Access Management

What is Access Management?

Access Management is a security feature in TrackoSuite that allows the admin/top authority to assign limited access to various people. Therefore, everyone gets to access that part of the software and the app that are relevant for them to see – maintaining security and privacy around business-sensitive information.

Why is Access Management Important?

Access management is an integral part of all TrackoSuite products, i.e. TrackoBit, TrackoField, and TrackoMile because it:

  • – Protects business-sensitive data
  • – Offers a clutter-free portal for everyone
  • – Maintains privacy and security in operations
  • – Improves efficiency by cutting off irrelevant fields

How Does Happiness Code Improve Field Operations?

Happiness codes are an additional feature extended through TrackoField because with it:

  • – Managers assess executives’ performance
  • – Business gets data to improve customer relations