Is It Time To Switch Your Fleet Management Software?

Is It Time To Switch Your Fleet Management Software?

In the fast-paced Industry 4.0 revolution, technology gets obsolete very swiftly. This blog will show you when it’s time to say goodbye to your existing Fleet Management Software and choose to run your operations with a better system.

“It’s time to go”

That’s something our clients said to their previous fleet management software providers before they made the switch to TrackoBit. 

With that, let us clarify that we’re not saying the other telematics software are garbage. All we’re saying is that TrackoBit has been solving fleeting problems for over 150,000 vehicles and equipment across over 17 countries, and that is a job possible only by robust software with strong backing from forward-looking professionals.

Have you been managing your fleet with software aid but are wondering if there is anything better for your business? Well, this blog will help you figure out precisely that!

Is Your Existing Fleet Management Software Good Enough?

No fleet management software can solve problems for all vehicles and businesses. Similarly, the software that was working for you a couple of months ago will not necessarily always support your fleet in the best way possible. 

It is all about where you see your business today and in the future and check the software’s capability accordingly. There could be something better for you, after all. 

Here are a few questions you must ask yourself to see whether your existing fleet management software is in line with your future business goals.

Is Everything You Want To See Visible About Your Business and Fleet? 

Gone are the days when fleet management software could just provide GPS tracking solutions and get away with it. With modern technology, tracking anything within your vehicles is possible, and doing so is the primary function of fleet management systems. However, even if that is unclear, it is time for you to look further. 

Here are a couple of things a good fleet management software can make visible and help you supervise:

  • Vehicle Location 
  • Driving patterns 
  • Fuel and time consumption 
  • Engine health and performance 
  • Driver’s attention and performance
  • The route followed and the vehicle’s surroundings
  • Safety measures in the vehicle

You also need to know how all this visibility is catered to you. Most fleet management software will only give you a complex set of data to decipher in your own time. However, if you upgrade to TrackoBit, other than textual reports, your visibility is also enhanced through:

  • Alerts 
  • Video surveillance 
  •  Organised reports

Do You Have The Flexibility to Function As You Will?  

Decent fleet management software will track your vehicles for you. Custom fleet management software will give you a list of features that you can use to make your business operations better. However, only the best fleet management software like TrackoBit will listen to your business requirements and offer you the flexible solutions you need. 

Think about it, anybody can create a set of features and sell it to an unknowing audience. But it takes true perfection and dedication to form flexible and customised solutions that solve each business’ unique problems.

Is Your Data Secure With the Fleet Management Software Provider? 

Have you noticed that your business is plagued with spam messages – all related to where you know your vehicles have been in the last couple of days? Or are you expanding your business and starting to get worried about your business’ data security? 

You need to ask yourself how safe your data is with your current software provider. Moreover, as you expand your business from 10 vehicles to 1000, will you be able to trust the provider with data security? 

If you’re constantly sitting in this worry, it is time to switch to fleet management software that offers 100% data security and unlimited vehicle onboarding. Make sure that the software is backed by nothing less than AWS servers and has a strong reputation for maintaining 100% data integrity and security.

Is Everything Seamlessly Automated? 

The purpose of good fleet management software is that you should feel the automation running through your operations. If you have to do anything manually – be it big or small. Know that your fleet management system is failing you. 

You shouldn’t have to manually sit with 5000 vehicles’ data to know which 10 defaulted. The system should automatically do that for you and make that list. 

Similarly, you shouldn’t have to call and assign tasks to drivers manually. The system should integrate things seamlessly for them to know through their portal. 

You shouldn’t even have to manually calculate how much mileage the vehicle is giving. All these calculations – simple or complex – should be done automatically by the software.

Fleet Management Software

Does Your Software Offer Future-ready Solutions?  

The technological work is moving fast and if you want to get ahead of the competition, you will have to use software that is already ahead of its competition. You can decipher when your current software is done for when you have not had any new features to explore and run in the last few months. 

You also need to see if the features offered by your fleet management software even bring some value to your business. 

If you’re looking for upgradation to a system that has future-ready solutions to offer, make sure that, like TrackoBit, they have features such as:

  • Separate Driver App 
  • Route optimisation 
  • Total route automation 
  • Complete video surveillance 
  • 100% uptime for live operations and tracking

Can The Software Track Vehicles and Employees Simultaneously? 

But since you’re looking for fleet management software, tracking vehicles and vehicle-centric measures should be enough, right? Well, yes and no, depending on the business you are in.

If you do run a business that might need tracking employees and vehicles separately and your software doesn’t allow that, you need to switch. 

If you’re looking for such software, you need to look at TrackoBit, because together with TrackoField, your new software provider will do just that. You will achieve seamless integration and connection between vehicles and employees.

Are your Operations Getting Cluttered? 

Did you start with your fleet management software when your business was small and had limited requirements? Have you now expanded and are facing issues with clutter since the software now has too many touchpoints and everybody has access to information they might not have anything to do with? 

This problem makes it very difficult to scale businesses. So, you should look for fleet management software that offers separate applications for people in different hierarchies. For example, TrackoBit offers the Driver App and the Technician App for clutter-free automation throughout your organisation.

Is Every Part of Your Business Benefitting From This Software?

Sure, business profits are something that you should keep an eye on, but that is not the only segment of your business that you should be focused on. Other things such as goodwill, driver safety, consignment safety, resource consumption, eco-friendliness, and vehicle health are also important to note. 

Your software can only be building all parts of your business when it provides and automates these solutions: 

  • Driver behaviour monitoring system 
  • Video telematics system 
  • Fuel monitoring solutions 
  • Route management solutions 
  • Analytical and automated reports 

It is when all these features come together that you will see your business grow holistically.

Time For Upgrade: How To Choose a Better Fleet Management Software? 

While browsing the market for a new fleet management software system, you need to endure that you don’t fall for a similar system. Here are a couple of things you need to look for so that you do not end up making the mistake of disrupting your business for the same offerings. Aim higher and choose better by analysing the following aspects. 

  • Usability: Before taking your business to new software, you need to see if it will even be useful for your fleet. Make a list of the solutions and features your fleet requires and check if the new software can provide you with all those things. After all, even if you get full automation, what is the point if the automation is not well-targeted? 
  • Flexibility: Only flexible software can be future-ready by the virtue of having the capability to grow and adapt as time passes. Make sure that the software you now choose is customisable and flexible to cater to all your future requirements. 
  • Scalability: You’re in business to grow, right? It only makes sense for growth to be mutual between operations and the software you trust your business with. The ability to grow from 10 to 100 to let your fleet grow from 100 to 1000 is exceptionally important. 
  • Automation: Make sure that the software you choose doesn’t leave any mundane manual tasks to you. The software you choose now should have automation streams for every aspect of your business to streamline operations throughout. 
  • Support: Your next software provider shouldn’t just be nice before making the sale and also care for the customers after onboarding. Make sure that you get 24×7 support to solve any problems you might have with the software as you go and expand. 
  • Constant R&D: It is a good sign if the software provider conducts constant R&D and brings new features and solutions. This ensures that you will always have something new to add to your business through the software. 

Fleet Management Software Provider

Simplify Your Transition Process 

After conducting research and selecting a partner that provides the optimal solution for your needs, it is time to initiate the move. 

During the transition, the software provider should establish clear timeframe objectives and guide how to install the software effectively. Transitioning to a new fleet management system requires careful control of numerous variables. To prepare for your transfer to a new system, you should ask your provider the following questions.

  • How much time do you expect our onboarding to take?
  • What will the transition process be like?
  • Do I need to inform my partners and customers about this transition?

TrackoBit Is Here To Give You 100% Support

After reading this blog, if you’re happy with your fleet management software and want to stick to it – wonderful! However, if you’re seeing some red flags and are looking for upgrades, you need to check out TrackoBit, India’s most flexible and fastest-growing telematics software

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”  – Albert Einstein

You’ve already been using your fleet management software for a while. You’ve known your business to run just the way it does. However, now it is time to see what is on the other side of the fleet management software you trust your business with. Browse through the market and see which system will work better for your current and future business needs.

Is It Time To Switch Your Fleet Management Software?

Ayushi Nagalia

Ayushi Nagalia is a Senior Content Specialist at TrackoBit. She is passionate about music, writing, and reading. When not abusing her keyboard, you will find her lost in her playlists or organizing things.

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