Top Ways To Improve Worksite Productivity With Telematics Solutions

Top Ways To Improve Worksite Productivity With Telematics

Telematics solutions tracks your fleet and monitors the data gathered from the sensors. Which will help you in improving the productivity and performance of the fleet.

In a common scenario, fleet managers expect their drivers to be productive, ignoring the vehicle aspect. But if you were to integrate your fleet with a telematic solutions, then- Bazinga!

Your vehicles and drivers are both productive and up and running/driving.

Do you know what that means? – Doubled profits, reduced expenses, customer satisfaction and everything good.

If you are still wondering how to achieve it, the secret is fleet telematics software.

Did we get you intrigued? Read this blog to know the secret to a productive fleet. 

What is the Fleet Telematics System and How Does It Work?

A fleet telematics system is a technology that collects vehicle data through sensors. Since it is a  cellular network that transmits the data to the cloud, the data is available remotely on multiple devices. The GNSS system interprets the vehicle’s location at any time in real time.

The system does not stop at locational tracking. It goes way beyond that. Fleet telematics software picks data from the sensors, OBD, and other devices integrated into the vehicles. Data from all of them gets transmitted to the GPS tracking software in real time.

Telematics help you mine that gold reserve of data that will help you improve your bottom line and drive your vehicle more efficiently.

Managers can utilise this data in many forms. One of the major benefits of using fleet telematics software is to detect inefficiency, unproductiveness and increase in idling.

How Are Fleet Telematics Solutions Responsible For Improving Worksite Productivity?

Telematics technology is a staple among businesses that utilise vehicles. You need to understand the full range of benefits of incorporating this technology into your data collection and processing strategy.

Track Your Driver’s and Vehicle’s Productivity Rate

The telematics software lets you keep an eye on every aspect of your fleet operations. This is beneficial for mindful allocation of resources, optimisation of routes and reducing turnaround time.

All this results in lower fuel and labour costs (in the case of commissioned drivers).

Enhancing the visibility of your driver’s whereabouts and activities can unlock valuable insights into their performance. TrackoBit will tell you who’s behind the wheel in real-time. Identifying driver behaviour, driving skills, and vehicle health boosts productivity.

With the telematic system’s ability to geofence, managers will have an idea of the status of the assets. This includes data on arrival time, time spent on the location and even distance driven.

Helps Reduce Your Fleet’s Fuel Consumption

Telematics solutions make a major impact by shortening fuel bills. Driver’s wrongful practises like idling, speeding, harsh braking, etc., contribute to excessive fuel consumption and bills.

TrackoBit’s detailed and accurate insights and solutions, like route optimisation and fuel monitoring, pick up on fuel usage patterns and identify the reasons behind unnecessary fuel use. The solutions can work to reduce fuel consumption and improve vehicle efficiency.

Nurture a Solid Safety Culture and a Well-run Fleet

The safe operations of your fleet depict it as being productive. Driving safely has a clear impact on the profitability of the company. This may include:

  • Reducing the risk of accidents and related costs through real-time alerts, notifications and video telematics.
  • Reducing fleet insurance premiums as there is a reduced number of accidents thanks to proper driver behaviour monitoring.
  • Increasing drivers’ productivity and alertness as they know they are being monitored.
  • It also helps with driver retention and boosts morale because of the company’s reward programme.

Monitoring driver behaviour and maintaining the vehicles well can create a safer and more productive fleet.

Develop Safer, More Accountable, and Efficient Drivers

Telematics solutions will reduce risky driving issues like not using seatbelts, speeding, harsh braking, cornering, etc., and associated costs. It does so by providing visibility of the driver and two-way communication while also encouraging better and safer driving.

Through it, driver accountability gets amplified and allows you to reward good driving behaviour.

The system has a leaderboard that provides key insights into drivers’ activities and behaviour. This enables you to set up effective driver training and reward programmes.

How is Fleet Telematics Improving Worksite Productivity

Identify Underperforming Vehicles

Identifying underperforming, underutilised vehicles and areas that need refinement or upgradation is vital. Only then can you maximise drivers’ and fleet’s productivity standards and workloads.

With the aid of telematics solutions and data interpretation, you can monitor and detect drivers’ and vehicles’ idling and working hours. This will help improve vehicle performance, positively affect fuel economy, and reduce wear and tear of the engine. This will enhance the efficiency of the bottom line.

Enhances Fleet Health and Maintenance

Unpredicted repair costs can be like Mike Tyson’s punch, especially for companies working on a tight budget. This also results in delays and downtime, which negatively affects the profits.

But with telematics software in place, maintaining a healthy fleet becomes possible and easy peasy lemon squeezy. The telematics solutions are AI and ML-effective, which allows tracking and staying at the top of the maintenance game possible. It does so through preventive maintenance and scheduling repairs in advance. Also, managers get reports on vehicle health.

It Helps Plan Better Routes

Telematics system with its smart solutions like route optimisation and planning will identify the most suitable routes for the fleet’s trips. This way, they don’t have to travel a kilometer extra. It’s a perfect way to reduce fuel consumption and also in transit periods.

Through it, the time spent behind the wheel reduces significantly. The combination of real time trip tracking and fleet reports will help boost drivers’ productivity. This enables your drivers to complete more work in the same amount of time. Thus lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Future of Telematics

Telematics is what is helping industry leaders drive a productive and successful fleet. The insights and analytics that the telematics system provides are vital. The system is so important that it is now estimated to be of a value of $3556m by 2026.

And with the advent of 5G, AI, ML and IoT, there is no stopping its upward trajectory. As autonomous vehicles enter the mainstream, the need for telematics is becoming more dire.

Businesses relying on mobile assets need to understand that to move fast, you need assistance from data and insights. Only then can you make actionable yet confident decisions. The future of telematics will not only provide data but will also understand data through machine learning. It will automatically analyse and spot irregular patterns and potential issues.

Vehicle Telematics Market Size (USD Billion)

All Good Things Start With T- TrackoBit and Telematics

Just knowing the position of your fleet in real-time is not enough. What we seek is productivity – the real game changer.

But what’s the catalyst? How do you make your fleet and drivers efficient and productive without having to push for it? No, please don’t think much; let us help you. The answer is a telematics system.

A system designed to monitor and help you grow your fleet’s performance and productivity.

What we know for now about the telematics solutions is just a teaser. The trailer and movie are yet to be launched. Stick around our blog to know the power of telematics and what lies ahead.

TrackoBit offers technically advanced telematics solutions, allowing you to leverage future technology and helping you in staying ahead of your competition.

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Top Ways To Improve Worksite Productivity With Telematics Solutions

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