How Our Fleet Management Software’s Notifications and Alerts Help Managers

How Our Fleet Management Software’s Notifications and Alerts Help Managers

Using a fleet management software might be the best decision you can take to make your fleet more functional.

With the technical aid software offers, you can keep track of your vehicles, fuel consumption, driver behavior, and other resources in real-time. 

But let’s face it, even with technical aid at hand, who has the time to keep looking at the software dashboard for updates? You don’t want to keep living on screens, right? Well, don’t worry since TrackoBit has just the solution for you, guised as urgent notifications and alerts.

How Will The Right Notifications Help Your Fleet Functions?

How Will The Right Notifications Help Your Fleet Functions? 

Notifications seem like a pretty minuscule feature, right? Well, it is a small detail many overlook. But we don’t do that here! We pay attention to the tiniest factors that will help you enhance your fleet management experience, and here is how notifications will do just that:

  • Reduce Screen Time: With digitalization taking over, it seems like we all spend most of our time on screens. But that is not healthy for us! With prioritized and targeted notifications, you can get off the software from time to time to give your eyes rest while not worrying about missing important updates on your fleet. 
  • Prioritize Your Attention: The first rule to good management is to prioritize tasks and to put your attention in the right places. Since you will always be in touch with your fleet through alerts and notifications, you can spend most of your time strategizing instead of gazing at the software dashboard. 
  • Get Quick Updates: All the updates you might need on your fleet are right on the top of your phone’s screen. You’ll never feel disconnected with your fleet, allowing you to always be in the loop. 
  • Emergency Resolutions: Certains things are such that the earlier you know, the better. In case your vehicle is being stolen, you’ll know right away, and hence, you’ll be able to take the right corrective measures at the right time. 

Our Fleet Management Software Sends Just The Right Notifications! 

Are you irritated with the number of notifications you have to deal with every hour? With our fleet management solution, you only get the notifications and alerts you need. Let us tell you what all you’ll generally be notified for! 

  • Geofence Alerts: You can get notified if a vehicle enters and exits certain geofences or points of interest. This way, you also keep getting live updates on your vehicle’s whereabouts! 
  • Parking Mode Alert: If your vehicle is on parking mode but it still moves, you’ll get an instant alert. Whether your vehicle is being stolen or towed, you can resolve the issue right away! 
  • Overspeeding Notifications: Overspeeding is a major issue that puts the vehicle in danger and consumes excessive fuel. So, whenever drivers choose to rush through, you’ll get alerted with a nifty notification. 
  • Distracted Driver Behavior: With our new Driver Monitoring System powered by video telematics, if the software senses that your driver is either drowsy or distracted, you’ll get a notification at that very moment! 
  • SOS Alarms: Your vehicle could have suddenly malfunctioned or might have been hijacked. The best way for drivers to seek help is by pushing the SOS button. You will instantly know that your driver needs your attention and help, and you can take quick steps before it is too late! 
  • Vehicle Idling: Vehicle idling can cause major fuel wastage while also harming the environment. So, whenever your driver decides to idle, you’ll know. You can train them accordingly later. Moreover, this information can also be used to generate better driving performance reports.
  • Route Deviation Alerts: Have you fixed a set route for your vehicles and need them to follow them religiously? Well, if your drivers choose to deviate from their route, you’ll know through TrackoBit’s notifications. 
  • Fuel Theft Alarms: It is not hard to know if your fuel has been stolen when a huge quantity gets ejected within a short duration. In such a situation, you will get fuel theft alarms from our fleet management software
  • Custom Notifications: Do you wish to not get certain notifications such as the overspeeding alerts but need something such as ignition on/off notifications? With TrackoBit, you have complete freedom to customize your notifications to get alerts for anything you need! Your functioning is yours and we’ll make it the best for you! 

Get Zen With Us! 

If you want your work mode to be as productive and zen as possible, TrackoBit is the right fleet management solution for you! With our software, you can rest easy since if anything noteworthy happens in your fleet, we’ll notify you! 

Rest, you always have our easy-to-comprehend and use dashboard that will only give you all the information you need in neat bite-sized packets. So, what are you waiting for?

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How Our Fleet Management Software’s Notifications and Alerts Help Managers

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