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What is Fleet Management Software?

FMS (Fleet Management Software) is a SaaS that helps track, monitor and manage your entire fleet from anywhere, anytime. It is designed to build a seamless data transferring system between hardware and software, bringing you closer to your vehicles on the road.

Vehicle tracking system USA allows you to build better rapport with customers, keep vehicles healthy, maintain consignment safety, and upkeep driver behaviour to build higher revenue systems and employee productivity.

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Who Needs Fleet Management System in the USA?

Any business that relies on commercial vehicles for any part of operations needs a fleet management system USA. The point of fleet management software is to collect vehicle data, analyze it, and present it to the manager in bite-sized formats. With this data, any fleet-centric business manager can improve their strategy and profitability by making informed decisions.

Do You Need a Fleet Monitoring System?

Yes! With fleet management monitoring, you know how your vehicles are functioning, the trips they’ve taken, how they’re consuming resources, and how well your drivers are performing. Without this information through fleet management software in USA, you cannot strategize to optimise resource and asset use and boost profitability.

Strong fleet visibility and supervision allow fleet managers to build a better fleet strategy that in return will improve fleet profitability and reduce operational costs. Visibility also makes sure that your fleet is safer from accidents and theft.

Build a Strong Fleet Management System in The USA

Build a Strong Fleet Management System in The USA

A strong fleet is backed by strong technology like telematics, GPS
tracking systems, AI-powered video telematics, and much more. All
of this is only possible to avail with the help of fleet management
companies in USA that offer robust software solutions.

You definitely need a software aid if you have a fleet over even
over 10 vehicles. Manually managing the plethora of data that an
automated system can capture is next to impossible single-handedly.
Moreover, such manual management will also come with human errors.

Automating and strengthening your strategising game with the best fleet management software in USA is the ideal way to supercharge your fleet business and make it grow. After all, every minute you spend putting pen to paper to manually understand things about your fleet is a minute wasted without using software solutions.

FMS - Software for Fleet Automation

Fleet Management Software now rules the geospatial and telematics platforms. However, fleet management USA wouldn’t have been possible without GPS Tracking Systems that first come into being in the 1960s. As the US Navy and other users started to feel the benefits of GPS navigation, the need for more safety and supervision in all vehicles emerged, conceptualising fleet management platforms.

The modern fleet management software doesn’t only track lat-long data but captures wider geospatial information, OBD data, and just about anything about your vehicles. It analyses this data and automatically forms reports enabling better fleet strategy. It is also built to have seamless data synchronization, allowing for most functions like trip updates and PODs to get automated.

Since 2020, fleet management companies in the USA have managed to help improve customer service and business profits by 54% because of automation and supervision.

Why Your Business Needs Fleet Management
Solutions in The USA

If your operations are dependent on vehicles and you are struggling to find a way to keep track of them, you need
fleet management software solutions in the USA. They will help you reduce expenses, increase
productivity, and put your business on the map!

Lack of Supervision

Without any kind of supervision, it is impossible to know your vehicles’ whereabouts, their ETAs, your drivers’ activities, and the consignment’s safety. Lack of supervision often costs customer trust, efficiency, and productivity. And you don't wanna compromise any of it!

Communication Gaps

The larger the fleet, the more communication channels are needed that get hard to manage without software aid. Fleet management software solutions in the USA give the data without communication issues through easy data exchange between hardware and software.

Time Wastage

Do you realise the amount of time you end up devoting to managing your fleet without fleet management software? With proper aid, you can save at least a week out of a month! That is a lot of time for you to strategize and grow you fleet exponentially.

Resource Wastage

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses in a fleet and fuel monitoring systems with vehicle tracking systems USA help you reduce that expense. Other things such as driver patterns and route management can be taken care of through software to reduce operational costs.

Bad Consignment Safety

If your fleet consists of fragile consignment like glassware, precious materials, or quickly depleting products, fleet management software will help you transport them without damage through cold chain monitoring, route planning, eLocks, immobility alerts, etc.

Road Accidents

You need to reduce instances of road accidents in your fleet as much as possible because they incur expenses, reduce goodwill, cause damage, and make roads unsafe. The safety measures in fleet management software are great to get rid of this problem!

If you’re used to the traditional form of fleet management, starting out with software solutions might seem too daunting. After all, it is not a small investment and if it doesn't get a decent ROI, what is the point of going through so much trouble? Well, that is a very valid question but don’t worry - your investment will only be fruitful with fleet management software systems.

45% of fleet managers and fleet owners report a positive ROI within 11 months of using fleet management systems for their fleet.

Manual V/s Automated Fleet Management USA

If you are a new fleet manager, you must have thought about whether or not you need automated fleet management. After all, the manual way has worked for years, right? To help you make a better operational decision, let us look into the pros and cons of both.

  • Manual Fleet Management

    Manual fleet management USA involves calling drivers to know about the slightest of things in your fleet. You can not assign tasks without making multiple calls or tell customers when they can reach their consignment. It is the traditional way of making excel sheets or schedules by putting pen to paper.

  • Automated Fleet Management

    Automated fleet management can be conducted with the help of a fleet management system in USA that streamlines fleet functions through seamless hardware-software integration and data transfer. It boosts supervision and organises the collected data in simple-to-read reports.

Manual Fleet Management

Automated Fleet Management

  • Accessibility

    Since all your sheets and charts would be in the office, you have to be there to access all the relevant information about your fleets.

    You can access your fleet management software anywhere from any device you want. All crucial data is always with you.

  • Integration

    What is the point of integrating devices if you cannot access their data or even handle the number of things you need to check?

    Choose any hardware device and it will integrate with the software that generally offers over 1000 API integrations.

  • Scalability

    The more the number of vehicles, the more difficult for you to handle. Hence, you will stop scaling up at some point.

    A good fleet management software will help you with unlimited vehicles in your fleet while not compromising on data collection.

  • Control Over Assets

    Once a truck has left your warehouse, you have no way of controlling the vehicle, consignment or the drivers.

    Fleet management software gives you complete supervision and control over your assets.

  • Safety

    Other than driver reliability and dumb alarms, there is no other safety tool that you can integrate into your fleet.

    SOS alarms, immobilisation, and geospatial supervision are just a few examples of the safety features to integrate into your fleet.

  • Human Errors

    This system is extremely prone to human errors that might cost operations and even revenue.

    Automated functions process data through a robust code that can not make errors, saving time and resources.

  • ROI

    You invest so much time into the system but the return might not be the same. You could use the time you dedicated to manual planning on framing better strategies.

    You’ll reach breakeven within a few months of using fleet management software in the USA. Both monetary and time savings are very evident when you use robust software.

Traditional pen-and-paper used to work really well for fleet managers and owners until they had the option to make things simpler. However, now that the technology ecosystem has advanced so much, there is no need for people to still manage their fleets manually.

Using a fleet management platform in the USA should be your go-to choice to scale up and simplify your vehicle-dependant business.

Solutions Offered By
Fleet Management Software in USA

Commercial fleet management software in the USA has many benefits. When researching
the best truck fleet management software, seek an all-in-one solution that meets all your demands.
Every good software should have the following solutions

Fuel Monitoring Solutions

The fleet industry values fuel highly. It determines most fleet costs. Commercial vehicles use so much fuel that fuel theft goes unchecked, even though pilferage rises with prices. Fleet management software with fuel monitoring solutions helps monitor fuel consumption and ejection in real-time and records fuel activity in detail.

Route Management Solutions

Logistics, FMCG, mining, and public transport use route planning solutions. It automates trip management. You may plan the shortest and cheapest travel with all stops and arrange the stops according to priority and define halt limits. Routing software reduces route deviations. Dynamic ETAs and PODs make this solution foolproof.

Driving Behaviour Analysis

Driver performance affects fleet efficiency. If a vehicle's fuel average is low, it either needs servicing or the driver is driving poorly. When the driver abruptly brakes, accelerates, or corners, the software sends alarms. It also records excessive idling, overspeeding, and other situations. You can train drivers according to their performance.

Sensor Integration

The top fleet management systems work with all sensors and devices. Best fleet management software in USA can integrate over 500 hardware sensors from leading GPS tracker manufacturers. The system gives real-time sensor updates and reports. This integration enables functions such as tire health monitoring, cold-chain logistics, etc.

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is the best way to keep a look at your consignment and vehicles and ensure their safety. Fleet management solutions let you see where your assets are, what condition they are in and how far away they are from their destination. You also get dynamic ETAs and four kinds of PODs for their deliveries. All tracking is done with 99.9% accuracy in real-time.


Through video telematics, you get DMS and ADAS systems. ADAS monitors road activity, while the DMS watches the driver. Alerts show drivers smoking, yawning, sleeping, inattentive, etc. ADAS notifications include evidence of collisions, accident evidence, lane switching, etc. DMS and ADAS aid insurance claims and client inquiries.

Could Fleet Management Get Any Easier?

One fleet management software for all your fleet-related needs!

Industries Served By Fleet Management
Companies in The USA

  • Logistics

    In the logistics and transport industry, it is necessary to have features such as route deviation alerts, ETAs that are updated in real time, fuel monitoring, on-board vehicle analysis, video telematics, and driver behaviour analysis to ensure safe consignment transportation.

  • Construction and Mining

    Real-time emergency alarms, load sensing, engine hour monitoring, and smart geofences are necessities in the construction business. Your top priorities should be software strength indicators like having a minimal amount of downtime and having mixed asset management.

  • Agriculture

    For data-driven farming oversight of cultivated areas, the agricultural sector needs geofences equipped with smart technology. An added bonus is provided by safety measures such as indicators for turning the engine on and off, as well as immobilisation.

  • Pharmaceutical

    When operating a fleet of vehicles for the pharmaceutical industry, you will require temperature controls for the cabin as well as route optimization. Software assistance that eliminates downtime and lags is required for the shipping of medical equipment.

  • FMCG

    Controlling the temperature inside the cabin and ensuring the safety of the vehicle become essential when managing an FMCG fleet. The perfect programme would not only provide accurate ETAs but also load sensors and proofs of delivery in the form of notifications or geofences as well.

  • Rental Vehicles

    Analysis of driver behaviour is required for public transportation. The higher the quality of the drivers, the more reliable and secure the public transportation! In addition, the integration of a panic button and route planning will make the experience of using the software better.

As long as your business needs vehicles, fleet management software systems are for you. With a multitude of solutions like route deviation alerts, cold-chain monitoring, etc, it fits right into every industry!

Benefits of Using Fleet Management Solutions in the USA

Fleet Managers have observed a 30% drop in fuel consumption, a 22% drop in the cost of accidents, and 1,800 hours of idling hours saved, all because they decided to use a fleet management system in USA.

Real-time Supervision

Any fleet manager should understand the importance of real-time tracking. The only way for managers to have peace of mind about the security of their consignments and assets is for them to use live vehicle tracking in USA. This enables managers to make use of services such as route planning, driver behaviour analysis, geofencing, and even insightful reports.

Operational Automation

The operations of your fleet can be completely automated with the assistance of fleet management software solutions in the USA. Calculations, strategies, and a whole lot more don't require you to sit down with a piece of paper and a pen as they used to. Seamless data transfer and multiple API integration is the way to adopt fleet automation.

Lower Operational Costs

Fuel monitoring and route planning features enable an organisation to minimise its operational costs, which results in lower overall costs for the company. Make the most efficient use of resources while maintaining the highest possible standards. These costs can also be measured in terms of time saved because of fleet management software.

Higher Profitability

The lower the operational costs of an organisation, the greater the increase in the profitability of that organisation. You will also be able to increase your earnings with the help of fleet management software solutions because you will have a better understanding of how your fleet operates and will be able to implement more effective operational methods.

Complete Security

As long as your fleet management software solution comes with adequate hardware integration, it offers better security with features such as parking mode, SOS alarms, and immobilisation. This is the case as long as your fleet management software solution comes with adequate hardware integration. Not only the cargo but also your vehicles and drivers are protected by the security features!

Data Collection

Analyzing data will make your company expand at a rate that is proportional to the amount of information that it collects now and in the future. You are able to go beyond vehicle tracking and discover nitty-gritty metrics such as the places that your trucks move through the most, the sections of your route that have the highest risk of theft, and even the vehicles that are the most successful in your fleet.

If you’re still using manual fleet management systems, now is the right time to get rid of those old practices and boost your business with the help of latest technical tools that will help you stand out. Beat your competition at the right time!

  • Why is TrackoBit the Best Fleet Management Software in USA

    TrackoBit’s Fleet Management Software comes with powerful features such as video telematics, vehicle maintenance alerts, driver app integration, and trip management that simplify and automate the fleet management process. You can boost your business exponentially, just reach out to us at www.trackobit.com and get a free demo now. Our team is waiting to hear your requirements!

  • Why is TrackoBit the Best Fleet Management Software in USA
  • Complete Flexibility

    TrackoBit is a white-label fleet management software that comes with maximum customizability options. You can get personalised branding, tailor-made features and a custom UI/UX according to your preferences and business needs. Just tell us what issues you face with your fleet and we’ll develop the solutions for you.

  • 24x7 Support

    We don’t just believe in selling our custom SaaS. We also believe in providing you with the best user experience possible. We have a team of dedicated technical support staff who are ready to solve any issues you face at any time of the day. Just call us and all your issues will be solved ASAP.

  • Data Accuracy

    What is the point of GPS tracking software if it cannot send accurate data to the software? After all, inaccurate data will lead to missed route deviation alerts and delayed accident warnings and whatnot! We offer 99.9% data accuracy and software uptime to support your fleet seamlessly.

  • Continuous Growth

    You can rest assured that your business is on a path of growth with TrackoBit since we take our software’s growth seriously. We continuously conduct R&D to ensure that we (and your business) stay at the top of all fleet management requirements, technology, and trends.

If you’re still using manual fleet management systems, now is the right time to get rid of those old practices and boost your business with the help of latest technical tools that will help you stand out. Beat your competition at the right time!


TrackoBit is a software that brought me the solutions I needed for optimising my fleet business. The team helped me understand and integrate the system completely, taking away my worries. Their fleet management software in general is very simple to operate even for people not very familiar with technology. So kudos to the company for their amazing work.

Themba Gumede

TrackoBit is a software that brought me the solutions I needed for optimising my fleet business. The team helped me understand and integrate the system completely, taking away my worries. Their fleet management software in general is very simple to operate even for people not very familiar with technology. So kudos to the company for their amazing work.

Themba Gumede

TrackoBit is a software that brought me the solutions I needed for optimising my fleet business. The team helped me understand and integrate the system completely, taking away my worries. Their fleet management software in general is very simple to operate even for people not very familiar with technology. So kudos to the company for their amazing work.

Themba Gumede

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