7 Tips To Improve Fleet Sustainability With Fleet Management

7 Tips to improve Fleet Sustainability With Fleet Management

Using sustainable fleet management methods by switching to greener options like electric vehicles, biodiesel, preventive maintenance, and route planning will help your operations be eco-friendly.

Repeat with us- Go Green! Go clean!

Sustainability Goals – you might have heard of it and must have felt the increasing pressure if you are a company dealing with fleet or logistics. There is pressure to be part of the race to be eco-friendly and achieve the government’s net zero agenda.

Net zero agenda aims to reach zero emissions by 2050. But to be part of the green race, companies have to move towards making eco-conscious choices. This makes environmental-friendly driving practices a common part of fleet conferences.

But what are the practical ways, and where is the starting line of this green race? The answer is –  Sustainable Fleet Management.

What is Sustainable Fleet Management?

Sustainable fleet management is the practice of running a clear fleet. It focuses and pays attention to the environmental and financial impact the fleet is having. To build a sustainable fleet, you need to strike a balance between both components.

All the industrial advancements came at a price. And today, we are seeing the dreadful effect in the form of global warming. And it is negatively affecting essential resources like fuel and raising inflation, affecting the entire supply chain.

But sustainable fleet management is a double-edged sword. For it is not only going to help your fleet go green but also helps to reduce operational costs.

Top 7 Fleet Management Tips to Improve Fleet Sustainability

In order to demystify the process and ensure that you run in the right direction, we are going to outline the steps you should take to improve your fleet’s sustainability.

Optimise Route Planning and Vehicle Use

Do you know the reason why this point is at the top?

Because with efficient route planning and vehicle optimisation comes fuel savings and reduction in vehicle emissions. The very goal the government and your company are aiming for.

Using sustainable fleet management software to automate route planning and sequencing minimises unnecessary mileage. Additionally, use fleet management software to help schedule the right vehicle for trips and deliveries.

Road Transportation

Implement Driver Training Programs

Driver behaviour significantly impacts how green your fleet’s trips are. Everything matters, from how efficient your drivers are to the total idling time. Idling greatly affects your fleet’s carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

Regular training is a must; opt to gamify it to make this training even more effective. Rather than stressing about finishing the job on time, focus on teaching how to drive economically. Driving practices such as smooth acceleration, maintaining a steady speed, and, if possible, eliminating idling are ideal. Encourage drivers to avoid aggressive manoeuvres to reduce excessive fuel consumption.

Regular Maintenance and Eco Tire Selection

Regular maintenance is like that ticket to the green marathon. It is vital for fleet sustainability.

Scheduling regular tire tunings will ensure that the engines are running optimally. Also, predictive analytics and maintenance are great ways to ensure the vehicle’s health monitoring and optimal performance.

We are desperately looking for ways to rectify the damage done to our environment. We have even started using eco-friendly tires. The advantage of them, other than being eco-friendly, is that they are designed to achieve fuel efficiency. They reduce rolling resistance which results in higher fuel savings and lower emissions.

Monitor and Analyse Fleet Performance

Telematics is the right choice as it will track the green status of your vehicles in real time. It will identify areas that are malfunctioning, causing excessive fuel usage and an increase in carbon emissions. With the key metrics it provides, you gain insights into the vehicles that might be underperforming, drivers indulging in not-so-eco-friendly driving practices and much more.

Did you know that idling vehicles emit over 10 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air?

Adopt Electric Vehicles

This goes without saying that integrating electric vehicles into your fleet will be advantageous. Not only will they provide you with green benefits, but they will also be cost-effective. That is because they are not subjected to fluctuating fuel prices.

Additionally, the government offers incentives and grants for including EVs in your fleet and installing charging infrastructure.


Electric trucks


Reduce Mileage Travelled

Companies must implement strategies and methods to reduce the kilometres travelled for sustainable fleet operations. This avoids unnecessary kilometres that contribute to gas emissions to the environment, vehicle wear, increased fuel usage, and time spent on trips.

Increase Fleet’s Fuel Efficiency

By using electric vehicles, you are anyway reducing fuel consumption. Being mindful and maintaining the vehicle’s pneumatic pressure will elongate their working conditions. Also, optimising alternative fuel usage, reducing fossil fuel consumption and replacing it with other alternatives such as biodiesel and renewable diesel blends.

Paint Your Path Green with TrackoBit

If you think that you can only be part of the green revolution by adopting EVs, then you are not completely wrong. But even your existing vehicles can contribute to an eco-friendly fleet.

All you need to do is be mindful of its actions and activities, and regular maintenance can be a changing factor. Sustainable fleet management software is your path to a greener future.

TrackoBit is changing the way you manage your fleet and trips. It offers sustainable fleet management solutions allowing you to adopt greener practices.

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7 Tips To Improve Fleet Sustainability With Fleet Management

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