Top 7 Fleet Management Software 2023 – Redefining Logistics

Top 7 Fleet Management Software To Get Before 2023 Ends

Explore which top 7 fleet management software helps companies organize, manage, and coordinate vehicles from a single platform.

Every supply chain business aims to optimise fleet operations for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability while ensuring timely maintenance and route optimization. Don’t you aim for that too?

Sure you do!

Let’s introduce you to the 7 best fleet management software in 2023, designed to automate your fleet management, monitor vehicle performance, enhance driver safety, and ensure regulatory compliance. These platforms enable data-driven decision-making for improved performance.

7 Fleet Management Software Worth Investing in for Improved Logistics

Delve in to discover the future of efficient fleet management with these 7 top fleet management software in 2023.

1. TrackoBit – “Expect a Lot More Beyond Tracking”

TrackoBit is a comprehensive white-label fleet management software that leverages the power of geospatial analytics, route optimization algorithm, video telematics solutions, and driver behaviour monitoring. Being at the forefront of tech innovation, this fleet management software goes way beyond tracking and helps optimise operations and ensure asset safety for more savings.

What’s Beyond Tracking?

With a presence in 24+ countries, this omnipresent fleet management software platform is serving a multitude of industries and businesses with the following:

Fleet management features

Be it eCommerce, retail, construction, or any other industry seeking streamlined fleet management, TrackoBit’s AI-powered vehicle tracking software helps every kind.

2. Samsara – “The Connected Operations Cloud”

Samsara provides comprehensive, all-in-one fleet management software that assists in vehicle tracking, route optimization, fuel consumption management, and maintenance-related alerts. It incorporates an automated workflow for drivers. Its mobile app helps streamline check-ins, pre-trip inspections, and safety compliance processes.

It gathers real-time data from mobile to a consolidated and centralised analytics dashboard within Samsara’s fleet management software. It gives fleet managers options to select from 30+ preset reporting templates as well as options to create custom reports. The platform also enables SMS and email alerts for temperature sensors, geofences, and driver behaviour.

Global fleet management market

3. Onfleet – “Real-time Tracking Software”

Onfleet is a fleet management tracking software that meets the service needs of distributed delivery fleets. It offers an efficient route optimization algorithm that takes into account variables like drivers’ locations, traffic, delivery volumes, or delivery priorities to calculate the most efficient routes for drivers. 

Onfleet has smart technology that re-calculates routes and changes them automatically on the driver’s dashboard throughout the journey based on real-time conditions. Moreover, it even informs the drivers about their assignments which helps increase productivity.

On top of that, Onfleet has an intuitive mobile app that enables drivers to manage deliveries, log photos of their drop-offs, scan barcodes, and collect e-signatures. Its built-in chat system allows the driver to communicate with the supply chain team effortlessly.

4. Fleetio – “Designed to Automate Fleet Operations”

Fleetio specialises in fuel management and fleet maintenance. It seamlessly integrates with fuel card systems, enabling efficient fuel tracking and consumption optimization. The platform imports daily fuel card transactions, promptly alerting managers to any externalities. The software through a reporting dashboard facilitates comprehensive fuel efficiency analysis based on the vehicle’s location, movement, driver, and time.

Fleetio offers tools for monitoring and informing about routine maintenance, repairs, parts, etc. Detailed records like shop time and mechanic history of each vehicle are also available through it.

5. GPS Trackit – “Cloud-based Fleet Management System”

GPS Trackit is a vehicle tracking software that provides GPS tracking, alerts, analytics, route optimization, and more. It features an interactive map that displays real-time locations of in-service vehicles, allowing efficient driver rerouting. The reporting dashboard aids in monitoring driver performance, enhancing fuel efficiency, and overseeing maintenance.

This fleet-tracking solution gives options to integrate video recordings into management. It allows capabilities to record real-time streaming from front- and cab-facing cameras with the option to archive videos for verifying any potential accident or liability.

6. Autosist – “Simplified Fleet Maintenance Software”

Autosist is a streamlined vehicle maintenance and fleet management software. It allows dispatchers to effortlessly organise and track maintenance schedules, service history, and expenses for individual vehicles or entire fleets. It even allows users to set reminders for inspections, oil changes, and other tasks to ensure timely maintenance. 

Its interface simplifies data entry and retrieval and its customizable reports offer insights into vehicle performance and expenses. Autosist’s mobile app enables real-time access and updates, which makes it a suitable choice for individuals, businesses, and organisations looking to efficiently manage their fleets and optimise vehicle maintenance.

7. Fleetable – “Solution for Compressive Transport Management”

Fleetable is a notable cloud-based fleet management software offering assistance in a range of services involving invoicing, reporting, booking, and accounting followed by seamless customer support. It allows administrators to manage role-based access permissions for staff members. Admins can even sell, purchase, or retread tires across workshops.

Fleetable allows organisations to book consignments from various locations and compare tire performance. It helps send automated notifications via email, SMS & WhatsApp to clients about loading, package arrival, or entire fulfilment processes

It makes it easy for supervisors to assign support tickets to staff members, track pending requests, and sell, purchase, or transfer spare parts according to requirements.

Checklist for Choosing the Best Fleet Management Software in 2023!

Want to reduce the chaos of fleet maintenance and management? Here’s what you should look for while picking top fleet management software in 2023:

✔️ Route Planning & Geospatial Analytics – Must allow managers to monitor, analyze, and revise real-time asset operations to help reduce costs, and expand fleet throughput and safety.

✔️ Customised Fleet Management software –  Look for need-oriented fleet management software offering customisation according to your business’s specific needs and use cases. More than that, the acquired software must have a 24/7 support team to look after any technical glitches or downtime.

✔️ Built-in Analytics – Fleet management software should deliver analytics and reports regarding the real-time progress and status of each fleet for better efficiency, safety, and effectiveness.

✔️ Route Optimisation – Fleet management software should optimise routes and help assign jobs to nearby drivers as they come up.

✔️ Maintenance Logging – The software should help keep track of routine maintenance and repairs for each vehicle through constant reminders & notifications.

✔️ API Integrations – Software must offer custom API integrations to connect vehicle tracking software or comprehensive fleet monitoring platforms with internal software like Tally, SAP, Bitly, etc.

✔️ Integration with GPS Trackers & Sensors –  The offered solution must be paired with the best-in-industry GPS tracker brands like ATrack, Concox, Teltonika, etc.

Final Thoughts on Fleet Management Software 2023!

These were the top 7 fleet management software companies that offer innovative solutions for efficient routing, streamlined operations, real-time tracking, and maintenance optimization. Their user-friendly interfaces, advanced tools, and predictive analytics empower businesses to reduce costs, enhance productivity, ensure compliance, and emerge as a leader in the fleet management industry.

Streamline routes, track vehicles in real-time, and optimise maintenance with our cutting-edge fleet management software.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Fleet Management Software

  • What is fleet management software?

    Fleet management software is a comprehensive solution that the company’s fleet managers/ dispatchers use to track all vehicles on a unified dashboard. It helps monitor driver behaviour, vehicle idling, safety, maintenance, and more.

  • What is the best fleet management software?

    Which fleet manager services are right for you depends on the features your business needs. For a comprehensive all-in-one fleet management tracking solution, check out TrackoBit, which offers advanced telematics and geospatial solutions according to your fleet type and size.

  • What are the benefits of fleet management systems?

    Fleet management software can help your business run more efficiently, reduce fuel costs, and keep your company’s vehicles properly maintained.

  • What is the purpose of fleet management software?

    The purpose of AI fleet management technology is to supervise, organise or manage fleet operations for optimal business performance. More than that, to ensure that they meet the company’s fleet management goals and contribute to profitability while resulting in safety and reliability.

  • What does fleet management software do?

    Fleet management software helps you track your business’s vehicles when they’re out on the road. It can also keep track of vehicle maintenance requirements, plan out the most efficient routes, and help you communicate with drivers.

Top 7 Fleet Management Software 2023 – Redefining Logistics

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