stoppages, the duration of the halt and planning the trip most efficiently. In case the driver violates the planned timeline, you will receive a notification with an alert.    

2. Proof Of Delivery

You can track vehicles in transit and get real-time updates. You do not have to await for the driver’s call to receive the delivery update. You get alerts as Proof of Delivery as soon as the vehicle enters/leaves the geofence. It eliminates any possibility of false updates from drivers. You may also opt for OTP and e-sign as proof of delivery. 

3. Estimated Time of Arrival

You get ETA for every stoppage marked on the trip. You may share the details with your customers/dealers who are expecting a delivery from you. Along with the estimated time, you also get the distance, and how far the vehicle is from the last and the next stoppage. 

Estimated Time of Arrival

4. Save Fuel Cost

With route optimization solutions, we solve the Travelling Salesman problem. Taking a short route means lesser fuel consumption. Not only that! You get detailed reports that help you determine the most cost-effective route that saves time and fuel. 

5. Analytics and Reports

You don’t have to depend on manipulated data that you receive from your drivers or other human sources. With a completely automated solution, you get accurate reports with uncompromised analytics. You can assess the discrepancies between the planned trip and the executed route. These reports help you make informed decisions and enhance trip planning in the future. 

6. Route Deviation

Now you don’t have to keep logging in to the portal now and then to track high-value consignments. With Route Deviation, you get an alert every time the driver deviates from the designated route. These alerts are like a heads-up that there’s a breach of the plan. If a driver deviates from the route very often, you might need to look into the matter. 

Tour Management has proved to be the MVP(most valued player) in the food supply chain, to be specific. However, other industries like  FMCG, Pharmaceutical, etc., also bank on Route planning software to enhance their supply chain. 

If you believe Trip/Route Planning can prove to be an asset in your logistics/fleet management business, feel free to ask for a demo of our highly recognised Route Planning Software, TrackoBit. Don’t buy it, unless you try it!

Route Planning Solutions can Work Wonders for Fleet Management Business

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