Fuel Management System

Track real-time fuel levels, improve fuel economy of the fleet and reduce needless fuel overheads.

What We Offer

We can’t control rising fuel prices but we can definitely control the rising fuel wastage. In order to fix this problem, it’s important to find the origin of the problem first. Guess work and speculations will only waste our time and resources. 

Real-time Fuel Monitoring

You get live fuel level updates with location and vehicle status. Fleet managers can remotely monitor the fuel levels from anywhere, at any hour of the day

Precise Fuel Reports

Highly insightful fuel reports by TrackoBit help in improving overall efficiency of the fleet. You may use insights to compare the performances of drivers, vehicles, routes and make insightful decisions. 

Instant Refill/Drainage Alerts

Real-time alerts are generated automatically as soon as the system senses the sudden drop or rise in fuel level. This helps in avoiding fuel pilferage or misuse of resources.  


Monitor Fuel Wastage

Fuel wastage due to idling, harsh acceleration or reckless driving behaviour can easily be detected. Reports and insights provide detailed information on fuel consumption, mileage and refill activities. 

Reduced Operations Cost

Improved fuel economy leads to reduction in overall fleet costs. Our clients have reported more than 20% reduction in fuel costs ever since they have upgraded to a fuel management system. 

Say No To Fuel Theft

Whenever a  sudden drop in fuel levels is detected, you are notified then and there. This helps in taking immediate action. In fact, you can question the driver later with proof in hand. 


Improved Fleet Efficiency


Reduced Fuel Wastage


Improved Fuel Economy

Reduce Carbon Footprints

Climate change is real. The world is going gaga over reducing carbon emissions. TrackoBit’s new age fuel management system not only helps in reducing carbon footprints but also promotes environment-first ethos. 

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