Threshold Deliveries: Safe and Timely Delivery

Threshold Deliveries Safe and Timely Delivery

Deliver expensive Moroccan plates in one piece through threshold delivery. It delivers heavy and fragile parcels to your thresholds within the time slot. 

Another addition in the last mile 101 dictionary – threshold deliveries.

84% of customers say delivery is a crucial factor in the online shopping experience. But what happens when customers are left with damaged products due to harsh handling and delayed delivery of their orders? 

It is high time now that businesses start doing everything in their power to offer the best of last mile delivery to their customers, and that includes – intact delivery of fragile orders to the customers. As the craze and convenience of online shopping increases, the demand for seamless and efficient delivery has become ever more important. 

Companies like Amazon, Home Depot, Ikea and Best Buy are at the forefront of this transformation through threshold delivery. 

If, like us, you, too are curious and searching for last-mile delivery methods to deliver heavy and fragile items to customers intact, then you are at the right place. Scroll down to find answers to your queries regarding threshold delivery logistics.

What are Threshold Deliveries?

In threshold deliveries, the parcels are delivered to the customer’s property within the selected time window. It places the items in a secure and dry place. This delivery form is generally used when consumers order bigger or fragile items unlike in a standard final mile delivery where the presence of the consumer or client is not necessary. Threshold deliveries require that the consumer be present when the deliveries are made.

What Does Threshold Delivery Include?

Convenience at Customers’ Threshold!

Appointment Scheduling: Due to the specialised nature of the delivery, threshold deliveries are generally scheduled beforehand. This is so that the assembly or installation can be done timely. 

Room of Choice Delivery: The foremost thing the threshold delivery option offers is delivering the items to a particular room mentioned by the consumers. Barring customers from doing any heavy lifting and manoeuvring.

Assembly and Installation: Delivering products like shelves or TVs involves assembling and installation. Delivery through threshold delivery makes these products available for immediate use with the least effort from the customers’ side. 

Packaging Removal: Unlike standard deliveries, threshold deliveries also include removing the packaging of the parcels.Convenience Pro Max!

Reasons for Choosing Threshold Delivery

Both businesses and consumers gain a lot from offering and choosing threshold delivery. thus making it a popular choice in the e-commerce industry. Companies that add a free shipping threshold can increase orders by 90%.

For Consumers

Reduced Risk of Damage: Since the fragile or heavy parcels are being handled, assembled and installed by professionals, there are fewer chances of damage during transit or setup. 

Immediate Use: The best part of successful threshold deliveries is that it ensures that customers start using their purchase items immediately and without a hassle.

For Businesses

Enhanced Customer Experience: For last mile delivery businesses, offering threshold delivery will set them apart as they can score higher customer satisfaction and build a higher brand image. 

Reduced Returns: There are no worries about the second delivery attempt, as the threshold deliveries are scheduled according to the customer’s preference. This also means no additional costs for reattempted deliveries. The best part is that there is less chance of damaged goods during transit or assembly. 

Competitive Advantage: Businesses offering threshold deliveries are bound to have a competitive edge. The reason is the hassle-free experience customers gain with this service.

These benefits of threshold logistics get amplified by partnering with technical solutions like TrackoMile’s last mile delivery solutions. It automates delivery management, which helps to meet and exceed customer satisfaction.

Threshold Delivery vs. White Glove Delivery

Threshold Delivery vs. White Glove Delivery

It’s common to confuse the threshold delivery method and White Glove Delivery Method. Both are perfect options for scheduled indoor deliveries. 

Threshold delivery is less expensive than white glove delivery. While threshold deliveries entail the carrier delivering the parcels in a secured place on schedule and receiving signature. Whereas white glove delivery means the carrier brings packages to a specific room and helps with assembly.

White glove delivery is a type of delivery service where the delivery personnel not only bring the parcel into the customer’s home and place it in a dry, secured place but will also unpack, assemble/install, and even dispose of the packaging materials. White glove delivery is for customers who do not have time or skills to assemble and install their orders.

What is the Cost of Threshold Delivery?

Threshold delivery has a lot of associated costs related to it. It requires extra labour and time to unload, place items, assemble or install. Businesses should anticipate higher shipping fees. 

For example, Home Depot offers scheduled threshold shipping with fees based on order size and delivery vehicle size. HAY, a home furniture designer, charges 12 per cent of the order value for their second-tier threshold delivery service but caps it at $349 for larger orders.

Some factors that affect the cost of threshold delivery are: 

  • Size of order
  • Price of product
  • Type of delivery vehicle
  • Delivery window
  • Requirement for installation

Ikea is a prime example of threshold delivery, or in-house delivery, starting from $59, whereas its standard parcel delivery costs start from $9.99.

Its in-house delivery is ideal for larger furniture orders that require some extra care while delivering. Customers can choose a date and time for delivery according to their convenience.

Some aspects of Ikea’s threshold delivery include:

  • Customers can choose between 2 and 4-hour delivery windows during checkout, be it online or offline. Availability of a 2-hour delivery window is subject to the consumer’s delivery location.
  • Orders are delivered into the household’s entryway (first threshold). 
  • Signature or POD is mandatory, unlike in other Ikea’s delivery options.  

Products Best Delivered Using Threshold Delivery

Threshold delivery specialises in delivering larger, valuable or fragile items that require extra care and attention while in transit. This delivery method ensures that customers do not receive their precious cargo in shatters. 

Fragile tags are taken seriously!

Fragile Handle with Care


Sofas, beds, dining tables, shelves and more are frequently associated with threshold delivery. As these items are heavy and generally require assembling.


Large and expensive household appliances like refrigerators and washing machines come under threshold delivery. Professional installation will ensure that the appliances are ready for immediate use.  


Due to their delicate nature and requirement for proper setup, high-end electronics, such as large-screen TVs, home theatre systems, and gaming consoles, frequently require threshold delivery.

Fitness Equipment

Threshold delivery services commonly deliver treadmills, elliptical machines, and weightlifting equipment. Proper installation and room-of-choice delivery are crucial for these items.

Products Best Delivered Using Threshold Delivery

Home Improvement Products

Items like kitchen cabinets, countertops, and bathroom fixtures may also require threshold delivery, especially when they are custom-made and need professional installation.

Specialised Items

Threshold delivery extends to specialised items like antiques, fine art, and collectables. These items demand the utmost care and attention during delivery to preserve their value and integrity.

How TrackoMile Empowers Threshold Delivery

TrackoMile’s last-mile delivery software is on the path to helping companies automate and smoothen out their delivery process to win over and retain customer satisfaction. 

Real time Visibility

TrackoMile provides real-time visibility into the entire delivery journey. This level of transparency benefits both businesses and customers. Businesses can track the delivery agent and order status in real-time. Meanwhile, customers receive updates on their deliveries, including ETA and any changes to the schedule.

Route Optimisation

Route optimisation is vital for a successful threshold delivery. TrackoMile utilises advanced algorithms to optimise delivery routes by considering 120 factors to ensure the timely delivery of orders. This technology can make all the difference in satisfying customer expectations for threshold deliveries, where precise timing is essential.

Slot Selection

Threshold deliveries are synonymous with slot scheduling. TrackoMile’s dynamic dispatch management system simplifies the process, ensuring that parcels are delivered within the time windows.

slot selection

Collect PODs

No more lost packages with TrackoMile. Carriers can now conveniently collect PODs in multiple formats through the rider app, such as e-signatures, OTP, and code scanners and click pictures. This form of automation is vital for business productivity. The delivery person collecting proof of delivery improves drivers’ accountability and, in turn, increases customer satisfaction.

Pocket Customer Satisfaction with Threshold Delivery

Offering threshold delivery is the best way to win customer satisfaction when done right. It will not only ensure fragile items stay intact but also that customers do not have to do any heavy lifting. The delivery company offers to get their hands dirty. But it is only possible when paired with the right technology.

TrackoMile is an automated last mile delivery software that streamlines the threshold delivery process. Its dynamic dispatch management and optimised route solutions ensure that the deliveries are made within the time window.

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Threshold Deliveries: Safe and Timely Delivery

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