First Attempt Delivery

What is First Attempt Delivery?

“First attempt delivery” typically refers to the initial effort made by a delivery service or courier to deliver a package or item to its intended recipient. When a package is shipped, the delivery service will make the first attempt to deliver it to the address provided by the sender. If the recipient is unavailable or if there are other delivery issues (such as an incorrect address or access issues), the delivery may not be successful on the first attempt. In such cases, the delivery service may leave a notification or attempt to contact the recipient to schedule a second delivery attempt or provide instructions for pickup.

What is the Importance of First Attempt Delivery?

Here are the reasons why first attempt delivery is important in last-mile delivery process:

  • To improve customer experience and retain customers
  • To minimise additional cost
  • To increase “word-of-mouth” marketing
  • To gain a competitive edge

How to Ensure First Attempt Delivery?

If you handle your last-mile or logistics tasks manually, you cannot ensure that your orders will be delivered on time or increase the rate of first-attempt deliveries. On the other hand, automating the majority of logistics processes through the integration of last-mile delivery software, such as TrackoMile, into your company can significantly improve the likelihood of a first-attempt delivery.

  • Track Deliveries in Real time With this feature, customers can check the updated status of their order.
  • Check Live Delivery ETA Customers can check the estimated time of arrival and also the reasons for delay, if any.
  • Reschedule Delivery Time and Date As soon as the customer reschedules time, address, or date, the driver gets an instant notification in their app and they don’t attempt for the delivery. Also, they can get new delivery routes in seconds to perform other deliveries.
  • Geofence Exact Location’ Dispatchers can geofence final delivery location on the map and help the riders to locate the delivery address without any hassle.
  • Communicate with Riders The software automatically sends required driver details to customers so that they can communicate with them.